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Business and Business Environment
For discussion purpose, the selected organisation is an Australian business firm, incorporated in the year 2003 for preparing infant formula milk for babies. There is regular expansion of product range in terms of toddler milk,
own rice paste, baby po
idge, and other similar nature food items. The target consumer group of Bellamy is divided into three categories-newly born babies in the age group of 0-6 months, infants in the age group 6-12 months and toddles in the age group of 1-3 years. The business operations are also expanded geographically at Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, and US (Bellamy’s, 2017).
LO1: Different types, size and scope of organisations
Regarding types, there are three types of business organisations-profit, not-for-profit and non-government organisations. As the name indicates, profit organisations are established for earning profits while not-for-profit organisations are aimed at serving society and rendering welfare opportunities. Thirdly, non-government organisations are privately owned by specific group of individuals either for profit and non-for-profit. Regarding sizes, micro, small and medium sized enterprises exist and functions where small scale organisation operates through limited line product offerings with confined objectives. In simple words, small scale enterprise is having confined portfolio of products and services offered in limited locations (Beamish & Ashford, 2012).
Secondly, medium-sized business organisations operate in fewer locations through offering good portfolio of products and services. The geographic expansion of medium sized enterprises is understood as in different locations and countries facilitating organisation to serve good proportion of customers. The amount of capital invested and earned returns of medium scale enterprises serves need of specific stakeholders (Dringoli, 2012). Thirdly, large scale business organisation operates at wider level with characteristics of presence in different countries of world, catering
oad consumers group, offering integrated product portfolio, etc. There are different stakeholders in terms of customers; government, suppliers, employees, etc are involved in large scale organisation. The profits and returns also move in accordance to scale and scope of business operations. The business organisations are also divided in the form of legal structure, as sole trader, partnerships, public and private limited companies. The legal structure defines the number of person involved in the operation and functioning with size and expansion (Drummond, Ensor & Ashford, 2013).
The selected organisation, named Bellamy, is a large scale organisation having business operations in different parts of the globe. Though, the company has started operating at small scale, yet, it has expanded exponentially after few years of incorporation. The business objectives and scale of products and services offered also justifies large scale nature of the Bellamy (Foley & Osula, 2012).
There is wide range product portfolio includes infant formula milk and other baby products catered in lieu of providing one-stop solution meeting baby’s food requirements. The target customers is also wider in nature as working women having time issues are offered with this substitutable parenting product, and, this proportion is increasing continuously. The company operates as subsidiary of Bellamy’s Organic listed on ASX (Australian Stock Exchange), after launching IPO in July 2014 (Global Milk Powder Market - Industry, Geography Trends And Forecast, 2012 – 2018).
LO2: Inter-relationship of various functions with organisation
Bellamy performs various functions, as marketing, finance, human resource and IT functions. There prevails strong inter-relationship among organisation’s functions as preparation and delivery of final product requires sound coordination and alignment between all functions. The absence of coordination among functions creates difficulty in delivering product timely and optimally. The interplay of all these functions impact organisation structure. The organisation structure is understood as governance of processes, tasks and activities, flow of authority and responsibility, allocation of resources, etc. In simple words, organisation structure defines the relationship between processes and their governance (Giannantonio & Hurley-Hanson, 2011).
For example, preparing of infant formula milk starts with marketing department which is placed at the top in the organisation structure. In this function, marketing personnel conducts market research for accessing information regarding customer behaviour and interpreting purchasing trends and practices. The market research sets the foundation as organisation pursues product preparation on the basis of collected market research information (Gleyberman, 2010). The collected market research information helps in designing product offerings and planning other aspects accordingly. The marketing department specifies the number and volume of infant formula milk products required by customer group, expected time to launch it in the marketplace, target customers and their proportion, and marketing prospect in terms of preferences and likings of customers (Henry, 2011).
This information is then, supplied to finance department for ascertaining need of money and funds for...

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