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a thesis-driven essay that discusses the following topic:human beings are essentially good (or evil) (or self-interested)You must reference at least(1) four of thewritten or visual textsthat we’ve...

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a thesis-driven essay that discusses the following topic:human beings are essentially good (or evil) (or self-interested)You must reference at least(1) four of thewritten or visual textsthat we’ve discussed and that support your thesis; and (2) at least three additional, properly vetted outside sources.Note:You must integrate at least one properly vetted quote, statistic, or example per paragraph.Note:You must also use both MLA-stylein-text citations and provide a Works Cited page. Sources must be no older than 5 years, ex: XXXXXXXXXXInclude links to the sources. The written or visual texts are from the book, "Reading the World: Ideas that matter" by Michael Austin 2nd edition ISBN: XXXXXXXXXXmust use 4 written or visual texts from the book plus 3 additional sources.
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Preeti answered on May 07 2020
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Essay: Human beings are essentially good (or evil) (or self-interested)
As stated by, ‘One’s own free and unfettered choice, one’s own whims, however wild, one’s own fancy, overwrought though it sometimes may be to the point of madness-this is that most desirable good’ according to Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground (Pennington, 2014).
Thesis statement- "Humans are good or evil depending on how one was reared and nurtured in environment around them,"
On analysing above thesis statement, it is argued that all human beings on earth act or behave in their own self-interest way of life. The notion of self-interest is necessary for survival for species and individual happiness. Yet, it is argued that entire class of people resist the idea of self-interest, and, stated that choices and freedom is essential for surviving and living smoothly in the society. On detaching from this concept, it is found that people start losing their identity and start living their life in meaningless manner. In this context, society is visualised and understood as Venn Diagram, having circles of several interests and expectations that overlap with each other. Each individual is having his own distinct features of life and priorities, which hardly intersect with others or society. That’s portion or area is understood as self-interest, regulated and controlled by individual on his alone (Austin, 2010, pp-134-168).
Self-interest phenomenon also received criticism as it is argued that human sufferings in 20th century is due to this phenomenon as it gives rise to greed and exploitation in the society. On-going back to the old concern of 1980s du
ed by the writings of Marx, who described self-interest phenomenon as a form of selfish exploitation leading one towards fulfilling one’s self-interest and expectations. For elaborating this notion in detailed manner, Adam Smith findings are worth mentioning, who has answered this self-interest in capitalism notion. In his findings published in 1776 in the book titled ‘Wealth of Nations’, Adam Smith has mentioned that ‘It is not the benevolence of the butcher,
ewer or the baker, that we are getting our dinner or lunch, but from their self-interest’ (Souza, 2015). We have also taught of the humanity, and never explained with the concept of self-love and undertaking or completing one tasks as our own necessities and advantages, but it is the truth as no human being in the world is escaped or free from self-interest, it always prevails over humanity, social cause and greater good. In simple words, human beings or people engage or indulge in any task with his own personal motive and gains,...

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