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Assessment 2: Annotated bibliography This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School. Assessment Group/ individual Learning outcomes...

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Assessment 2: Annotated bibliography

This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School.

Learning outcomesGrading indicatorMin ScoreWeightLength/
DueProfessional accreditation
Annotated bibliographyIndividual1, 2GradedN/A30%1800 words30 Apr XXXXXXXXXX:00 PMN/A


You are required to complete an annotated bibliography of literature related to tourism impacts and your case study location.


  1. See the Academic Skills Quick Guide ‘Writing an Annotated Bibliography’ on the MySCU site produced by SCU Centre for Teaching and Learning.
  2. Locate, summarise and evaluate six (6) articles (three (3) academicjournal articles published between 2000 and 2017, andthree (3) non-academicones) relating to positive or negative impacts of tourismandyour study location (see Question5 instructionsfor Assessment 3).

Your annotated bibliography should be presented as follows:

  • Provide a heading for each source with full bibliographic details arranged in alphabetical order, following the Harvard format
  • Provide a description of the contents of each source and an analysis of each source in addressing Questions 4, 5or6(Assessment 3)
  • Provide a statement on the relevance of each source to the case study location (Assessment 3). What is the article about? What are key ideas in the article? How do key ideas relate to study location? What are implications from applying key ideas to tourism impacts at the location?

Note: Readings or your text for this unit cannot be used as academic sources for this assessment.

Marking criteria

  • Correct bibliographic details for each academic source (2 marks)
  • Review and evaluation of six sources (3 academic and 3 non-academic) relevant to Assignment 3 (18 marks)
  • Correct spelling, grammar and writing (10 marks)

Total (30 marks)

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Table of Contents
Journal 1    3
Journal 2    3
Journal 3    4
Journal 4    6
Journal 5    6
Journal 6    7
Bibliography:    9
Academic Journals:
Journal 1
Bhardwaj, S., (2015). Cultural heritage tourism and development in punjab.
Discussion: In India, tourism becomes a multifaceted activity that use to provide beautiful experiences to the national and international tourists. The term saying Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means the entire world is a single family. Punjab becomes one of the attractive tourism locations in India due to its heritages and architecture. Since past few years, the economy of Punjab improved in accordance with the development of the state’s tourism sector which has not only helps the state to generate monetary benefits but also has upgraded human skills.  Punjab tourism which is emerged with Amritsar city has provided multiplier effect on the economy of the state by regenerating employment and revenue. The visitor-friendly tradition, colourful and varied lifestyles, fairs, festivals and cultural heritage of Punjab and its capital city Amritsar creates abiding attractions for the national and international tourists. Punjab which is called the land of five rivers becomes a vital element of the cultural mosaic of South Asia. The tradition of Sikh and their religious background, culture like architecture and art has played an important role in attracting tourists in Punjab. The evidence of rich and vi
ant cultural heritage through the famous forts, Palaces of Rajas and Maharajas, historical Gurudwaras, and li
aries those are portrayed with Sikh battles are some of the attractive components of Punjab tourism. The Golden Temple of Amritsar is one of the most tourists’ attractions in Punjab. The socio-economy of Punjab has experienced positive influences from tourists and tourism business of the state. Due to such positive impact of tourism, Amritsar become one of the popular places of Punjab and the entire state economy developed during past few decades along with this, the behaviour, cultural and traditional thoughts of the people of the state also influenced positively.
Journal 2
Chaudhary, M.A.N.J.U.L.A. and Aggarwal, A.B.H.I.S.H.E.K., 2012. Tourist satisfaction and management of heritage sites in Amritsar. South Asian Journal of Tourism and Heritage, 5(2), pp.47-61.
Discussion: Tourism satisfaction acts as a pulling power which is practiced by the state of Punjab by possessing attraction to the tourists. The popularity of Amritsar has increased due to its heritage tourism which includes services and activities that provides the international and domestic visitors the opportunity of experiencing, understanding, and enjoying the inherent values of indigenous, natural, as well as historic heritage of Amritsar, Punjab. The Punjab tourism is influenced by its cultural heritage and architectural monuments, and buildings. In Punjab, the number of domestic tourists is more than international tourists. The reason behind this is the religious places of Amritsar which includes the most attractive religious place named Golden Temple. Along with Golden Temple another most important religious place is Harmandir Sahib, Akal Takht which are some of the most commonly visited places by domestic and international tourists. These religious places use to create attractions for domestic or national tourists those are intended to experiences the richness of Sikh culture and their architectures. Te people from Sikh community use to visit these places throughout the year. In Amritsar, the historic places such as Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah-Attari Border are two of the most attractive tourists’ spots of Punjab. The historic background of these two places use to attracts visitors. The growing trend of tourism business has influenced the Punjab tourism sector which is mostly backed up by the capital city of the state named Amritsar. The existing socio-cultural background, economy, and industry located...

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