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Assessment 2 - Individual Essay - 30% There are two parts to this assignment which must be submitted separately by 9am on the due date Part 1: During Enquiry 1 you will be working on a search strategy...

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Assessment 2 - Individual Essay - 30%
There are two parts to this assignment which must be submitted separately by 9am on the due date
Part 1: During Enquiry 1 you will be working on a search strategy related to a chosen clinical scenario. This search strategy will be completed using the template below. Once completed this search strategy must be submitted using the link below. Failure to submit this search strategy with all of the required components specified on the template will result in a penalty of 5 marks (from 100) applied to your essay.
Part 2: You have been asked to critically appraise a given article related to your chosen clinical scenario. Instructions regarding this essay can be found on the marking rubric below and will be discussed during the workshops in this enquiry. Your essay should be submitted to the Turnitin link below.
Please submit only your search strategy template via this link. Your critical appraisal must be submitted via the separate Turnitin link above. You must submit your search strategy template here in order to avoid a 5 mark penalty applied to your essay.
This rubric will be used to assess the Enquiry XXXXXXXXXXword essay. Please note that facilitators will be marking this assignment via Grademark on LMS.
This template will be completed during weeks 2-3 of the enquiry and must be submitted with your Enquiry 2 assignment. Submission is via the separate link above labelled SEARCH STRATEGY TEMPLATE SUBMISSION ONLYAssignment. Failure to do so will result in a loss of 5 marks. You should complete this template before your week 4 workshop. In week 4 your facilitator will show you a video exemplar of a search strategy for each of the scenarios which will allow you to compare your work and receive feedback.
Your work on this Enquiry will be assessed in a number of ways including: 1. An individual 1,500 word critical appraisal due no later than 9am Monday 11th December 2017 (week 9). This is worth 30% towards your final mark. This item of assessment will be submitted via the Turnitin link in the “Assessments” area on LMS for grading. It will be graded by your facilitator via Grademark and returned to you via the Turnitin link. No hard copies of this work will be accepted or returned to you. 2. The readings, on-line presentations, workshops, and participation in the team components of the enquiry will assist your learning in preparation for the week 9 quiz. Your best two scores combined from the three LMS quizzes is worth 40% of your final subject mark. Students are strongly encouraged to attempt all of the quizzes. 1. Individual 1,500-word essay This will be assessed by your Workshop Facilitator (or appropriate nominee appointed by the Subject Coordinator). Topic Critical appraisal of the ONE article related to your Enquiry 1 database search template as listed on page 6 of this guide Length 1,500 words Value 30% of the total marks for HLT1RAE Due date 9am Monday 11th December 2017 (week 9) Refer to the LMS forum for information on extensions and late submission (and associated penalties). Return date Within 2-3 weeks of submission via Turnitin
Submission To Turnitin via the LMS site for HLT1RAE. The document you submit to Turnitin should be a complete submission. NO HARD COPIES of this piece will be accepted and no hard copies will be returned – this mechanism will be fully electronic.
For further clarification of the grading criteria and final mark allocation, refer to the grading and feedback criteria on LMS under “Assessments”. Referencing Throughout this subject (and your Core First year subjects more generally), you must use the APA 6th referencing system. The library reference tool may assist you, and can be located here:
In your final essay you should use additional references to assist you in addressing the essay question where appropriate, even though your chosen article will be your main focus (and must be cited in your reference list). For example, you may need a definition of validity and will need to cite your source for that. Be sure not to use the Enquiry guide as a reference, or rely too heavily on the eResource. Originality This assessment should be a piece of individual and original work. Naturally, you will discuss this task with other students and your Workshop Facilitator whilst you are in the process of developing an understanding of how you will undertake the activity, but each student is expected to submit an individual essay. Refer to the University webpage on academic integrity:
Individual activity – for assessment
This 1500 word essay will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of appraising evidence (i.e., step 3 of the 5-step approach to evidence-based practice). You will demonstrate your ability to identify issues with research design, validity and bias in peer-reviewed publications. In Enquiry 1 you completed a search for evidence related to a chosen clinical scenario. In this assessment task you will be appraising a research article related to your scenario (hopefully you found this article as part of your search!). These articles are listed below. You must appraise the article below that is related to your chosen scenario from Enquiry 1 as you will be submitting your search strategy with this critical appraisal essay via LMS (although the search strategy is not assessed it must be submitted in full or a 5 mark penalty will be applied to your essay mark). You will need to source the article from the library database or other online sources. It is not provided for you on LMS. It is your responsibility to check that you have the correct article. Some authors publish similar articles on the same research topic so make sure the article you find has the same TITLE and is from the same JOURNAL as is listed below.
Glucosamine scenario:
Belcaro, G., Dugall, M., Luzzi, R., Ledda, A., Pellegrini, L., Cesarone, M. R., ... & Errichi, M XXXXXXXXXXMeriva (R)+ Glucosamine versus Condroitin+ Glucosamine in patients with knee osteoarthritis: an observational study. European Review for Medical & Pharmacological Sciences, 18(24), XXXXXXXXXX.
Answered Same Day Nov 30, 2019 HLT1RAE La Trobe University


David answered on Dec 27 2019
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Assessment 1
Database: CINAHL
Search Strategy
    Search ID
    Search Terms
    low ca
* OR low ca
ohydrate diet OR ca
ohydrate restriction 
    weight loss OR loss* weight OR weight reduc OR weight management 
    S1 AND S2
    #s1 AND #s2 

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