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Business Model Canvas for Tesla Company. Customer Segments ( 150 words & reference) Cost Structure ( 150 words & reference) Revenue Streams ( 150 words & reference) Example below is for Wikiprdia...

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Business Model Canvas for Tesla Company.
Customer Segments ( 150 words & reference)
Cost Structure ( 150 words & reference)
Revenue Streams ( 150 words & reference)
Example below is for Wikiprdia business Model: to help you understand.
Customer Segments
Customers are an integral part in Wikipedia’s business model. They guarantee the survival of Wikipedia by contributing and volunteering to their projects (Osterwalder & Pigneur XXXXXXXXXXWikipedia allows every person to freely disseminate information and knowledge to all its readers coming from diverse backgrounds and qualifications (Wikimedia XXXXXXXXXXWikimedia foundation, in their annual plan for XXXXXXXXXX, has stepped in with their efforts in the programme designed to attract new readers. In partnership with the local Wikimedians, Wikipedia would launch programmes in countries like Mexico, India and Nigeria based on their unique needs of users in these countries (Wikimedia XXXXXXXXXXThey have also emphasised on the need to engage and retain volunteers through provision of improved programmes, experiences and resources (Wikimedia XXXXXXXXXXThe department of Community Engagement is working towards this goal by organising mentorship programmes in community leaders and also supporting programmes such as GLAM (Galleries, Li
aries, Archives and Museums), thus making it easier for the communities to access resources (Wikimedia XXXXXXXXXXWikimedia is tapping into new readers and contributors who have lacked awareness and usage of Wikimedia’s services (Wikimedia 2017).
Cost Structure
Kolbe XXXXXXXXXXevidence that Wikipedia said before that the main cost to maintain the Wikimedia running are used to support servers, staff, and programs. According to the WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION, INC Financial Statement (2016), outlines that salaries and wage, special event expense, internet hosting, professional service expenses and depreciation and conference are the foundational costs of Wikipedia's activities which verify the wording of Wikipedia.
Revenue Streams
Wikipedia is a non-profit organization therefore; all the funding is mostly through donations. One of the Wikipedia writer and editor, Pete Forsyth stated that money required to run Wikipedia is very tiny around 3M USD and it survives because general people contribute to it (Forsyth XXXXXXXXXXWikimedia foundation is the host of Wikipedia so it is primarily funded by reader donations and Wikimedia foundation utilizes these funds to maintain the operating costs including servers and staff. They also have an online store where notebooks, pens, pins, and t-shirts are sold (Loeb XXXXXXXXXXThe average donations Wikimedia receives per person it's nearly US $15 and for the fiscal year XXXXXXXXXX, Wikimedia received the 77M USD from 5 million readers around the world (Fundraising Report 2016).
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Business Model:
Tesla Motors
Customer Segments:
The customers are the most important part of an organization and the same thing goes for Tesla. The business model of Tesla emphasizes on producing and designing innovative sleek and eco-friendly designs, sold on high profits (Mangram, 2011). The customers are attracted to Tesla for its design and innovative parts. Because of its innovation, the company gets the advance booking for its products. Tesla has been successful in creating a niche market with its electric model vehicles. Though the market share of the company is quite low because of the segment it caters to, the sales of the electric vehicles are expected to soar up with the changing environmental conditions with the increase in the recharging stations. (Chen, Perez, 2017). The customers are getting inclined towards the environmental concerns and other eco-friendly rides which is being produced and marketed by Tesla Motors. With its innovative designs and the technology, the company is able to attract more and more customers. The customers of Tesla motors is mainly the individuals who are looking for high performance electric cars, they are usually upper class and upper middle class individuals.
Cost structure:
Being an innovative company and the company...

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