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Based on everything you've learned in KJB102 this semester, plus your own research, in 2000 words, discuss the three most important journalism, media and communication issues / topics you learned...

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Based on everything you've learned in KJB102 this semester, plus your own research, in 2000 words, discuss the three most important journalism, media and communication issues / topics you learned about this semester. Why are these topics / issues important to your future media career? What personal and professional characteristics are needed to respond to the challenges produced by these issues / topics?

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Parul answered on May 28 2020
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Since there are many things that are happening at once, if journalism and media isn’t present in the country many crucial things might even go unnoticed and unavailable to one who needs it the most. Journalists are important part of the communication between the politicians and people, who after comprehending the facts and figures can make informed decisions to choose the one whom they find most deserving. With reference to “The Role of Mass Media and Journalism in Risk Communication”, (Perko, T., 2012). Journalism is the important thread in the decision making process and journalist are the ones who make the entire thing work as they have power to influence the buyers with their communication. As the popular English prove
says, "With great power comes great responsibilities" in the same way, journalist have great onus on their shoulders to be authentic and ensure that trust of people is not lost in communicating the facts. It is a pivotal component in a country that respects democratic government. Various forms of mass media and journalism have magnanimous influence in moulding the opinion and highlighting the sentiments. JMC has the potential to showcase reality and also to create or distort reality.
Market is evolving with many disrupters changing it every day co
espondingly making the industry of journalism very dynamic. We live in Information age where emergence of internet has created a new form of journalism which is called as convergence. Taking reference from “Challenges and opportunities for news media and journalism in an increasingly digital, mobile, and social media environment” (Nielsen, R. & Kalogeropoulos, A., 2016). One of the new trend in this industry that can change the entire market as one knows it. Specifically, media-convergence can be explained as a form of ambulation of media that involves
oadcasting, printing, photography and online websites. One of the primary requirement to get the expertise in this type of convergence is to develop skills that are inclined to more than one domain, in general to be multi-skilled. For instance, pre-requisite for a convergence journalist is to multi-faceted which means that they could write articles for newspapers and also produce packages for
oadcasting on the same case in a single day. Undoubtedly this form of journalism is more refined as it can incorporate more elements and specifics to a case y the virtue of increasing number of platforms to express the case and story. With reference to “Coming to Terms with Convergence Journalism: Cross-Media as a Theoretical and Analytical Concept” (Erdal, I. J., 2011), at present, it is very common to find videos clips or audio explaining things that we read in the articles. Moreover, Convergence journalism is much more appealing for the people who not just have source to read but also see pictures and videos while reading. For generation who is so distracted with many things going at once formula of convergence is the only form of media that can help journalists capture their attention. By the virtue of convergence journalism charm of reporters have increased as they have become more attractive to the employers due to their knowledge and skills in multiple domains of media. Instead of just being skilled in
oadcast journalism convergence permits to be expert in photography, print and video.
Transnational Organization- Emergence of multinational companies in past few decades have changed the way business used to take place in past. Today, businesses are successful if they have strategy to reach out to people situated in multiple countries. Organizations that make use of this strategy have grown in revenue, size and its influence.
Communication- There is substantial improvement in means of communication both in way things used to be transported and also way exchange of information used to take place. For instance, with aircrafts, jets, high speed metro and railways goods can be easily transported from one place to another. While on the other hand, with emergence of internet, technologies and platforms for social networks communication has enhanced multifold in a manner that there are more ways to connect and interact with one or many at a time
New Markets-There is emergence of new markets and some of the marketplace is developing such that there is more transaction between potential buyers and sellers. Multi-billion dollars’ giant of west are interested in selling their products in Asian countries especially in China and India because of their growing populations. Moreover, the markets of stocks are also building stronger stage for business.
One of the pervasive agents of this globalisation and democratization is journalism and institutions of formal and informal news. By the virtue of global reach, media can either strength the nation and also paradoxically facilitate the process of de-constructions of information. With reference to “Becoming global, remaining local: the discourses of international news reporting by CCTV-4 and Phoenix TV Hong Kong” (Wu and Ng, 2011), it is no more a...

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