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A Summary of the Geologic Hazards in Washington State Your project can be either a PowerPoint presentation (minimum 15 slides, you are welcome to exceed that) or a Word document (minimum 1200 words)...

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A Summary of the Geologic Hazards in Washington State

Your project can beeithera PowerPoint presentation (minimum 15 slides, you are welcome to exceed that)ora Word document (minimum 1200 words) and should include, at the minimum, information aboutallof the following topics:

- historical earthquakes and earthquake hazards in Washington state

- historicaltsunami and tsunamihazards in Washington state

- historical volcanic activity and volcanic hazards in Washington state

- historical floods and flood hazards in Washington state

- historical avalanches/landslides and avalanches/landslide hazards in Washington state

Foreachof the above topics, be sure to include information such as:

- significant historical events or disasters, with relevant data such as economic damage or fatalities

- areas of current and future risk

- current steps being taken to mitigate these hazards, including costs and examples

Feel free to include all information you feel is pertinent and relevant.

You must have aminimumof 8 references for this project. You can use any bibliography/reference format you like, just make sure I can find the source.

For PowerPoints, each of the slides should include the following

- a relevant and illustrative figure, photo, map, illustration, etc., which is referenced at the end of the presentation

- a caption for the all figures which describes what the figure is showing, etc.

- 3-5 sentences of text explaining the topic you are discussing
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A Summary of the Geologic Hazards in Washington State
Historical earthquakes and earthquake hazards in Washington state
While analyzing various facts about natural disasters took place in Washington states, it is found a number of earthquakes took place in the last 100 years. North bend city has been affected by an earthquake of 5.5Ms in 1945. Minor damages were resultant of the earthquake. In the next year itself, another earthquake took place in ‘Strait of Georgia’. Power of the earthquake was 7.3 at Seismic Magnitude scale. In 1949, A major earthquake took place in Olympia, which is cu
ently the capital city of Washington state. The magnitude was measured at 6.7Mw. The earthquake created a damage of $25 million. Around 80 people were injured by that earthquake. Reports stated that 8 individuals departed from this disaster.
Puget Sound is another city of Washington state in which an earthquake of 6.7Mw took place in 1965. The city faced $ 12.5 million (approx.) financial damage due to this earthquake. Reports stated 7 deceased were the outcome of that earthquake. In 1999, an earthquake of 5.8Mw damaged a census-designated the place of Washington, called Satsop (Jackson, Frederick, et al. 2017). 7 injuries were reported from that earthquake. Approximately $8.1 million financial damages took place due to the earthquake. The most recent earthquake that took in Washington was in the year 2001. Puget Sound was the city where the earthquake happened. 6.8 Mw was the power of the earthquake according to the ‘Richter magnitude scale’. Around 400 injuries reported from that earthquake while $1 to $4 billion was the estimated damage.
Historical tsunami and tsunami hazards in Washington state
A number of Tsunami incidents took place in the history of Washington. A number of studies have revealed that there is a huge potential of tsunami in Washington state in future. In 1820, a large landslide at Camano head tsunami destroyed an entire village. Another tsunami of 6-8 feet tall took place in Tacoma Na
ows on April 16, 1949. The Tsunami took place after a large earthquake in Olympia. The Alaska river is considered as one of the most prominent hazards of Tsunami in Washington state. In 1946, a huge tsunami triggered and reached northwest Washington and damaged several areas. 9.2 magnitude was the power of that tsunami (, 2018). Apart from these, a number of tsunamis have taken place during the year 1980 around Spirit lake due to St. Helens eruptions (, 2018).
Historical volcanic activity and volcanic hazards in Washington state
Mount St. Helens is the most prominent place in Washington where a number of volcanic eruptions have taken place. The first...

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