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Business Model Deconstruction Task Description: To be completed individually, you are required to prepare a business report that deconstructs an organisation's business model and identifies the...

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Business Model Deconstruction

Task Description:

To be completed individually, you are required to prepare a business report that deconstructs an organisation's business model and identifies the critical success factors that make the business sustainable. To undertake this analysis,you will need to explore different business models, including those that are frequently seen to achieve sustainable success and high levels of profitability. Your analysis will demonstrate your critical thinking skills and your ability to professionally articulate your findings.

Before commencing, you must seek your lecturer's approval to undertake an analysis of the business you have chosen. The type of organisation that should be identified for study is one that is relatively new, innovative in how they operate, and have most likely been established in the last five years. No students will be allowed to examine the same business.

While the assignment is an individual one, you are encouraged to discuss with your colleagues the variety of business models that have become popular and why you think they have been successful.

To achieve a result that meets your study objectives, please ensure the business report addresses each of the assessment criteria detailed below and which is elaborated in the marking rubric.


Format:Business Report

Reference Format:American Psychological Association (APA)

Assessment Due Date:

Week 4 Friday (30 Mar XXXXXXXXXX:00 pm AEST

Submission Instructions:

Please submit viaTurnitin inMoodle

Return Date to Students:

Vacation Week Friday (13 Apr 2018)

Results and marking comments will be available through Feedback Studio. Please click on the blue pencil to access the feedback.



Assessment Criteria:

1.Provide a succinct description of the business, the industry in which it operates,the market or marketsit serves, and the products and services it provides (10%)2.Describe the business model canvas of the selected business using the nine building blocks (20%)3.Explain the key relationships that exist across the nine building blocks (20%)4.Identify and discuss the critical success factors the business has to get right to achieve sustainable success (20%)5.Evaluate what will contribute to downside risk (10%)6.Discuss the changes you would make to the business model if this was your business (20%)

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

•Define and apply key concepts of innovation in commercial, digital, service, and social contexts•Demonstrate an understanding of and apply the stages of the innovation process, including learn how to forecast the success and market diffusion of your innovation using business model design logic•Identify and discuss the technical, financial and organisational constraints to innovation in markets that occur in real-life through the use of teamwork and brainstorming.

Graduate Attributes:

•Knowledge•Communication•Cognitive, technical and creative skills•Research•Self-management•Leadership
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Business Model Deconstruction
Table of Contents
1.Description of the business    1
2.Business model explanation    1
3.Key relationship across nine blocks    2
4.Critical success factors    2
5.What will contribute to downside risk?    3
6.Changes in the business model    3
1.Description of the business
Uber Technologies Inc. is a ride sharing and transportation network firm that is headquartered in San Francisco, California (Bloomberg, 2018). At present the firm has operations in more than 633 cities at global level and this has become one of the main reason behind success of the entity in the market. The platform of the organization can be accessed with the help of mobile application and the website of the firm also. The company operates in the transportation and delivery (commerce) industry. The key products of Uber are website and the mobile application through which its transportation services are delivered to its target customers. At present, the market served by the firm is worldwide. Further, the business model on which the organization depends is highly innovative and this has become one of the main reason behind the success of the firm in the market. The level of service offered by the firm involves UberSUV, UbderBlack, UberPop, UberPool etc.
2.Business model explanation
The business model of Uber is considered to be highly innovative. Customer segment is divided into passengers and drivers (Oakley, 2016). One of the main thing that differentiate customers of Uber from other companies is that they must have Smartphone and debit or credit card. Value proposition of the firm is delivered through the convenience it provides to the customers like the tagline of the business such as “We will offer you ride whenever needed”
Customer relationship is developed by the company through advanced automation where different options are provided like customers can book Uber pool, Black, POP or any other ride as per their need. This contributes a lot in maintaining healthier relationship with the target market. High automation is in the form that the mobile phone of the passenger identifies the pickup point and this is main symbol of convenience.
Mainly different channels are present that have supported a lot to the company in terms of growth. One of the main channel is mobile application where customer can book cab and Uber is able to render its overall services (Innovation Tactics, 2018). Second channel is social media marketing through which company updates its offers and other form of new services introduced in the market. Marketing is also another channel of the firm through which promotion and advertising is ca
ied out by the firm. Main source of revenue is the premium
and that contributes in earning high income and along with this the payment per ride is also vital income for the firm.
Key partners of the firm are payment processors, drivers with own cars who are working with Uber and the local authorities as they assist the firm in ca
ying out its services in effective manner (Berglund & Sandström, 2013). So, these are some of the key elements in the business model of Uber that highlights the strengths of the firm and has contributed a lot in improving overall market position.
3.Key relationship across nine blocks
The nine blocks within the business canvas model of Uber have...

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