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ASSESSMENT THREE Due (6 June / 12 June 2020) Task description: 3A Task Length: Date Due: XXXXXXXXXXJune 2020 (week 8), 23:55 hrs PowerPoint Task Weight: XXXXXXXXXX%; PART 3A: REQUIREMENTS Topic: Royal...

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ASSESSMENT THREE Due (6 June / 12 June 2020)

Task description: 3A
Task Length:
Date Due: XXXXXXXXXXJune 2020 (week 8), 23:55 hrs
Task Weight: XXXXXXXXXX%;
Topic: Royal Botanical Garden (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)
• A brief introduction of the chosen attraction• An analysis of the theory to assess the following attributes of the attraction:• Ownership;• Carrying Capacity;• Status;• Accessibility; and• Market• An analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of the products andexperiences offered from a visitor’s viewpoint• Analysis of how the attraction seeks to enhance the visitor experience• Provision of suitable and realistic recommendations on how the visitorexperiences could be improved.
Marking Pattern
1. Describe characteristics of tourism and hospitality industry and importance of service2. Discuss the attributes and types of tourism attraction using a real-world example3. Analyse in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the products and experiences offered by a real- world attraction from a visitor’s viewpoint4. Assess tourism attraction attributes, such as ownership, carrying capacity, status, accessibility and market;5. Identify various attributes that can be assessed in order to make informed management and planning decisions6. Discuss the management implications that pertain to each attraction type and subtype7. Identify the major generic factors that attract visitors to destinations and how tourism demand and consumption can be influenced8. Demonstrate an understanding of the conceptual framework for tourism and hospitality destination marketing and the activities of major stakeholders involved9. Reference literature using APA reference style requirements.10. Organise ideas and structure arguments to provide justification for the recommendations given11. Present ideas orally and in accordance to requirements
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Royal Botanical Garden
Sydney, Australia
Royal Botanical Garden
Specific location.
Perishable and Intangible.
Variable and inseparable.
Customer participation.
Cost for service operations is fixed and high.
Tourism products are interdependent.
Importance of service
Foreign exchange earning.
Direct and indirect employment generation.
Economic growth.
Infrastructure development
Contribution to Gross national income
Cultural development
Founded by Governor Macquarine in 1816.
Situated southeast of Sydney opera house.
Occupy 74 acres . Opens everyday. Free access.
Australia’s oldest botanic garden.
ated 200 years in 2016.
5 major areas of RBG are palace gardens, palm grove garden, middle garden, lower garden and Bennelong precinct.
Royal botanical garden
Founder- Governor Lachlan Macquarie.
Operated by- Royal Botanical Gardens and Domain trust trading as the Botanic Gardens and Centennial parklands.
ying capacity- 3544344 visitors in 2016
Status- open all year.
Accessibility- free access to garden except to ticketed events.
Market- for events, to learn science, gardens, plants and horticulture. Learning about Aboriginal culture. There is something for everyone in garden.
Diversifying attraction.
Royal botanical gardens, Sydney is most visited attraction place where...

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