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Assignment : Tourism/Hospitality Website Audit Report Due Date Value Individual Website Audit Report 21 August2020 38% Website : (Australia) This is an Individual...

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Assignment : Tourism/Hospitality Website Audit Report




Individual Website Audit Report

21 August2020


Website : (Australia)

This is an Individual Assignment. Students are to select any Tourism or Hospitality marketspaces to find an organization or enterprise that is engaging in significantly by interactive marketing activities over the web, conduct an audit of the site. Students are required to present a report on their analysis.

You must have your market and organisation approved by Lecturer by week

In your report on the website, you will:

·Identify the purpose of the site and its web business model

·Decide the target market for the site and any consumer behaviour issues of that target market

·Consider the dynamic forces of the industry in which the organization operates,

·Carefully analyse the site and critically evaluate it using 7Cs of customer interface, Web Qual, ease of navigation and attractiveness of the site, how it builds traffic/ develops e-CRM, and the effectiveness of its online branding.

Task Length -1900 words

Criteria used to grade this task:

1.Identify the purpose of the a website and its web business model using a real-world example

2.Identify the target market for the site and any consumer behaviour issues of that target market

3.Carefully analyse the site and critically evaluate it using digital marketing analysis tools

4.Examine internet marketing strategy of a given business and its relationship with business strategy

5.Profile a company’s current customer base and potential target markets as well as its competitors

6.Compare different elements of a company’s communication mix and justify the extent to which they should be supported or supplanted by digital and direct marketing methods.

7.Examine the influence of the internet on the marketing mix

8.Correctly reference literature review using the APA referencing style

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Kuldeep answered on Aug 19 2021
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Running Head: Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Student Name:
University Name:
Unit Code:
Introduction    2
Headquarters:    3
Phone:    3
Website:    3
Employees:    3
Revenue:    3
Purpose of the website    4
Owned, paid and earned media    5
Web business model    5
OAKS demonstrates its online activities in the best way across its customers:    6
Consumer behavior    7
Reason for not buying a product online    7
External environment    8
Microenvironment    10
SWOT Analysis    10
7Cs of customer interferences to 7Ps of the marketing mix    12
Customer-facing    12
Webqual    13
E-CRM    13
The benefits of E-CRM include the subsequent:    14
References    15
Oaks Hotels, Resorts & Suites is a provider of accommodation with over 60 accommodations, mainly located in Australia and New Zealand and has the lowest accommodation inIndia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar.Resorts and Oaks Hotels in Australia were originally established in 1991 as part of a large multinational company, Minor International("Oaks Hotels and Resorts", 2020). Hotels, resorts, and nice OAKS rooms will give you the comfort of a distant home, but better yet. Immediately you can enjoy the services of Coles and Deliveroo at your door, convenient facilities on site, and the convenience of Foxtel at your fingertips. The difference in Oaks means that each stay has an additional character. Hotels, Resorts, and Luxury Oaks is a chain of hotels specializing in luxury accommodation. The company is a financial leasing company (MLR), which has 52 properties in its portfolio (as of November 30, 2015) and is owned by New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Thailand, and. Resorts, Hotels, and suites were established in 1991 on the sunny coast of Queensland and were subsequently acquired by Minor International in July 2011. In addition to properties in Australia and New Zealand, Oaks also welcomes guests from Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, and India from their home destinations(Kremer, 2019).
There are cu
ently 64 Oaxaca facilities operating around the world, 58 of which are located in Australia and New Zealand.
Oaks Hotels & Resorts was founded in 1991. It is a housing provider, mainly with more than 4-star homes and aimed at short-term and long-term guests.
79 Albert St, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000, Australia
+61 7 3017 0800
$128 Million
Purpose of the website
Every company and website on iOS and Android has its own goal, OAKS Mobile — search for cheap flights, hotels, and cheap transactions on mobile devices. (2020). Similarly, the website aims to describe its target customers as described below:
• Working hours are 24/7, which can be occupied by tourists or tourists at any time. Over time, it increases sales capacity.
• The website is tailored to each customer’s order and protects customer information. This information helps to understand the guest’s preferences and to focus on the weak areas.
• Promotions, promotions, packaging that customers need, and different options for our customers.
• Oaks Hotel, Resorts & Suites is a leader in the field in modern style accommodation, making it a home away from home for experienced and seasoned tourists(Kremer, 2019). Every Oaks hotel always maintains a high level of facilities and service and is proud to connect tourists with the local spirit(Parsons, 2020). Ox is priced at a quality and affordable price and welcomes guests for the expansion of more than 60 facilities in New Zealand,Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Qatar.
• Oaks Hotelsand Suites are members of the Global Alliance, the world’s main association of independent hotel
• Resorts, Oaks hotelsand suites are a large part of Minor International. Small Hotels is the owner of an international hotel, investor, and operator, and cu
ently operates more than 530 hotels("Oaks Hotels and Resorts", 2020). Small hotels are explored with new opportunities in the hotel industry and its diverse property portfolio has been developed to attract different types of tourists and satisfy new tastes. Through AVANI, Anantara, NH Hotel, Oaks, NH Collection, Tivoli, Elewana, small hotels operate in 54 nations
egions in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean,South America, Africa and Europe(Kremer, 2019).
• With an ambitious plan to expand an existing
and and explore the strategic procurement across the market of opportunities, small hotels are pursuing an influential and interconnected world.
• Establish an easier and faster payment system that reduces complaints, but also reduces compensation from the OAKS financial department.
• Networking technologies are changing day by day, so OAKS is focusing on the latest software, such as ordering on websites, online machines, etc. to gain valuable customers.
Owned, paid and earned media accounts for 54.29% of the traffic from direct search or organic traffic sources. 38.79% of traffic comes from paid sources of traffic, and social media plays a 0.92% role in attracting visitors to the site. traffic statistics show that mail and traffic shown are 1.88% and 0.54%, respectively. OAKS plans to change its traffic sales strategy. It improves the
anding of keywords to search for
and words to get organic traffic and thus reduce unnecessary costs. It focuses to some extent on promotional
anded content, products, and services, display of promotions, and preferments(Kremer, 2019).
Web business model
The network business model relies on profitability and sales. typically provides products that are easy to select and use the products and services for the target audience. OAKS acts as a travel aggregator and can contact suppliers as well as travel agencies there. It saves a lot of time in every way, is fast and affordable. It proves that OAKS implements the B2C model as it offers goods and services from the enterprise to the business model of the customer’s website. As introduced itself, “The world’s main search engine, which shows the results of 404 travel websites, offers prices for thousands of airlines, more than 145,000 hotels, all of leading car rental companies and also 17 cruise ships. , which has access to the airline, is available for individual buyers who are interested in tourist services(Kremer, 2019).
OAKS demonstrates its online activities in the best way across its customers:
• E-commerce transaction sites: It enables online products and helps companies by providing information to customers who want to make purchases offline.
• Social networking sites: Communication between different types of consumers helps build strong relationships in the community.
• Media Websites: Various media websites provide information about goods, products, and packaging through links for simple and convenient purposes.
Target market
Modern technologies and inventions have created so many...

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