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AssignmentContext: you are going to write a thesis-led argumentative essay entitled “The role of the entrepreneurs in the economic development of my home country during the last five years has been of...

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AssignmentContext: you are going to write a thesis-led argumentative essay entitled “The role of the entrepreneurs in the economic development of my home country during the last five years has been of crucial importance”. (See the respective online area for more details). Keep in mind that the paper should be an essay presenting arguments and counterarguments related to the topic and the author must support the thesis statement. This is a research paper; therefore, you should find at least five credible research articles that provide evidence to support your arguments. Give priority to academic books and journal articles for the sake of credibility.Some resources to orientate your research:➢ Google scholar➢ Research gate➢ EBSCO 328e-4eb0-82ee-ca33d8ed3166%40sessionmgr103
Critical reading: before you start writing, go through relevant sources and read critically. Ask yourself questions such as: what, why, how, when for a deep analysis of the paper. Take notes while reading (especially the references) so you know who wrote what.
Writing tasks and goals: the purpose of this paper is to show that you are comfortable with the factors involved in writing an argumentative essay: topic sentence, thesis statement, counterarguments and arguments, structure, referencing, vocabulary, the mechanics of punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You should show that you can develop and sustain the arguments through the sections of the paper from introduction to conclusion with the idea that you have an impact on the reader’s opinion about the topic. Use brainstorming or mind-mapping to produce relevant ideas and arguments.
Structure of the essay (5 paragraphs at least): title page, table of contents, introduction, main body (split into 4-5 paragraphs), conclusion and reference list. Page 3 of 3 Type 2 Examination Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Evaluative criteria: the essay should show thorough understanding of how to construct an argument(s) and counterargument/s relevant to the topic and how to sustain them. However, the essay should show clear consideration of the sources and the integration of paraphrasing and quotes in it. Do not overload your essay with quotations!
Other details: the essay should be written in an impersonal style. Use between XXXXXXXXXXwords excluding title page, contents, and reference list, using Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1.5 spaced. Your paper should be referenced as per the Harvard style (at least five different sources), referencing an engaging title, page numbers, one-inch margins. For further requirements, read the Academic Writing Handbook (EEG, part 5)
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Ananya answered on Mar 19 2022
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Economic Development of Angola    3
Counterarguments    4
Conclusion    5
References    7
Entrepreneurs are the bunch of people who applies their ideas to create a business and gain self-employment with strategies made to succeed in it. The role of entrepreneurs is of mentionable significance in the economic growth of a Country as they
ing the maximum income through business with maximum profit. Such role of entrepreneurs is also seen in the Country Angola, which is in the South of Africa. Though rich in natural resources, maximum of the people is illiterate in this Country and lives below the poverty line with high birth rates.
For the past five years, entrepreneurs have played a major role in the economic development of Angola. Entrepreneurship has grown in several sectors of business, which has added to the economic growth of the Country. They have turned resources into employment sources. Introduction of technologies and innovative strategies by the entrepreneurs have played a vital role in the development of the Economy of Angola in the last five years.
Economic Development of Angola
Entrepreneurship has played an important role in the accumulation of net profit and income of Angola. Entrepreneurs have taken action in several sectors such as agriculture, resource management, natural oils and minerals to improve the economic condition per capita of the Country. As mentioned by Pereira (2020), looking at the Chinese Economic growth in history, Angola has included the method of entrepreneurship for greater income per capita of the country. Since history, Angola has developed in entrepreneurship through the implementation of technology in business. In the last five years since history, it has seen the peak in economic growth through entrepreneurship.
Angola can also easily use the sea path for business, which has helped the entrepreneurs and added their roles in increasing the economy through the seaway. According to Decker, Estrin and Mickiewicz (2020), the access to the sea have engaged and motivated several entrepreneurs in Angola to
ing business to the country. This has increased the economic growth of the country for which the entrepreneurs have taken the way of import and export in business. There is a huge role of geography, neighbours, type of entrepreneurs and ideas in the economic development of Angola.
The role of entrepreneurs has increased in the tourism sector of Angola. According to Jacinto and Du Preez (2018), the post-war situation distu
s the tourism business of any Country. The entrepreneurs of Angola have fixed such problem even after the post-war in flourishing the tourism business. To reduce the monetary destruction due to war, they have taken the opportunity of tourism to increase the economic input of the Country. The entrepreneurs made Angola an attractive destination for the visitors to

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