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Activity #11 - Consequentialism

Hi Everyone,

For this week’s online activity, I’d like you to first review Handout #10 about utilitarianism, and thenwatch the following videos:

After watching the videos, I’d like you to answer the following two questions: (i) What is the difference between the theory of value and the theory of right action? (ii) Is the concern over individual rights an objection to the theory of value or the theory of right action - and why?

Answered Same DayDec 15, 2021


Taruna answered on Dec 16 2021
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    The theory of value and theory of right action together constitute utilitarianism. The two aspects of utilitarianism complete the meaning of an ethical action. However, the theory of value differs from the theory of right action in the sense that the later is applied to maximize the impacts of the former one. In other words, the value of a morally right action is determined by the value that is placed within it. The amount of happiness that one can take...

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