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A three page proposal about a topic: This is a communication class The topic I wanted to choose is “Long term relationships’ I want to narrow down to romantic long term relationships and the effects...

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A three page proposal about a topic:
This is a communication class
The topic I wanted to choose is “Long term relationships’ I want to na
ow down to romantic long term relationships and the effects of it
lease visit this link for a sample APA paper, and helpful resources for formatting your references citations: 
It is a good idea to format the citations as you go 
For this analysis, you will compare a discussion of a chosen communication concept in the popular press to academic research.
In order to do this, you should do the following:
1. Find one article in the “popular press” that discusses your chosen and previously-approved concept that relates to communication. Information about what is considered a popular press article can be found below. Summarize the content of the popular press article. Clearly identify the terms, claims, generalizations, and/or assumptions that are made about  communication.
2. Examine two scholarly research (peer reviewed) journal articles that discuss the chosen aspect of communication. Briefly summarize both articles. Include: What were the researchers trying to find out? How did they conduct the study? What were their results? Did they mention any specific applications of their results? Use the information we have reviewed in our discussions of the supplemental readings as a guide.
3. Discuss whether the scholarly research agrees or disagrees with all or parts of the popular press article’s claims, generalizations and/or assumptions. Be specific, comparing details from the popular press to the scholarly research.
This assignment will be completed in two parts: the proposal and Final Analysis. More information about the requirements for each part of the assignment can be found below.
Popular Press Articles: Popular press articles may come from newspapers, magazines, TV news shows, and online news sources.
· Blogs
· Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
· Articles from other types of websites
· Articles in the popular press that summarize scholarly research
You should look for articles that clearly discuss and focus on your chosen concept related communication. For example, you may find an article that discusses the medical benefits of touch. While touch is a nonve
al code, the previously mentioned article is not about communication, message exchange, how touch impacts how we communicate, etc. This means that it would not be a good article for this assignment. You may also find an article that mentions nonve
al behaviors without focusing on them. For example, you may read an article about an athlete that mentions their proud strut. Unless this article is analyzing the strut, this article would also not be appropriate. Note that the article does not have to focus solely on your chosen communication concept, but it should have enough content focusing on chosen communication concept to provide a foundation for analysis.
If you are unsure about whether a resource is acceptable, please email your professor.
Scholarly Research: For this assignment, you should use two scholarly journal articles. Do not use more than 2 scholarly journal articles. These should be peer-reviewed journal articles.
Popular Press & Scholarly Research Requirements
Websites containing information about choosing and reading scholarly journal articles can be found in the “Resources” section of on the PLE and the “Online Resources” folder on Blackboard. PLEASE NOTE: You MAY NOT use any of the supplied course supplemental readings or the course text to satisfy the requirement for scholarly research. PLEASE NOTE: If you use resources that are not scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles, you WILL NOT earn the points associated with scholarly research on both the proposal and the final draft (including the summary and comparison sections).
If you are unsure about whether a resource is acceptable, please email your professor.
Publication Dates: Both the popular press article and scholarly articles should be no more than 10 years old.
Format: All content in both the proposal and the final analysis should be typed, double – spaced, with one-inch margins in a twelve-point, Times New Roman font.
Required Citation Style: APA (American Psychological Association) style must be used to cite all utilized resources in both parenthetical citations and on a Reference Page. A helpful APA website is available in the “Resources” section of each Module.
Title Page and Header: You will be required to include a Title Page and header in both the proposal and final analysis. The title page should include the “Honor Pledge” with your electronic signature – the required format for the Title Page and header can be found in the PLE materials.
The proposal sets the foundation for the final analysis. In the proposal you will provide a
ief summary of your chosen popular press article, along with a properly formatted Title Page, header, and citations for ALL articles (both the popular press article and the two scholarly articles). You should include both a Reference page entry and sample parenthetical citation for all utilized resources.
Your proposal should include 3 pages:
· Page 1: A properly formatted Title Page
· Page 2: A paragraph summarizing your popular press article with a properly formatted heade
· Page 3: A Reference Page with properly formatted entries, a sample parenthetical citation for your 2 scholarly journal articles and your popular press article, and a properly formatted heade
Formatting Requirements
Improper Popular Press Article: If you choose a popular press article that is not appropriate for this assignment, you will be given the opportunity to choose a new article and submit a new proposal. If this occurs, you will be given a new deadline to submit the proposal. PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for the final analysis will not be extended in this situation.Please note: Your proposal cannot be graded if your citations are incomplete – you will be contacted if this is the case and will be instructed on what information is missing and needs to be submitted. This information must be sent to the Instructor as soon as possible.
The final analysis builds on the proposal. In this assignment you should fully and clearly summarize all utilized resources (the popular press article and two scholarly journal articles). Then you will discuss whether the scholarly research supports or refutes the claims, generalizations, or assumptions about your chosen communication concept in the popular press article. You should make explicit, clear connections between the popular press article and the scholarly articles.
Length: Your final analysis should include 3 – 5 pages of content. This length DOES NOT include the title page or References page; this means, at a minimum, your final analysis should be at least 5 pages long. The required format for the Title Page and header can be found in the “Popular Press Analysis” folder on Blackboard.
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Man is a social animal and it’s literally impossible to survive alone in this journey of life. The fundamental aspect of any and all relationship is love. This is the most authentic and powerful feeling which is perhaps most studied and researched upon in psychology, yet it is least comprehended. One of the reason of this mismatch of availability of research yet less understood dynamics in real life could be because these studies are conducted in labs and doesn’t take into account ground realities as well as challenges. In order to comprehend whether the long-term relationship
ings happiness or not is perhaps very challenging since the very nature of happiness is very diabolic. Most probably, everything feels a little warm and different when one is in a relationship for a long-period of time. What actually activates the pleasure as well as rewards that gravitates all the emotions and centers of the
ain. A good relationship has the power to calm various parts of the
ain that is associated with anxiety and fear.
As per the studies performed by Ms. Acevedo, who is PhD and Arthur Aron, PhD who worked with more than seven men and 10 women who were ma
ied for more than 21 years (Acevedo, Bianca & Aron, Arthur., 2009). All the participants in this research explained in this article underwent fMRI to comprehend their
ainwaves. Research aimed to understand what is happening in the
ains while participants looked at the photos of respective partners. For any relative, they evaluated the photographs of highly familiar acquaintance who is perhaps very close versus less familiar acquaintance.
The overall finding from the research was people who...

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