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As this is your capstone subject, this assessment will consolidate and explore the knowledge you have accumulated throughout the subject. This assessment requires you to develop a portfolio of your...

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As this is your capstone subject, this assessment will consolidate and explore the knowledge you have accumulated throughout the subject. This assessment requires you to develop a portfolio of your work accumulated from the learnings and activities in class.This assessment as an individual based Assignment however all activities in the workshops that you are writing up and reflecting on, are completed in teams throughout the workshop sessions. Online students you complete these in the chat sessions and as individualsThe activities, include short informal presentations, worksheets and activities and are spread over the whole term, so be prepared to participate and communicate in what is being covered each week.Task Description: A portfolio is a collection of documents, images, and reflections that you assemble in order to demonstrate what you have learnt. You need to show your creativity in constructing your portfolio and the document needs to professional in appearance. Your portfolio should include a minimum of 12 activities, a reflection from each workshop topic and at least 1 activity from that topic and an overall personal reflection on what you learnt.You should also reflect on what you learnt from the team interactions/participation. You should include images and figures in your portfolio. This portfolio assignment consists of several parts.Part A - Activities completed: The activities from each week. The main purpose of the activities is to improve your ability to work in groups, interact, develop a peer network and to take a theory concept from the appropriate week's workshops and explain it. An important component of the activities is the question and answer sessions to clarify concepts and knowledge. This should provide you and your classmates with valuable learnings. There are also number of helpful readings on Moodle that cover each topic and these should be integrated into your portfolio. You should use at least one resource each week to reflect on with your activities.Part B – Self Reflection commentary and criticism on each activity and your learning outcomes. This is a valuable learning technique that allows you to critically reflect on the content. In this section, you should assess things that you did well, things that you could improve on and provide suggestions and recommendations that may help your performance in the future. We are much more interested in what you have learned from the experience and what you might change to improve in the future and how you have embraced the content. . Reflect on how your level of understanding of the subject and the theoretical models has developed an advanced level of knowledge for you as an effective manager.Part C – Self Reflection commentary and criticism on your learning outcomes from working in a team.This is a valuable learning technique that allows you to critically reflect on your ability to work in a team. In this section, you should assess things that you did well, things that you could improve on and provide suggestions and recommendations that may help your performance in the future as a member of a team. Consider your role in the group, your level of participation and what you could do to become an effective team member and team leader.It is important to be guided by the following points that are weaved throughout the subject: Demonstrating theoretical skills Demonstrating applied skills Demonstrating practical skills Demonstrating reflective skillsSince this is a reflective essay, you only need to include referencing when specifically referring to academic theories, all of which should be annotated as per the Harvard method.
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Assessment 3: Portfolio
Running Head: Assessment 3: Portfolio
Assessment 3: Portfolio         1
Assessment 3: Portfolio
[Document subtitle]
Table of Contents
Introduction    1
Week 3    1
Part A    1
Part B    1
Part C    2
Week 4    2
Part A    2
Part B    3
Part C    4
Week 5    4
Part A    4
Part B    5
Part C    5
Week 7    6
Part A    6
Part B    6
Part C    6
Week 8    7
Part A    7
Part B    7
Part C    7
Week 9    8
Part A    8
Part B    8
Part C    8
Week 10    9
Part A    9
Part B    9
Part C    9
Week 11    9
Part A    9
Part B    9
Part C    10
References    11
This paper defines a portfolio prepared for each week reading. Here, the article covers the readings of eight different weeks and also discloses the reflective statement about each week reading. While defining the thoughtful study of each text, it includes three separate components. The first component uncovers the completed activities. Apart from this, other parts identify self-reflection commentary and criticism on each learning outcome and movement as well. The primary motive of this statement is to conduct a reflective analysis and finds the personal improvement in learning skills and subject knowledge.
Week 3
Part A
In this week, I work on different activities that further improve my subject knowledge as well as critical analysis skills. The first and foremost activity I used in this week reading is bu
le study. Here, I learned about the role and essential of attractive writing skills to enhance the efficiency of the written material. Apart from this, in week three the bu
le reading is utilized to define the long-standing and widespread marketing strategies used by different business houses for their personal and professional motives. Apart from this, I also participated in a group discussion process conducted during the study. The main reason behind the participation in group discussion process is to discuss the experiences and knowledge of each other and provide a significant conclusion (Redmond, 2017). The combination of all these activities gives me an opportunity to improve my personal as well as professional skills.
Part B    
The week three reading covers useful content that becomes the primary source of our improved knowledge about discussion topic. At first, the text gave
illiant product strategy and explained them about the cu
ent scenario. Therefore, the efficiency probability of propounded product strategy is well then other normal readings. Apart from this, the text determines the potential benefits of a
oad portfolio in a well-suited context. It is useful because the passage supports the learning outcomes in the form of practical activity and session as well. While performing the group activities, one thing I did very well than other colleagues. It is active participation in each functional activity of the week. This demonstrates my confidence and dedication towards learning. The week three reading motivates me to learn the new marketing aspects in related to the recent market scenario. I can resolve this through performing research and development activities on a regular basis.
Part C
Moreover, I can say that my team working ability differentiate me from others. It is because I collaborated and coordinated with each colleague and learn something innovative from their experiences. One thing that I want to improve in this week is my previous knowledge about the marketing and its different portfolios. The prior knowledge might help me in learning the core aspects and philosophy discussed in this week effectively and efficiently.
Week 4
Part A
In Week four I was exposed to different activities which help me in enhancing my existing knowledge and skills. In this week the main things and a topic which I came to know are about how to gain competitive advantage through innovation and continuous growth. From this week I learned about the KDB concept that stands for knowing, doing, and being. From this week I gain the knowledge regarding the how communication and innovation help an individual to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. In a way to complete this week activity, I participated in the group discussion as well as making a presentation on the topic that how to attain competitive advantage through innovation and improved communication (Yee, 2017).
At the end of this week, I came to know about the leadership and how to improve the quality of work life effectively. Beside this, I also got knowledge regarding the importance of the customer satisfaction and employee morale.
Part B
The main content of the week Four is about innovation, leadership, and KDB that us knowing, doing, and being. In the first instance, the reading of week four provides the importance of getting or achieving the competitive advantage in the market through innovation and enhanced communication process system. From this week I have learned about the significance of the change in making the competitive edge in best possible manner.
In this week I also learned about how Human Resource plays a vital role in
inging the...

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