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Assessment 3 ( SAMSUNG Technology) Assessment title Strategy development proposal Purpose, description and topics covered Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to help learners identify...

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Assessment 3

(SAMSUNG Technology)

Assessment title

Strategy development proposal

Purpose, description and topics covered

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to help learners identify elements of the strategic environment that contribute to a firm’s commercial decisions and demonstrate an understanding of the internal and external forces that affect the strategic decisions of a firm

This assessment will also enable learners to reason and draw links between concepts learne4d in the unit.

Description: This 3,500-word report

Topics to be covered: Knowledge and skills from weeks 6 to 8, with emphasis on the identification of possible strategic issues for a firm and the application of basic strategy analysis to its market.

This assessment will need that you involve reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making based on real-world and discipline-specific situations.

Through this assessment, students see how their learning is appropriate to current discipline specific issues and helps prepares them for future professional practice.

Assessment length

3500 words (+/-10%) exclude tables, bibliography and cover sheet

Criteria to grade quality

Five criteria will be used to assess the project:

1. Application of theoretical models

2. Interpretation of scholarly references to the assessment context

3. Depth of analysis

4. Use of logical, structured responses to assessment problem

5. Citation of references that directly address the assessment question

Submission method

Via Turnitin

Return method

Via comments, rubric and grade on Turnitin

Feedback provided

Feedback on areas that were appropriate and those that need improvement using the marking rubric and written comments

Assessment Details

This is an individual assignment. It takes the form of a report.

It requires that you select SAMSUNG Technology and apply Porters Fives Forces Model to its current market position as well as the suggestion of either a Cost-Leadership or a Differentiation strategy and justifications for this.

Executive summary XXXXXXXXXXwords)

Current market status for the firm (100 words)

Application of Porters Five Forces Model to the firm XXXXXXXXXXwords) Proposed strategy (cost leadership or differentiation XXXXXXXXXXwords) Justifications for choice of strategy (500 words)

Conclusion (300 words)

The work will require that you use a minimum of 10 references of which 5 need to be academic and 5 can be from the firm’s web site, business news and other credible sources of information.

The language used in the assessment needs to be academic and must draw on the terms learned in the unit. The expression of an opinion in the first person (“I”) is not allowed and the work needs to not have a similarity rate of more than 15%.

The firm can be any company of any size from anywhere in the world as long as it can be found online.

Examples of internal factors could include resources, financials or product design. Examples of external factors could include competitors, regulatory environment or consumption trends. You can select any internal or external factors that you identify in your readings.

Search for information first about your target company to determine if sufficient resources exist and can be used. Next is a reading of the materials to identify and summarise the issues that you believe affect the

company. You can then write the assessment in your own words.

Marking Rubric for Assessment 3

Assessment Criteria and Performance Standards for Reports

Assessmen t criteria


Performance Standard

Low – Learning outcome not


Low but some evidence of attainment of required learning outcome

Learning outcome achieved as required but some inaccuracie s and errors

Learning outcome achieved as required with very few inaccuracies or errors

Exceptional attainment of learning outcome with additional outcomes and


Executive Summary


0 - 1





No clear executive summary and introduction provided

Brief executive summary and introduction but incomplete and inaccurate

Executive summary and introduction provided but could be more concise and clear

Clear executive summary and introduction provided too wordy

Clear, concise and well expressed executive summary and


Internal factors analysis


0 - 1





No evident research

into the topic

Some research evident but little quantifiable research presented

Some research is evident but limited citations appropriate to


Adequate secondary and some primary research is

evident with supporting data and citations

appropriate to


Primary and secondary research and

data collection is extensive

with particularly insightful citations

External factor anlaysis


0 - 1





Very little or no evidence of understanding of the topic

Some understanding of the topic evident but with little evidence of analysis

Understanding of the topic evident – some critical thinking with analysis and synthesis of available literature

Good understanding of the topic with evidence of critical thinking with deep analysis and synthesis of information

Very high level of understanding of the topic with insightful evaluative comments and conclusions

Challenges conclusion and recommendation


0 - 1





No clear recommendati o n or conclusion Provided

Brief conclusion and recommendatio n provided but

not particularly clear or relevant

Well summarised but not totally

relevant to context

Well summarised clear, relevant and concise conclusion & recommendatio


Exceptional conclusion & recommendatio n

- clear,

concise and insightful

Report Structure, writing style,

grammar and references


0 - 1





Very poor structure,

grammatical expression and

Some evidence of desired

structure with low levels of

Structured report with

average levels of writing ability

Good structured report with high level of writing

ability – clear

Very good structured with very high level of

writing ability

spelling errors

writing ability

with some


with no

evident, simple

spelling and

expression with

grammatical or

expression with


few grammatical

spelling errors.

