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Assignment 3: Research Paper (Week 7)DUE: Apr 22, XXXXXXXXXX:55 PM Grade DetailsGrade N/AGradebook Comments NoneAssignment DetailsOpen Date Mar 5, XXXXXXXXXX:05 AMGraded? YesPoints...

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Assignment 3: Research Paper (Week 7)DUE: Apr 22, XXXXXXXXXX:55 PM
Grade DetailsGrade N/AGradebook Comments NoneAssignment DetailsOpen Date Mar 5, XXXXXXXXXX:05 AMGraded? YesPoints Possible 100.0Resubmissions Allowed? NoAttachments checked for originality? YesAssignment InstructionsThe Research Paper is to be on a subject of interest to you in Transportation / Distribution.
The paper is to be at least 5 pages (double spaced) not including the title page and references page. It should include a clear thesis statement providing an objective for the paper serving as a basis for the direction of your research. The points and direction of your paper should support your thesis. The paper should also include a conclusion based on your research.
At least 7 sources should be used. Just a few sources is not really a good basis for a research paper. Multiple sources enrich the value of your research. Please keep in mind that, should you find it useful, you can also draw upon your own professional experiences. You can also even interview a subject matter expert and use that input as part of your paper, citing the source.
ALL PAPERSAll papers should meet the following criteria:· Follow APA formatting and style guidelines (6th edition)· Follow all instructions for each assignment· 12 inch standard font such as Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri· 1 inch margins· Double-spaced· Submitted on time· Represent your best work
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Anju Lata answered on Apr 21 2020
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Running Head: Transportation and Distribution
Transportation & Distribution 9
The paper presents an overview of Transportation and Distribution in Supply Chain Management and analyzes the future trends in the supply channel in the retail industry. The work performs an analytical research on the topic taking into consideration reliable facts and figures. The paper also illustrates the process of Supply chain management effectively addressing all the related aspects like logistics and outsourcing.
Keywords: Outsourcing, Supply, Chain, logistics.
Transportation is the transfer of the product from the supplier to the customer. Products are generally not manufactured at the same location as that of the customer so transportation facilitates the supply of products from the place of manufacturing to the customer through proper distribution. It also mediates the supply of raw material to the suppliers and manufacturing units. The main drivers of the transportation process include Shipper and Ca
ier. Shipper is the person who wants and initiates the services to send the product from one place to another. While the ca
ier can be the company which ca
ies the products from one place to another like the courier or logistics companies like DTDC, Dotzot, and FedEx. Distribution refers to the process of spreading, supplying or merchandising the products to different geographical areas of the market so that it can be made available to different customers (Chopra & Maeindl, 2013).
Thesis statement: “The research paper aims to analyze the role of transportation and distribution in retail industry”.
First, the paper provides an overview of the transportation of products in the context of supply chain management (SCM). Secondly, it illustrates the processes of supply chain management in retail industry. Thirdly, it analyzes the future trends in supply chain management.
Transportation in the context of SCM
Transportation processes significantly contribute in every supply chain of the market but they are non value adding services (Ballou,2007). That’s why Retail Companies generally prefer to eliminate the transport efforts completely and choose to outsource them. The requirement of transportation is directly proportional to the capacity. The unused capacity at one instance cannot be reused later on. The Supply Chain Management involves coordinated efforts of management and planning of multiple areas like the planning of production, management of inventory, supply control, logistics, and coordination of associated services with suppliers, third-party services providers, and customers.
During recent years in view of increasing complexity of transportation services, the supply chain management has developed standardization of activities to ensure quality, and increased inclusion of IT services to monitor the complete process of transportation till delivery through computers (Hubnar,2011).
The most important aspects of logistic processes are transport and storage capacity. The transport enables to shorten the...

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