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Assessment 1: Essay This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School. Assessment Group/ individual Learning outcomes Grading indicator Min...

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Assessment 1: Essay

This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School.

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Changes in the global environment will pose many challenges for accommodation and attractions managers in the future. Consider this statement in regards to two globally significant environmental challenges. What sort of business responses would be appropriate for accommodation or attractions managers to make to these environmental challenges?

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Anju Lata answered on Mar 19 2020
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(Assessment 1)
Hospitality Management
Hotel School, Sydney
    The global environment is witnessing many hazards like Climate change, loss of biodiversity, availability of freshwater resources, u
anization, deforestation, changes in temperature and rainfall, and pressure on food-producing agencies. Generally, environmental changes are caused due to natural ecological processes and human interventions. Changes in environment can also be devastating in form of natural disasters. These environmental changes influence the hospitality industry remarkably (Cetron et al,2006).
    Changes in global environment may pose many challenges for accommodations and attractions managers in future. Nowadays, people are changing their dietary habits from meat and mutton to healthier and greener alternatives. They are concerned about environmental challenges and opt to go for environment friendly living standards. According to a study, the number of people opting for eco-friendly travel options increased 36% in 2017 than last year. Tourists opting for ecological travel options also increased by 39% compared to last year (Hallstrom,2017).
The two major globally significant environmental challenges for hospitality managers are Global Warming and Increased Competition.
1. Global Warming
Due to u
anization, more and more people are moving towards u
an lifestyle. There are issues like deteriorating air and water quality, noise pollution, high energy consumption, price rise, lack of resources and stress. To take some time away from this busy lifestyle, more people are opting to take holidays and tours. While being on a tour, people prefer closeness with nature, eco-friendly travel and sustainable go green hotels to stay. To withstand global warming issues, hotels will have to improve their sustainability efforts in following areas:
1. Minimizing the consumption of waste, energy, and water.
2. Modifying their supply chain to include environment-friendly ingredients to reduce wastage, and save water and energy.
3. Implementing Go green voluntary certification programs like LEED, to their hotel buildings.
Accommodation and Attractions Managers will have to go for Greening of their hotels. They will have to protect the environment and preserve the natural resources su
ounding them. It will satisfy the green needs of eco-friendly customers, will prevent the shortcomings of present tourism practices, will be in accordance with the requirements of government policies....

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