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Assess the effectiveness of the counter-insurgency strategies used by the US and NATO in Afghanistan between XXXXXXXXXXWhat lessons can be drawn to improve counter-insurgency strategy in the future?

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Assess the effectiveness of the counter-insurgency strategies used by the US and NATO in Afghanistan between XXXXXXXXXXWhat lessons can be drawn to improve counter-insurgency strategy in the future?
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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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In order to control the role of military forces in making the elements of efforts put by civilian and military inputs so that the root cause of insurgency can be assessed, there is structuring of counterinsurgency which is also called as COIN. By using such kind of non-military means, there has been effective utilization of existing elements for playing the appropriate role of the forces. The undertaking by COIN was not effective in the sense that it is quite complex to provide the specialized feature of the economy in a sequential format. The demand of the makers of the comprehensive policy is to provide the
oad base knowledge for establishing the disciplinary features of the society. The adaptability of the movement under COIN primarily focuses over the streamlining of the population needs and requirements. That is why; it mainly provides the understanding of the activities for the provision of the specialist in the field of defense and adequacy of disciplinary forms. [footnoteRef:1] [1: Kilcullen, D 2006, ‘Three Pillars of Counterinsurgency’, U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Conference, 28 September, viewed 20 September 2014, http:]
The agility and adaptability of COIN
ings the anonymity of addressing the problems in conventional warfare to
ing major engagement from the foreign government. The success of such operations is dependent upon the willingness of the government to reform the political changes and to reproduce the U.S COIN campaign by the agencies of domestic affairs. U.S COIN includes the political reforms which work over the states of Afghanistan so that the grievances can be addressed through proper channels. [footnoteRef:2] [2: About ISAF’ n.d., Afghanistan International Assistance Force, viewed 18 September 2014, http:]
About COIN
The main function of COIN is to administer the aspirations of transnational organizations so that Afghanistan does not get the hospitality of the te
orist in the states. The goal of COIN was clearly to struggle for stabilizing the agreement over the means through achievements of the reform measures.
One of the important doctrines which have been employed by U.S was the troop surge which was not only expensive but it was ambitious also. The surge of Afghanistan was countered by U.S through counterinsurgency which was quite important for the Afghan surge. During the wartimes of Iraq and Afghanistan, the codification regarding the counterinsurgency had happened in 2006. It was mentioned in the Field Manual 3-24 as publishing was done by the Marine forms and the army of U.S. The doctrine was under revised contract to replace the infallibility of the leadership at the military scale. It makes changes at all level to get engagement in the conflict zone so that indigenous population would manage the doctrine through their available resources. It prescribes the guidelines through to transfer the required information on the basis of contribution towards their major goals and operational battles. The doctrine of military mostly remains to be contingent without providing the prescriptive basis for the suggestions.[footnoteRef:3] [3: Lalwani, S 2013, ‘Pakistan’s Counterinsurgency Strategy’, in P Bergen & K Tiedemann (ed.), Talibanistan, Oxford University Press, New York.]
    The objective of COIN was to provide the protection for the civilian populations so that elimination of the insurgent leaders can be done without legitimate establishment and ability to deliver the services of human on the basis of government rules of host-nation. The nature of the operations by COIN is quite protracted which was in demand through considerable time, efforts and money. [footnoteRef:4] [4: ‘Interview with David Kilcullen’ 2012, International Review of the Red Cross, vol. 93, no. 883, pp. 587-601.
The effectiveness of the doctrine can be measured on the basis of validation of troops and their surge operations in the year 2007. The standing of the troop surge
ings together the administrative conduct through strategic review by Afghanistan comprehensive rules which helped in
inging about the success in authoritative playbook. The main reason for the...

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