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Activity #10 - Hedonism and the Experience Machine

Hi Everyone,

This week'sonlineactivity will focus on the claim that we discussed yesterday - that pleasure or positive feeling is the only true good in the world. I called this the PPF (Pleasure andpositive feeling) theory. But a more common name for it ishedonism.

As we discussed yesterday, what motivates or drives hedonism is the idea that - it seems - when we pursue various things in life (education, a job, a relationship, etc.) we pursue them because we think they will make us happy. But, as we also discussed, there is an important argument againsthedonism. That is, there is an important argumentagainstthe view that pleasure or happiness is the only true good.

For this week's activity, I'd like you to watch the following video, which lays out the argument against hedonism:

Once you've watched the video (andreviewed Handout #10), I'd like you to complete a 1/2 to 1 page write-up on the following question: Would you plug into the experience machine? Why or why not?

Answered Same DayDec 15, 2021


Taruna answered on Dec 16 2021
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As per Plato, Hedonism is all inclusive of the pleasures and happiness of life. However, after having watched the video posing arguments against the hedonism, I would not prefer plugging myself into the experience machine. There are two main reasons behind this choice. At first, the plugging into that machine would led me to a world of experiences that is not real i.e. it is more like a world that is away from the practical aspect of...

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