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TBUS 620 Business Strategy Capstone Project Registered Higher Education Provider TEQSA PRV12059 | CRICOS Code: 02491D Top Education Group Ltd ACN XXXXXXXXXXtrading as Australian National Institute of...

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TBUS 620 Business Strategy Capstone Project
Registered Higher Education Provider
TEQSA PRV12059 | CRICOS Code: 02491D
Top Education Group Ltd ACN XXXXXXXXXXtrading as Australian
National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
TBUS 620 Business
Strategy Capstone
Sem 3, 2021
Client company: LISCA
Client Brief
3 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
• Swimming suits
• Lingerie
• Sleepwear
• Sports underwear
• Activewea
for women, men and children
Lisca (Slovenia)
4 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Lisca was established
in 1955 as a sewing
making ties and
shortening pants.
By identifying a gap in
the market, they
decided to move into
manufacturing of
They became a
synonym for a good
and, while
focusing on fashion
trends and authentic
5 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
● In 1964 they made their
first expansion to a
foreign market –
● In 1969 they launched
their first swimwear
• Initially focused on
manufacturing of lingerie
and corsets
Product lines
6 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
• Located in Sevnica, Slovenia (European Union).
• ‘Lisca’ and ‘Cheek by Lisca’ are their
ands that
feature underwear and swimwear collections.
• 708 employees – 211 employees are working in their
• Annual revenue: US $ 23.67.
• Sales: 2 million pieces per annum.
• Distribution network – 30 countries.
• 120 flagship stores.
• Type of industry (DNB report):
• Apparel Knitting Mills,
• Apparel Manufacturing,
• Manufacturing.
Lisca – overview
7 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Their ‘
icks and mortar
stores’ have:
• A specific colour
scheme and design.
• Seasonal collections
(Northern Hemisphere
Winter / Summer).
• Product categories are
displayed according to
• Floor space features
fitting rooms at the
ack of each store.
• Mannequins in neutral
• Large LCD displays
ehind the counters.
LISCA stores
8 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Lisca shops
9 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
● The company is cu
ently present in the following
European markets:
● Austria
● Bosnia and Hercegovina
● Croatia
● Check Republic
● Germany
● North (FYR) Macedonia
● Russia
● Se
● Slovenia (home market)
Market expansion
10 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
● In 2002 a new
and of underwear
“Cheek by Lisca” was
Market expansion
11 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Lisca retailing model
❑ A distribution network spreads to more than 30
❑ Over 2 million products sold every year.
❑ The company is using different selling channels,
such as:
❑ corner stores,
❑ specialized and multi
and stores,
❑ the Lisca e-shop and
❑ other global e-providers.
12 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Online store - cu
ently shipping to these countries
Product Lines
14 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Underwear for women and men
15 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
16 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
17 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
18 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Lisca Brand
20 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
● New collections are presented twice a
year (Winter / Summer).
● The
and is present at major
international fashion events and state
● Swimwear collections are designed and
sized for an average sized woman or
● The
and advocates for a ‘heathy body
image’ among their models and
Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC) | 21
Positive Body
Image campaign
In 2021 the company
launched a PR campaign
that featured pictures of
four ‘unperfect’ bodies.
These ladies shared their
personal stories about
‘perfect underwear model
ody’ stereotypes and
concerns about their own
This campaign showed that
any body can look good
when wearing the right
type of cut and
comfortable underwear
22 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Lisca advocates
Anika’s story tells us about her personal transition
from someone who felt that she does not have a
‘perfectly built body’ to an underwear photo
24 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Market entry to
❑ Select the best new market entry model for Lisca.
❑ Identify a retailing channel suitable for their
❑ Or identify a distributor for their swimwear.
❑ List all costs related to their market entry strategy.
❑ Suggest the organizational structure of their
operation in Australia.
25 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
❑ Timeline: create a Gannt chart and list all
phases of this project.
❑ Create a viable plan how to kick-start their
operations in Australia before the Summer
season 2022/2023
❑ Duration of project:12 months.
❑ Budget: AU$ 250,000.
Project duration
and budget
26 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
❑ Sales: AU$ 750,000 in year 1.
❑ 5000 pieces of swimwear.
❑ Sales growth: 10% per annum.
❑ Growth of market share 3% per annum.
27 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
Lisca in Australia
Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC) | 28
Suggest how to promote
and in AU.
How to create
loyalty in a new market.
How to benefit from
and loyalty during
low season months
when swimwear does
not sell.
How to increase future
29 | Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
If you have any additional questions please contact your
lecturer (ba
Your lecturer will compile a list of questions and will
provide answers regarding the client company.
The answers to the questions will be posted on Moodle –
that way all groups can see them.
Good luck with your group project!