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Executive Summary
This report tries to understand the development plan. This report would help to understand the operational activities of Samsung Technology. This report would propose a sustainable strategy for Samsung to ensure steady and high growth of the company. The aim of every company is to fulfill the needs and demands of the customers. Customer service enables the companies to reduce competition and make progress in the market. This report would provide the company with a strategic development plan to increase its operational services defeating the amount of competitiveness in the market. This report would show various kinds of external and internal analysis of the market in respect to Samsung Technologies to determine an effective strategy for growth of the company.
Table of Contents
Introduction    1
ent market Status of the Firm    2
Internal factor analysis    3
SWOT    3
External factor    6
Application of PORTER’S Five Forces to the firm    6
Proposed Strategy    7
Justification for Choice of Strategy    9
Challenges    9
Recommendations    10
Conclusion    10
References    12
The success of a company is determined by its external and internal factors. It is the conducive working environment that proves to be a booster for the growth of a company. If the working environment is not conducive, the employees would not be motivated and dedicated to the cause. The i
egular working environment might disrupt the customer’s service which would, in turn, affect the success rate of the company. There is a huge competition in the market. Every organisation tries hard to survive in the market or economy. The survival and growth is only possible when the competition is reduced and the environment is conducive.
The working environment and the market can be analysed with the help of various tools. The PORTERS, FIVE FORCES or SWOT analysis can
ing out the detailed analysis of the environment. A point has to be taken into consideration that the environment is of two kinds. External and internal. External environment shows the competitive market outside the organisation, while the internal market talks about the confined atmosphere within an organisation. Internal environment refers to the strengths and the weaknesses of the organisation at an individual level. Every organisation has its own positive and negative aspects. Such aspects leave a huge impact on the performance of the organisation. The employees or the management can not work in coordination if the internal environment is rough. If the internal position of the organisation is not stable, it would not be able to fight with the outer world. The employees need to keep their motivation constant. The employees must be given a stress free work environment to devour their absolute dedication towards the work. A healthy competitive environment inside the organisation would foster the growth of the performance.. The strengths and the weakness of the company would be judged on a micro and macro level.
ent market Status of the Firm
Samsung is one of the most renowned companies in the world. It has its operational activities across the globe. Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate. The headquarters of Samsung is in Seoul. It is the largest conglomerate
and of South Korea. It was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938. Over the years, Samsung has gained huge popularity and revenues from its customers in the electronic industry. Samsung has a huge powerful influence over the market as its revenues are huge and profits have been high. It has a huge influence over the development. Samsung has its fifth producer of South Korea’s total exports (Heo, Kim and Lee, 2018) Samsung’s revenue was equal to 17% of South Korea’s $1,082 billion GDP.
However, there has been a recent decline for Samsung. Samsung has seen a recent decline in revenue because of its competitors. Samsung has been facing immense threat from its competitors. The rise of the competition in the market has caused a decline for Samsung. The cu
ent status of Samsung is that the revenues of the company have witnessed a sharp decline of 20% due to the rise of competition in the environment (Andi and Ali, 2019). Samsung has been trying hard to receive the old status in the market position. It needs to adopt a series of strategies to receive the customer’s attention towards the company and regain the
and value.
Internal factor analysis
    · Brand Value
· Customer’s faith
· Hugee revenue
· Strong Supply Chain
    · Dissatisfaction among employees
· Dependence on Android OS
· Lack of creative ideas
· Lack of comprehensive platform
    · Strong partnership
· Growth
· Technological advancement
    · Massive Competition
· Fall in the market
· Imitation
As mentioned earlier, Samsung is one of the leading companies in the world. It has huge operational activities across the world. However, the strengths and weaknesses have made Samsung decline in the market.
The biggest strength of Samsung is its
and value. Brand value refers to popularity and the reputation that a
and ca
ies. Ssamssung has been in operation since 1938. Excellent customer services and less complaints has given the company a
and value. The second strength is the faith of customers. The customers have huge faith over the company. Since the company has been serving the customers with their demands and needs, the faith has increased. Samsung has prioritised the customer’s preferences over everything. It has launched new programmes and devices every time to ensure customer’s satisfaction (Bhushan, 2016). The high quality technology and services have helped the company gain the faith of the customers. Next strength is huge revenue. It has also been stated earlier that Samsung has been earning tremendous revenues over the years. The profit margin is high. The world wide operations of the company have kept its revenue soaring to a huge extent. The revenues are the pillars for the company. Samsung rolls up these revenues and invests it for future progress. The higher revenues allow them to invest more. More investments
ing the company close to technological upliftment and advancements. Next, strength is the strong supply chain. Samsung has a strong supply not only restricted to a single country. The supply chain is massive and strong. Suppliers from almost all the countries are ready to collaborate with Samsung because of its reputation and
and value.
The biggest weakness is dissatisfaction among the employees. In recent events, it has been reported that there have been some problems with employee satisfaction. Along with the customers, it is also the lookout of the Samsung company to maintain the employee’s satisfaction as well. Employees are the pillar of the organisation. It is the performance of the employees that determine the growth of the company. If the employees do not remain dedicated to the cause, the company will collapse within a few moments (Malonda and Pangemanan, 2018). Therefore, it is the absolute responsibility of the company to look after the fact that employees are well treated and their needs and demands are fulfilled. In recent events, the employees are quite upset with the company because of unequal payments in the company. The motivation was down among the employees. The needs were not fulfilled. This could possess to be a huge...

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