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Analysis of Journal Article Does content material coordinate with the title of the article? In the article written in APA format (explain) Identify the research problem. Identify the hypotheses of the...

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Analysis of Journal Article

  1. Does content material coordinate with the title of the article?
  2. In the article written in APA format (explain)
  3. Identify the research problem.
  4. Identify the hypotheses of the research article.
  5. State the purpose of the research.
  6. Methods of information gathering.
  7. Methods of information analysis.
  8. List the core points of the research article.
  9. Discuss the author’s conclusion.

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Moumita answered on Jul 15 2021
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Running Head: Analysis of Journal Article         1
Analysis of Journal Article         2
Table of contents
Answer to Question 1    3
Answer to Question 2    3
Answer to Question 3    3
Answer to Question 4    3
Answer to Question 5    3
Answer to Question 6    4
Answer to Question 7    4
Answer to Question 8    4
Answer to Question 9    4
References    5
Answer to Question 1
    The contents of the paper matches with the title of the work. The articles apply various tools such as the chi- square to test the data collected though the primary sources of survey. The article conducts a survey with the employees and managers to analyse the motivational aspect of their performance. The title also supports the same theme of detecting how the motivational aspect acts as a tool for sustainable performance.
Answer to Question 2
    The article does not use the APA formatting. Though looking at the contents it may suggest the use of APA style as the main body of the work follows indenting the paragraph. There are no other specifications for the APA formatting maintained nor is there any reference of the APA format nor there is...

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