TBUS 620 Business Strategy Capstone
Business Strategy Project – LISCA
Group assignment – strategic report (written) and client pitch (presentation)
Term 3, 2021
Page 1 of 12
Business Strategy – LISCA (Swimwear)

This is a group assignment, and students will work in groups of 3-4 members. The
student teams will have to deliver two assessment parts: a written report – strategic
proposal (30%) and a group presentation – client pitch (20%). Both assignment parts
will require an equal contribution and participation of all team members. A
confidential peer assessment process will be used to evaluate their contribution.
Unless otherwise determined by the peer assessment feedback form, all team
members will receive the same mark for the written report. All students must attend
the group presentation in week 11. An absent student (not present during the group
presentation) will receive no marks for the oral presentation, regardless of
participation in the earlier stages of the preparation process.
Our client is a manufacturing company LISCA from Slovenia (European Union) that
produces and sells lingerie and swimwear. They sell their products in their own flagship
stores (120 retailing locations – boutique style), and through a network of distributors
in over 30 countries. Sometimes their products are sold in other types of shops:
specialised, multi
and, and department stores that are not operated or
anded by
Lisca. They have an e-store on their corporate website that ships to 24 countries. Their
distubutors in foreign markets have their own independent e-stores where products
are described in a local language and priced in a local cu
ency. They also sell their
goods via global retailing platforms.
TBUS 620 Business Strategy Capstone
Business Strategy Project – LISCA
Group assignment – strategic report (written) and client pitch (presentation)
Term 3, 2021
Page 2 of 12

