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An academic essay of aproximately 1200 words which critically discusses the following statement: The events industry is an effective and appropriate vehicle for the social, cultural, environmental and...

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An academic essay of aproximately 1200 words which critically discusses the following statement: The events industry is an effective and appropriate vehicle for the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of a city or region. Overall the essay must be integrated, comprehensive and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the events industry and regional development. There should be a meaningful discussion about the key factors rather than mere descriptions of elements. The essay should - • Provide an overview and definition of events and their use which - ◦ demonstrates an understanding of the history of events; ◦ identifies and discusses the various sectors of the event industry; ◦ identifies the various types of events (mega, hallmark, community, business, ◦ artform) ◦ discusses the significance of the event industry in contemporary society. • Describe and discuss, with examples, how events and event tourism interact with - ◦ regional economic development (jobs, income, sustainability); ◦ regional social/cultural development (social cohesion and inclusion) and: ◦ regional environmental development (infrastructure, revitalisation and appreciation of attractions, sustainability). There needs to be: • Engagement with the study materials - textbook, academic journals, the Internet, trade and other published reports and documentation to research and develop discussion. • Reference list for any literature cited.
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Event Management Analysis
The report explains out the event management history, its impact, sectors of event industry, and types of events. The event management history is a kind of project management involving the creation, development as well as processes execution. The event management industry role in developing economy, society, and cultural attributes are explored.
The event management considers the creating of fairs, festivals, conferences, seminars, business meetings, trade exhibitions and conventions events. There are wide rages of occasions covered in the event management. The categories of the event management are award functions, leisure events such as music events, fine art shows and fashion shows, cultural events such as heritage, religious and ceremonial festivals, and folklore related events and organizational events such as business meetings, trade exhibitions, seminars, product launches, conferences and expos.
The expos are started from 1851 and were influenced by the revolution in the industry as well as colonial ambition. The expos took prime place after the World War II. The expos take a significant role since 2000 to raise awareness on the crucial issues of present time. The trade fairs also started in late medieval Europe. At the time of merchant capitalism and industrial revolution, the trade fairs started taking place. The trade shows and fairs have now become the common place to promote awareness about different things.
The cultural events are started in the eighteenth century and there are many examples of cultural events organised. The ceremonial and religious events are organized since the ancient times. There are different cultures and cultural practices and religions and these events are organized to promote awareness about the local cultural practices. One example of is from Christian religious that has many events such as Baptism, matrimony, penance etc. and to conduct these cultural practices, events are organized. Similarly the history of heritage events is found from the ancient time.
The fashion shows events are started in late 1800s and in early 1900s. At that time, the business-savvy designers presented the fashion shows in the racetracks. Later many high-end fashion designers displayed in-house models. By the 1980s a
ival the fashion shows events became hugely popular. Now the fashion industry daily organizes such events (Idacavage, 2016).
Sectors of event industry
There are various industries that organise events regularly. The industry has sports sector, music sector, movies sector, art sectors, hospitality sector, media and communication sectors, travel sector, education, and technology sectors.
The purposes of organising the events such as music events are to promote the awareness about the music and types of music. General benefits of the events management are mentioned here. It assists to save time and cost of the organizer. Event management refers conception, cooperation, planning, budgeting as well as people’s...

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