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You are required to prepare a briefing document for Minister for Planning and Environment. Your briefing shall discuss one of the following topics and is to be completed within the report template as...

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You are required to prepare a briefing document for Minister for Planning and Environment. Your briefing shall discuss one of the following topics and is to be completed within the report template as provided and must demonstrate your understanding of the interaction of social, ecological and political processes that influence how Australia manages its environmental future. 

Topics include:

A. Planning for Sydney’s growing population

B. Planning for bushfire protection at the urban / bushland interface

C. Protecting and managing ecology in cities

D. Expanding ecotourism in national parks and wilderness areas

E. Develop new consultation strategies to support urban and regional land use planning

Or, You may select another topic with approval by the unit convenor.

Maximum page length 6. This is to include:

a)  the 1 page executive summary and

b) a visual summary of the key aspects in your report (this may relate to the issues, policy relationships or recommendations)   


Your answer may like to address the following elements (these are not in any order)

         Define the key issues

         What is the evidence / data that links to the issues

         What are the key terms

         Summarise the need for the briefing note

         Provide a brief summary of similar policies or approaches used to address the issue from other jurisdictions (within Australian or international)

         What are the implications of your issue to other government Ministers and/or departments

         What are the likely financial implications (i.e. would Treasury, IPART or other financially related parts of government be interested in this)

         Are you making recommendations and if so are they supported in your document




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Running Head: The Growing Population Management of Sydney: An Overview
Executive Summary
    The global expansion of the population has continuously dominated the local government where the immigrants keep coming. The following report provides an overview to the problem of growing population leading from the front and affecting the existing available sources. The report highlights some of the major facts and analyzes the projects which are cu
ently run by the NSW government to maintain the balance between the growing population and the availability of the metro facilities to all the newcomers in the city of Sydney.
    The expansion of civilization and growth of industries in a particular area are directly related with the increase in the density of population at a certain area. It has been seen in the past that various nations have suffered on account of this density coming through the expected outcomes tamed by the migrants—American colonization and even industrial revolution period are merely some good examples of the same. In the context of New South Wales as a growing province in terms of population, it seems like one of the most happening and debatable issues in Australia.
Sydney covers a major part of NSW province and it has been viewing the growth of population like a boom since past two decades. The reasons behind this growth are many i.e. industrial growth, centralized form of education and a society for living a better life with all facilities available are some features of the same. However, the Planning and Environment Commission perceives it a great challenge to manage growing population and plans like Better Places project and many more need the quick implement to maintain the high standards of living in the province. The NSW government is working hard to meet out the anticipated living standards within or outside the Sydney as the equal amount of attention is being displayed to provide the facilities to all.
    At first, the rationale behind managing the growing population of Sydney is obvious; there is a considerable growth seen in terms of measuring the population of the province of NSW especially Sydney and its outskirts are massively loaded with working and non working people. According to a prediction made by NSW’s Planning and Environment Commission, the projected rate of births in the city is 2.79 million per year which is high enough to drag the attention of the authorities as the fundamental facilities are limited; there are intervention plans available with the help of limited resources merely. . (NSW Planning and Environment, 2017)
    Further, the medial facilities in the city have increased the longevity of people as there are fewer death rates in the recent years in the absence of medical support. The records predict that 1.73 million deaths are tracked in one year and therefore; the growth of population is having the rate of increase—which is an...

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