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About Your Signature Assignment This signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements...

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About Your Signature Assignment

This signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments may be graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate mastery of operations management concepts and tools.

Assignment Steps

Developa 700- to 1,050-word memo to a prospective employer outlining your credentials, including: taking this class, all of the projects you have done for this class individually and with your team, and their impact on the businesses you have engaged with so a senior manager reading it would want to hire you as either an operations consultant or permanent employee.

Summarizethe business case for each project.

Outlinewhat you specifically accomplished, assuming these projects were implemented, and their estimated impacts on the business.

Utilizethe learnings from Week 6 to highlight your skills in global sourcing, procurement, and outsourcing which can also be of benefit to your target firm.

Formatyour assignment as if you would be giving a presentation to senior management.

Submityour assignment.

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Moumita answered on Jul 02 2021
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Running Head: BUSINESS CASE STUDY         1
Table of Content
Business Case Summary    3
Impacts on Business    3
Impact of week 6 Learning    5
References    5
Business Case Summary
In the different project learning courses, many projects have been introduced. Different business skills associated with the organisations are also given away by these projects it. The project assignments are done individually. Along with that, it has also introduced the basic elements associated with the business like the business relations, importance of marketing within the organisation as well. Other than that every week has introduced new projects which are very much relevant with the business administration and different business scenarios as well. The first week has given information about the flowchart development within the organisation and the ways in which, they can be effective in the different cases of the business growth and development.
Following that the second week has given information about the process control methods within the organisation. They can control different activities like the production and the procedures as well. The week 3 has given information about the lean supply chain and ways in which, they can have an effect on the different organisational activities as well. Week 4 has made me learn the different attributes associated with the operations consulting and how they can work for the improvement of the inner improvements within the organisation. On the other hand, the week 5 has given away information about operations forecasting about an important step relevant to the different business activities.
Impacts on Business
These projects and the variables play a very crucial role in the context of the different business perspectives. The management of relationships within an organisation is very important because it deals with the performance management and liberation within the employees (Obeidat, Tarhini, Masa'deh & Aqqad, 2017). The employee relations and their connection with the higher authority can be very firm due to the proper...

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