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business strategy of Carlsberg

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business strategy of Carlsberg
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Parul answered on May 20 2020
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Order No. 31052, Business Strategy of Carlsberg
Carlsberg was established by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847 and today Carlsberg group is one of the well-known global
ewer located in Asia, Eastern and Western part of Europe headquartered in Denmark. Flagship
ands of the company are Carlsberg beer, Tu
og, Somersby cider, Russia's most popular Baltika and some 500 local beer
ands. Carlsberg group has witnessed tremendous growth, starting out as a local
ewery in a region of Denmark and today as international giant with presence all across the world. This organization was ranked as fourth in capturing the market share worldwide in 2014, with reference to “CSR Report 2014 Growing responsibly together” (Carlsberg Group Corporate Affairs, 2015).
Business Strategy of Carlsberg
In present time the Carlsberg Group has expanded in different geographies and operating in various markets. Although primary markets of the company still remain Europe where the market has matured while markets in Asia and Russia are still growing and emerging. Carlsberg is Russia has very strong presence and is a strong player. The company witnesses a positive growth in Russia that highlights the potential to grow in future. On the other hand, market in Asia is still developing and it is relatively difficult to proliferate in this part of the world as drinking is not considered as a tradition as there are different beer consumption as compared to Europe and Russia. Specifically, Carlsberg is the second-largest
ewery and well-positioned in several countries in this region.
Business strategy for this group is expansion in new markets...

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