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*Answer any THREE questions</o:p> *200 words per answer</o:p> </o:p> Questions</o:p> </o:p> 1. What is a "cyborg"?</o:p> 2. In what ways was Hurricane...

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1. What is a "cyborg"?

2. In what ways was Hurricane Katrina a public heath crisis?

3. How can we distinguish between the natural and artificial?

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Abhishek answered on Dec 17 2021
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1. Cyborg
The term “Cyborg” refers to a fictitious and a speculative person whose physical capabilities are stretched beyond the constraints of normal human actions. It happens by the incorporation of machine-like elements in the body. They are transformed into robots. The humans are made into cyborg by injecting several kinds of harmful drugs or any regulative devices so that they can lead their lives in a different biodiversity than the normal one. When the humans eager to get artificial intelligence in the future, then they are converted into cyborg.
Nowadays, for many reasons, humans are having drawbacks in their features. Therefore, without proper and skilled person, country is ba
ed from having any advancement. When citizens of the country want to have an improvement in the economy, then they must elevate their capabilities by merging the biological and machine intelligence together. For example, large parts of Victor Stone’s body have been altered by mechanical slices and provides him strength, stamina and speed.
A person who is physically disabled, for them, inclusion of plenty of knowledge in
ain will help to create neural prosthetics. Neural...

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