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Assignment Instructions
· For this assignment, you must discuss each topic (four in total).  Some topics have a couple of questions, if there is more than one question, pick one of the questions to discuss.  If the question has multiple bullet points - each bullet point must be addressed to receive full credit.  
· I am looking for senior-level responses.  When responding: 
· Avoid simply repeating the discussion point and simply agreeing or disagreeing.  
· Arguments for or against should include clearly defined arguments.   
· Ensure your perspective on the subject is clear and demonstrates the critical thinking skills of a student who has spent 4+ years studying aviation.
Discussion Questions 
· [Topic One] Mental Health
· A number of factors have been discussed as to why pilots don't seek help from a mental health professional.  What do you think are the three (3) biggest ba
iers to pilots seeking help related to their mental health and why?
· Do you think the FAA has a right to know about the status of a pilot's mental health? 
· Do you know of any other industries that require knowledge of their worker's mental health?  
· [Topic Two] Creating Change
· As of now, both the House and Senate FAA Reauthorization Act have provisions to address Pilot mental health. 
· What are the top three (3) things you think need to be changed in regard to pilot mental health?
· What do you think will be the FAA's biggest obstacles in actually creating meaningful change?  
· One recommendation from the Mental Health & Aviation Medical Clearances ARC is to expand the use of Peer Support Programs (PSP).
· Do you feel PSP programs provide an effective means for people seeking help?  
· Is there a 'limit' to when a professional should be consulted vs a PSP worker? If so, what is the limit?
· [Topic Three] The FAA Reauthorization Act process - Professor Kelly 
1. What did you find most interesting about Professor Kelly's discussion?
· [Topic Four] The FAA Reauthorization Act 2024 
1. Cu
ently, the Senate's version of the FAA reauthorization act, Senate XXXXXXXXXXFAA Reauthorization Act of 2024, has made it out of the 'Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, but the full Senate has yet to consider it'.  Looking at this press release, Senate Commerce Committee Passes 5-Year Bipartisan Senate FAA Reauthorization Focused on Improving Safety, Advancing Technology,Links to an external site. related to their proposal discuss the following: 
· Links to an external site.Of the seven (7) major topics refe
ed to in the article above (Improving Aviation Safety, Growing and Supporting the Aviation Workforce, Improving Consumer Protections and Standards for A Better Flying Experience, Improving Aircraft Accessibility, Expanded Air Travel Service to More of America and Upgrading Airports, Modernizing the National Airspace System and Leading Global Aviation Innovation, Continuing Research and Development for Innovative Aviation Technologies) which three (3) topics do you think are most important and why? 
· Is there a specific sub-topic you think is critically important?
[Citations to come]
Mental Health Reform
Congress Pushes FAA for Mental Health Policy Change in Aviation 2024 Aviation News - VideoLinks to an external site.
The Truth About Pilots' Mental Health Challenges and FAA Regulations - VideoLinks to an external site.
Tackling Aviation's Mental Health Paradox - ArticleLinks to an external site.
Mental Health ARC Final ReportLinks to an external site.
FAA Reauthorization Act 2024
House of Representatives XXXXXXXXXXSecuring Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act - PassedLinks to an external site.Links to an external site.
Senate XXXXXXXXXXFAA Reauthorization Act of XXXXXXXXXXPendingLinks to an external site.
House of Representatives XXXXXXXXXXAirport and Airway Extension Act of 2023, Part II - LawLinks to an external site.
Get Involved
Breaking down ba
iers to mental health treatment for pilots w/ - podcastLinks to an external site.
Pilot Mental Health CampaignLinks to an external site.
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Answered 2 days After Apr 20, 2024


Sanjukta answered on Apr 22 2024
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Mental Health
Topic one
There are three biggest ba
iers of the pilots are as follows:
One of the main and biggest reasons of the pilots in terms of not seeking mental health counselling is because they do not want to lose their jobs (Cahill et al., 2020).
· The second most prominent reason is living in such a society where having mental issues is considered to be a crime.
· The third reason is even if the airlines accept their mental condition still after getting mentally fit also licenses of pilot are cancelled and it leads to suicide.
Topic 2
There are top 3 things...

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