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Assessment 1 Step 1 - Single-page Project Plan Step 1, worth 15% of total unit marks: Single-page project plan. This assignment requires you to submit, by Friday of week 4 (please check for your local...

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Assessment 1 Step 1 - Single-page Project Plan

Step 1, worth 15% of total unit marks: Single-page project plan.

This assignment requires you to submit,by Fridayof week 4 (please check for your local equivalent time to know your deadline),asingle pageproject plan. This project plan will containfive components:

  1. A statementdetailing your‘field of research’ - in this, you must clearly explain the relevance of your field of research for the profession, towards which you are studying.
  2. A source of secondary data linked toyour chosen field of research.You will be required to either include a website with a link to a publicly available secondary data set, or a short description of howyou will use publicly available sources as secondary data.
  3. A research question or questions that can be answered with the secondary data set you identified; this requires clarity on the questions and possibly a more detailed definition of variables or key themes to be explored.
  4. The search terms you propose to use in Google Scholar to identify literature in the field of the research question.
  5. Pick(at least) THREE peer-reviewed scholarlyarticles that arise from the result of your search and that youthink willbe suitableto become part ofyour project'sliterature review. Write two sentences that combine ALL THREE(or more, if you have chosen more)of these sources (referenced correctly) and provide them in a reference list.

Assessment criteria (clickhereto view the marking rubric):

  • Clarity and suitability of statement of 'field of research'
  • Suitability of data sources
  • Search terms
  • Ability to integrate sources into academic writing
  • Professional presentation and accuracy of work
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Soumi answered on Mar 31 2020
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Marketing Management (BUSN20019— Assessment 1.1)
Field of Research
Advertising has been one of the most important marketing activities for business organisations since its inception. The attention that an advertisement creates amongst the perceivers make them be attracted towards or away from the product or service being promoted. Hence, an effective advertising strategy is largely responsible for the customer’s buying behaviour. This is majorly true in case of clothing companies, which attract their customers based on the attractive content they show in their advertisements. However, insufficient information, fake details, cele
ity endorsements for low-quality products have made customers sceptical about their buying behaviours from retailers, who have practiced such failed advertising strategies. Hence, this area needs significant research in order to remove such obstacles to positive buying behaviours.
Source of Secondary Data
    Secondary data was first collected from this link: http:
etail-ads-worst-2015/ where a...

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