The business was established in 1955 as a small manufacturing workshop. Their initial
product line was focused on lingerie and corsets, which were popular in the 1950’s.
Their first line of swimwear was introduced in 1969. They soon became a synonym for
good quality swimwear, lingerie, and underwear in very competitive Central and
Southeast European markets. Today they have over 700 employees, over 200 of them
are working at the HQ in Sevnica, Slovenia. The annual sales are 2 million pieces per
annum, or US $23.67 million.
Lisca is cu
ently considering an expansion to a new market – with their swimwear
collection. Australia is their cu
ent favourite because of its climate, geography, living
standard, and lifestyle. Australia has longer swimwear seasons than most European
markets. The largest cities in Australia are located on the seaboard and have access to
eaches. The beach lifestyle is widely adopted by all Australians, and use of swimwear
is more frequent than in other markets where people use it only for short holiday
eaks or sport activities. In Australia the beachwear category is perceived as part of
casualwear. It is acceptable to wear it (dresses, overalls, kaftans, shorts for men) not
only at a beach, but also in pubs, bars, and restaurants. Because of its specific climate
and geographic regions, there is always a high season for swimwear somewhere in
Australia (NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS and QLD during Summers, and NT and QLD during
Winters). The Australian GDP is higher than in most regional economies, and
employment rates are growing despite the economic slowdown during COVID-19
lockdowns (OECD, 20211).
Due to COVID-19 crisis and lockdowns during the last two years, some of the major
Australian fashion
ands went into administration. Some swimwear
ands were so
affected that their retail stores are permanently closed, and they are only available in
large department stores. Most Australian swimwear
ands are designed locally but
manufactured overseas (due to
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Business Strategy Project – LISCA
Business Strategy Project – LISCA
TBUS 620 Business Strategy Capstone
Executive Summary
By the virtue of this report, we have performed extensive analysis on LISCA. It is a Sevnican- European
and with more than 50 years in existence. LISCA, company originated in 1955 as an outcome from a sewing workshop that was dominant in making ties and shortening the pants. They had identified a business opportunity of strong demand of good quality lingerie and clothes that can help derive pleasure. The company had a strong conviction of making a multi-million dollars in the market hence became the first mover advantage. From its inception till present date, the have developed a strong
and in the industry that is synonym for quality while concentrating on fashion trends along with authentic designs.
Leveraging business frameworks like SWOT analysis, cu
ent condition of the business can be comprehended deeply. As an experienced customer of LISCA, the quality of product is very high along with fresh designs and high customer service. Furthermore, with strong production and manufacturing unit the company can harvest more economies of scale as well as economies of scope. However, the company has to face intense competition from other players in the market like Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom. With reference to external chances, LISCA products have tremendous potential for overall development all across the world with elevation in Technology and efficiencies through automation in the production. Nevertheless, there are major threats that comes into picture in domestic as well as foreign competitions along with various potential substitutes along with regulatory environment.
This report furthermore analyses the cu
ent trends in the industry with reference to the lingerie and considering it as an important part of the lifestyle. It is evident from the research that overall market for lingerie is very reserved and speaks to very niche audience. It is mainly concentrated with the high socio-economic zones in developing and of course wider audience in developed companies like North America, Europe and Japan. Such mature markets can represent the overall development of
and and boost to the existing product line of the business. Therefore, it worth considering the utilisation of channel sales of the company with that of overall mission. Simultaneously, we can consider deeper into competitor analysis as well as macro-economic factors to develop a sound Go-To Market strategy.
Executive Summary    1
1.0 Introduction    4
2.0 Market Overview and Industry Analysis    4
2.1 Situational Analysis – Applying SWOT Framework on LISCA    4
2.2 Market Overview and Industry Analysis    5
3.0 Competitor Analysis    7
4.0 Expectation of Consumers & Clients    8
5.0 Products    9
6.0 Business Strategy and Plan of Implementation    14
7.0 Marketing Campaign    15
8.0 Financial Plan    18
9.0 Conclusion    21
References    22
1.0 Introduction
LISCA, company is headquartered in Sevnica, Slovenia (EU) with more than 700 employees in the overall headcount. Out of these 700, approximately 211 employees operate from the Headquarter. The Annual Turnover is $23.67 and more than 2 million in sales per year all globally. Over the period of time LISCA has also developed a strong distribution network in more than 30 countries with more than 120 self-owned and operated flagship stores. The company operates in Apparel Knitting mills and manufacturing industry. LISCA, as a company had originally concentrated on only manufacturing of corsets and lingerie. After 10 years of witnessing domestic growth, company had made their first expansion to the international market which is in Germany. In the year 1969, they had launched the first swimwear collections.
The company operates with Omni-Channel Approach with both Physical Stores -
ick and mortar as well as Online/Digital presence. Either of the outlet offers consistency in the customer experience while they interact with the
and. Specific theme of colour and presentation schemes along with flagship designs. LISCA has very strong strategy to
ing products that aligns with changes in seasons predominantly
inging the Winter Collection and Summer Specials. In the
ick and mortar stores the features like floor space and fitting rooms are standard all across. Mannequins used are neutral in colour with large LCD displays presented behind the counters.
2.0 Market Overview and Industry Analysis
2.1 Situational Analysis – Applying SWOT Framework on LISCA
· LISCA has strong
and recognition in European Markets
· High Customer Loyalty with LISCA and deep penetration in the existing market
· Sturdy focus on building a strong
and through purposeful marketing and powerful social media presence
· LISCA has professional workforce to support the business
· Business has great presence in different cele
ity and fashion shows
· LISCA is developing products which are body inclusive in size
· LISCA has relatively steeper price than the competition
· Later mover in order to strategies to expand globally
· Venturing out in emerging economies can promise huge customer base
· Penetrating deeper into Australian markets could be a very powerful opportunity
· Development of business can eliminate the spread of competitors in the geography
· Focusing on Direct to Customers through Digital Marketing
· Building a strong social media presence
· LISCA faces intensive competition from
ands like Lively and Victoria Secret Model
· Physical space and infrastructure is threatened by the evolving customer requirements and demands
· There are new start-ups and online boutiques who are selling lingerie
· More similar businesses are emerging everyday
2.2 Market Overview and Industry Analysis
LISCA operates in global lingerie market, which is valued for more than $72 million in FY2021. The market is expected to grow with a CAGR if 8% during the forecast duration (FY2021 to FY2026). As majority of retail shops and outlets were closed due to spread of COVID-19 the sales of lingerie have been severely impacted. Nevertheless, there has been substantial demand for more comfort-outfits rather than standard products. Moreover, with most of the sales driven from online platforms also
ing out another behaviour that people are buying without trying them in the fitting rooms. Overall sales of non-wired
as and
alettes have been elevated with 40% growth in revenues. Even in this pandemic, the purchase of the lingerie went through a tremendous overhaul. Prior to pandemic, women used to select any innerwear and lingerie from the physical stores such that they could feel, touch, witness and experience the product.
With the out
eak of COVID-19 and mandatory lockdowns, clients and customers are urged to stay indoors, promoting the massive shift in their behaviour of shopping. Majority of target audience, women resorted of purchasing their lingerie and innerwear from the online platforms along with finding appropriate prices as well as discounts. Along with this the delivery of the products are offered at the doorstep of the customers. This also promote privacy and delivers comfort to the customers. There is massive trend of purchasing the products on social media after checking the reviews and feedback. Now, with millions of women driving their business from home and opting for work-home model they have now opted for...

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