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Assessment 2 –Supply Chain Analysis is intended to test the students understanding of the materials covered between week 1-5. The assessment requires analysing a supply chain through a specific...

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Assessment 2 –Supply Chain Analysis is intended to test the students understanding of the materials covered between week 1-5. The assessment requires analysing a supply chain through a specific research lens. Students are required to use relevant journal articles from the ‘Key Journals in Supply Chain Management’ list. The structure must contain relevant headings and sections with a focus on analysis and discussion of the selected supply chain; including key theories in the relevant field. The full Turnitin report will need to be submitted along with the submitted assessment. Topics: Supply Chain Management Performance The Bullwhip Effect and the Need for Coordination in Supply Chain Managing Supply Chain under Uncertainty • Businesses List: • Nike • Hilton Hotel • Amazon • Apple • Coles • IKEA • Singapore Airline
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Amazon supply chain analysis    4
Upstream of the supply chain    5
Downstream of the supply chain    5
Supply Chain Integration    6
Value of the topic to supply chain management application/examples    7
Conclusion    8
References    9
Supply chain is the flow of goods or services from the point of origin to point of consumption. The supply chain is a network between an organisation and its suppliers to produce and distribute its related product to the final buyer. This network includes different activities, people, entities, information and resources. As informed by Hitt (2011) the supply chain of any company represents how the product or services transfe
ed from its origin point to its consumption point.
The supply chain system is the system of the information, organization, people and resources that directed to supply goods and services to the final users. For this report, I chose the organization, which is Amazon. The company Amazon is a conglomerate multinational company serving around the globe. It has huge supply and distribution channel. The company is famous for its technology and accommodating the innovation. It is one of the largest e-commerce sites. Other services like cloud computing and artificial intelligence also served by Amazon.
The organization measured by revenue and market capitalization. Amazon is the largest Internet Company by revenue in the world. Amazon is a big organization. It is giving employment to nearly 150k+ people. The organization has offices in 5 continents. The organization works on diverse product and service line like AWS, Prime, Retail, Machine-learning, Echo, Kindle etc.
Right now, the organization is a complex and multi-faceted business puzzle of companies and different services. Amazon made significant advancements both within its product and services categories. Amazon shortens the delivery times and improved and still improving its delivery services. Amazon achieved this by revamping the traditional delivery models and using hi-tech innovations. It is important to understand supply chain mechanism of the organisation to reduce the cost and cut wasteful activities. The supply task counter mined into some major activities: inward logistics: deals with the central company and its upstream suppliers, Departing logistics between the central company and its downstream customers.
Amazon supply chain analysis
Amazon has multiple solutions in place to handle their return. Fedex company manages its returned goods and its mechanism. There are some parties’ responsible controlling internal processing mechanisms. It resold as amazon’s warehouse deals. The internal process is efficient and enhances its supply chain value; the process is responsible taking out finance string out of the returns. The supply chain is the successful combination of the third part vendor and the organic resources.

The organisation is one of the largest e-commerce websites; an efficient supply chain management plays a critical role in this. Amazon’s supply chain system varies from the country it operates. For example in India, amazon outsourced the logistic job to four transportation companies, in western states of India Patel transport, in south states of India VRL logistics, in North Ecom logistics and in East & Some north eastern states it is Rajpal Cargo. However, on the other hand, Amazon’s operations in United States of America is a self-supported delivery chain.
The key element in the distribution strategy of the amazon includes its wide warehouses and distribution network, diverse delivery fleet and unison of human and automation. The organisation introduced innovation technique in its supply chain. It improves its streamline operation and improves its efficiency. The company announced one-day delivery option to its prime members. It also offers FBA onsite, a combination of Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) and FBA that optimises the seller’s warehouse and warehouse management software.
Upstream of the supply chain
The upstream supply chain shows the relationship between the supplier, supplier’s supplier and the raw...

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