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Article XXXXXXXXXXghca3f.html Ethical theory’s ¢ Consequence-based ¢ Duty-based ¢ Contract-based ¢...

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Article XXXXXXXXXXghca3f.html

Ethical theory’s

¢ Consequence-based

¢ Duty-based

¢ Contract-based

¢ Character-based

Analyse the article/case study from the perspective of fourclassical ethical theories including utilitarianism, deontology, virtue and contract. Present well reasoned arguments for your assessments and recommendations.

Write an overall conclusion that justifies your recommendations made in your essay.

Include aReferencelist at the end of your work, in the correct APA referencing style, corresponding to in-text citations.

In addition to identifying a contentious situation in ICT and dissecting the argument(s) about it, you must also now demonstrate the ability to evaluate the elements of the argument by introducing classical ethical principles where appropriate.

Since Assessment item 1 and 2, your knowledge will have grown, and you will now realise that almost all ICT ethical dilemmas can be classified under one of the main ICT ethical issues that are discussed in this subject; for instance, surveillance is a sub-issue of privacy, harmful software is a sub-issue of ICT professionalism, and piracy is a sub-issue of intellectual property.

In ICT, the main ethical issues are taken to be:

  • ICT professionalism
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Cyber-crime
  • Intellectual property
  • Regulation on the internet
  • Social inclusion
  • Community and identity
  • Pervasive and convergent computing.

The assessment item is designed to help you to build skills towards achieving the learning objectives, by requiring you to:

  • identify an ICT-related ethical issue from a media article or case study;
  • apply classical ethical theory to the analysis of an ethically questionable situation to determine the rightness or wrongness of actions/decisions made therein;
  • derive logical and justifiable conclusions to resolve the ethical issue(s);and,
  • apply proper academic referencing.

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Parul answered on May 12 2020
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Analysis on ICT and Related Ethical Issues
We live in an era where there is proliferation of Internet of things (IOT) and entire world is in race of transforming itself into virtual reality. Devices which might appear docile may turn out to be worst nightmares. This is because with the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT) all devices and platforms have started interacting with each other. This might seem beneficial at first as it provides corporates and their people to interact 24x7 with minimal or least downtime. However, this may invite hidden problems and creates issues that are mysterious to many thereby raising questions on moral grounds. ICT forms the backbone of modern world computing.
ent Problem
With tremendous growth of ICT and advancement in technologies, that way traditional business is operated transformed completely. There are more platforms for interaction and networking has improved all across. However, it has also
ought threat to the privacy of individuals and corporates. Interesting view were expressed in the article, “Rent-a-hacker site leaks Australian buyers' names and addresses”, (Tung, L., 2015). Everyone value their privacy and don’t wont to
oadcast it to the entire world. Most definitely no one wants their most confidential information to made accessible to anyone at any point of time. The revelations made in these articles urges one to wo
y that personal information like bank account details, medical history, pictures and even phone conversation that we fill in the ICT platforms everyday due to one reason or other can be used by anyone agencies, government and even people who are technical sound to hack into the system. Unwanted and unauthorised access to someone's credential can not only harm that person but also can damage many other as information provided in the personal sphere may completely change how it would be interpreted.
Ethics & Theories of Ethics
In general, ethics implies what is considered as...

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