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Assignment Details Open Date May 7, XXXXXXXXXX:05 AM Graded? Yes Points Possible 24.0 Resubmissions Allowed? No Attachments checked for originality? Yes Assignment Instructions What is the consumer...

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Assignment Details

Open DateMay 7, XXXXXXXXXX:05 AM
Points Possible24.0
Resubmissions Allowed?No
Attachments checked for originality?Yes

Assignment Instructions

What is the consumer goods and material recall process? Discuss this process in relation to a company that sells consumer goods and has had a material recall within the last 5 years.

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•Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
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Discussion Question
Consumer goods, also called as final goods are products purchased and consumed by consumer for personal use. Alternatively, they are also called as final goods as it serves the end result of production and manufacturing process. Some examples of consumer goods include clothes, food and jewellery which are purchased and used by end consumer, not for future sale and purchase (Burkhalter and Janée, 2015).
Material recall process is understood as a procedure adopted by a business firm for requesting product return on discovery of safety issues or product defects, which holds possibility of putting consumer at risk or danger. It is also viewed as an effort on the part of firm to save ruination of corporate image and limiting product liability for corporate negligence, likely to cause legal action and costs. Undoubtedly, material recall is a costly affair as it includes costs of handling recalled product, repairing and replacing it and fulfilling financial losses occu
ed to consumer on account of using defected product (Feigenbaum, 2011).
Material recall process: The process starts with initiation of a recall where leaders and managers develops...

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