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Assessment 3: Case study This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School. Assessment Group/ individual Learning outcomes Grading...

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Assessment 3: Case study

This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School.

Learning outcomesGrading indicatorMin ScoreWeightLength/
DueProfessional accreditation
Case studyIndividual2, 3GradedN/A50%2500 words28 May XXXXXXXXXX:00 PMN/A


This assignment requires you to develop a case study showcasing the international tourism system of an international destination location. You have selected the location prior toWeek 3. The assignment will develop critical thinking, analysis and literacy skills tosynthesise information related to theories studied in this unit.


Identify the main issues for the location as a tourism destination and contrast these with concepts from at leastten(10)recent and relevant academic literature sources. Assessment 2 (Annotated Bibliography) will assist with additional literature required. You can draw on other sources to support. Follow the structure and criteria below.

Case study structure

  1. Introduce the location and outline main themes to be discussed and analysed in the case study. (100 words)
  2. Provide analysis of tourist visitation to your location. Use relevant statistics to support your answer. (350 words)
  3. Explain what makes the destination attractive to tourists. Relate to the tourism system, motivation or satisfaction theories in this unit. (250 words)
  4. Identify and analyse issues related to tourism and destination development at the location. (750 words)
  5. Identify and analyse negative and positive impacts of tourism activity on the host community at the location. (750 words)
  6. Identify and discuss four (4) policy implications to achieve sustainable tourism outcomes for the destination. (300 words)

Include a list of all references you have cited at the end of the case study (the reference list is not included in the word count for this assessment).

Marking criteria

Case study discussion

  • Logical discussion and argument (3 marks)
  • Clarity of expression (3 marks)

Case study analysis

  • Introduction (2 marks)
  • Tourism visitation (5 marks)
  • Destination attractiveness (5 marks)
  • Issue analysis (12 marks)
  • Impacts of tourism (12 marks)
  • Policy Implications (4 marks)


  • Correct referencing within body of report (2 marks)
  • Correct referencing style for reference list (2 marks)

Total (50 marks)

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Priya answered on May 21 2020
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Case study structure to showcase International Tourism System
    Case study structure to showcase International Tourism System    2018
Tourism Impact on Gold Coast
Introduction of the location
Gold Coast is one of the most attractive tourist destinations located in South of Brisbane Australia. Tourism is the principal industry of Gold Coast and it is the single largest generator of cu
ent economic activities. Gold Coast offers everything from surfing spots to underwater world, the place is known for its long sandy beaches, amazing theme parks, wildlife, amusement parks and much more. This case study on Gold Coast provides an analysis of the visit to the Gold Coast, it reflects the strategic and economic importance of the location and throws light on its tourist industry as it makes one of the most sought after destinations. It will also study the impact of the tourism on the beach and the how it effects the environment and leads to sustainable tourism activity on the host community and identify the policy implications.
Analysis of the Tour Visitation to Gold Coast
Tourism plays significant role in the Australian as there are many tourism regions in the country. Despite the fact that there are many attractive destinations, I chose to visit the Gold Coast due to its stunning natural beauty and several manmade attractions. The Gold Coast is known for its
oad beaches and exquisite cafes, shopping malls and restaurants. The location is also known to have many pathways and parklands where the tourists can spend some leisure time, the children’s park along with the everlasting waves for the surfing enthusiasts is just admirable. The location also offers live entertainment to the visitors and there are also attractive markets where one can buy everything from clothes to books, jewelry and gifts. Gold Coast is also known for its Event-induced tourism and this gives the tourists enough scope to develop understanding about the resident’s perception. Due to all the incredible offerings at the Gold Coast it has become the most attractive holiday destination. As stated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics there has been increased in the level of visitation.
Tourism serves as the backbone to the Gold Coast City economy, community and the lifestyle. The city has been successful in attracting many tourism entrepreneurs so that they can capitalize on the leading excitement venture of Australia. According to the Gold Coast Tourism Report in the year 2017 it welcomed a record of 3.95 million domestic overnight visitors. From the International source market also the visitors continued to perform strongly as the year 2016-17 witnessed the overall growth of 7.2%, to hit the record high of 1.056 million. The region is known to attract large numbers of tourists from all over the world, the record number of tourists come from China,, Japan and America and there is also increase in the visitors volume from New Zealand also as there is significant growth of 5.2% from the previous year. Due to the increasing tourism from the prime destinations like America, China and Japan their markets have also captured the attention of the Australian government in terms of investing in their growth.
What Makes Gold Coast an Attractive Destination
Gold Coast is a perfect destination for the people of all ages as there are endless attractions for everyone. Every year thousands of tourists national and international tourists come to Gold Coast to add something special to their travel memories. This is an incredible tourist destination as it has a unique quality that makes one feel energized as the place is known to myriads of hallmarks and is bestowed with the natural beauty and exceptional attractions. The Gold Coast continues to be the ahead of several attractive tourist destinations around the world due to its ability to use innovative ways to attract the tourist. Some of the events of high attraction includes the Bleach Festival, a seventeen days cele
ation of art and music features the Opera on the beach attracts large numbers of visitors. The ‘Schoolies’ festival is another great attraction for the High School graduating students, Gold Coast Motor Racing Event, Gold Coast Marathon are other attractive events that take place at the Gold Coast. Due to all such events the Gold Coast is popularly known as the tourism capital of Australia and gives a perfect blend of dynamic Australian culture and other culinary elements that allow the visitors to enjoy the modernity with traditions.
Gold Coast is home to some of the most soothing golden beaches, it is surfer’s paradise and have some places of attraction like Coolongatta, No
y and Southport. This sun drenched city attracts everyone without fail, the lovers of serenity relax on the beaches while those who seek adventure can opt for some adventure sports. The Cu
umbin Wildlife Sanctuary and the World Heritage Springbook National Park are also some of the special attractions. So in Gold Coast one can find everything from the beaches to the malls, from theme parks to adventure spots and other attractions like wildlife. Such diversity and beauty makes Gold Coast different from others and due to which it has become...

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