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a) Prepare a 600-word (+/- 10%) report in response to theReport Specificationslisted below.b) Download a copy of the rubric (feedback form) and use it to make sure you have addressed the...

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  1. a) Prepare a 600-word (+/- 10%) report in response to theReport Specificationslisted below.

  2. b) Download a copy of the rubric (feedback form) and use it to make sure you have addressed the criteria

    listed for this assessment, available on theAssessment 1 Part C Landing Page.

  3. c) The following guidelines should be followed for submission of an assessment produced to a professional


    • This assessment should be drafted in a report format, with title page, headings, clear structure, and

      formal, professional language.

    • Remember to write professionally and in the third personas if you are an employee of CRATOX reporting to management.

    • Your report must have an Introduction, Discussion, and a Reference List.

    • Line Spacing must be 1.5 spacing and font size 11 or 12.

  4. d) The process you use to interrogate this model must include the following headings:

    • Brief Introduction

    • Materials and Methods

    • Results

    • Discussion on the interrogation of BIM models for building services.

  5. e) Word Count

    • Communicating facts clearly and concisely is an important skill to develop in preparation for the

      professional workplace. Therefore, it is not appropriate to exceed the word limit and anywords outside of the relevant limit will not be considered for assessment. However, a <10% error is acceptable.

    • Theword countincludes all text including headings, tables, captions, in-text referencing within the main body of the report, but excludes the cover page, contents page(s) and Reference List/Bibliography.

  6. f) References

    • Ensure that all research and sources are relevant, current and reliable.

    • Ensure that your in-text citations and reference list adhere to Harvard UniSA style.

    • Please note that submissions lacking in-text referencing and/or reference list may be referred to

      academic integrity.

    • Inthis instance only, ‘author’s own...’ in-text reference is not needed for each snip. Instead, make an

      appropriate statement prior to the list of figures that all images were produced by the author of the submission unless otherwise noted.

  7. g) Submit your file through the submission link by 12 pm, Friday of Week 10.

  8. h) Please note that you are submitting work forPart Cof Assessment One only, you don’t need to re-submit any work from Part A or B.

UO Building Services

page2image XXXXXXXXXXpage2image XXXXXXXXXX

Assessment 1 Part CBIM Model InterrogationPage 2/5


UO Building Services

page3image XXXXXXXXXXpage3image XXXXXXXXXX

The final task that you are being given as CRATOX staff member is to demonstrate your skills in utilising BIM to support the display of building service engineering functions effectively.

For this task, you will need to download a BIM model from theAssessment 1: Part C Landing Pageand interrogate the model as outlined in the Report Specifications below.

Part CReport Specifications

  1. Hide the roof & sisalation that sits under the joists exposing the ceiling ductwork. Create viewpoint(s) of this exposed ceiling and mark it upclearly highlightingeach of the following:

    • Supply diffuser Tuttle and Bailey

    • Rectangular Square bend - Flanged

    • Light fitting 300 x 1200YS FSNxxFusion SRS1x14 28w

    • Rectangular ductwork

    • Flexible ductwork

  2. Section an elevation of the building then create viewpoint(s) of this section and mark it upclearly highlightingeach of the following:

    • 200x75x23 Parallel Flange channel supporting upper floor

    • Basic wall

    • Insitu Concrete 100mm floor

    • Cold water pipe

  3. Section the roof off the building exposing the ground floor plan then create a viewpoint(s) of this section and mark it upclearly highlightingeach of the following:

    • M Urinal Wall 3D

    • Grab bar horizontal

    • Door Sliding - 2 Panel 3

    • Stairs

    • System panel glazed

  4. Section the floor off the building showing a ground or first floor reflected ceiling plan and mark it upclearly highlightingthree (3) of each of the following pieces of equipment:

    • 3 x Supply Grilles

    • 3 x EWIS speakers

  5. Create viewpoint(s) of the roof and mark it upclearly highlightingone of each of the following:

    • ME-MOD EvapunitBreamar RPD1800

    • Solar Collector Assy25Deg frame & Rinnal Enduro Panel

    • Gridmesh Flooring

  6. Measure the ground floor timber deck that is situated adjacent the front glazed panels, give the length, width and total area of this deck on a marked-up viewpoint.

  7. Section the roof and upper floor off the building and measure the length, width and total area of the internal ground floor area on a marked-up viewpoint.

  8. Measure the area of the front glazed elevation. Give the length, width and total area of the glazed front elevation on a marked-up viewpoint.

page3image XXXXXXXXXX

For you report, prepare a response to the specifications in the instructions below. Be sure to read the information under the headingResearch and PreparationandFurther Adviceon page 4, to help you work through this assessment task. In your report, you muststate any assumptionsyou have made.

Assessment 1 Part CBIM Model InterrogationPage 3/5

9. Go to the selection tree to find and highlight the following items on the model. Then create viewpoint(s) showing the objects listed below and mark the viewpoint(s) up with acleardescription of the object and pointing out the object with an arrow.


  • If it helps to section or hide another object to view these objects, then please do so, but don't hide everything else as the assessor wants to see how the item fits in with its surroundings.

  • The last item underlined in bold is the object we want you to highlight on the model.

o9aRoof planMechanical EquipmentHY 1800x600 HWU
o9bGround floorStructural framing - Universal beam -310UB40.4
o9cGround floorSpecialty EquipmentShower Head on RailGrab Bars
o9dGround floorSpecialty EquipmentElectrical Hand Dryer Type 1
o9eGround floorCurtain PanelSystem PanelSpandrel
o9fCEILING-GFMechanical EquipmentLG-VRF_Indoor-Wall mount 7-15MBho9g - CEILING-GFStructural FramingPFC Parallel Flange Channel
o9hGround floorFire Alarm DevicesLEDXM2PLED Exit
o9iGround floorFloorsInsitu Concrete - 120 mm
o9jFirst floorSpeciality EquipmentAust Lift Centre Door
o9kFirst floorFurnitureChair Work (2)
o9lGround floor- CeilingsCompound Ceiling PB

Research and Preparation

  1. a) Get some practiceDownload theAssessment 1 Part C BIM Modeland spend some time working with the model in Navisworks.

  2. b) Watch theNavisworks Tutorial Videosto become familiar with some of the functions in Navisworks.

  3. c) Get started by setting a Microsoft Word Document with the sections described in the assessment.

  4. d) Start populating your document with your marked-up screenshots as you complete them.

  5. e) Review all the components you are supposed to identify and ensure you know what they are and what they look like.

  6. f) Ensure you are comfortable with measuring and markups as described in the assessment.

  7. g) Are you confident you understand what needs to go into each section? Make notes of anything of which

    you are unsure and ask questions in theCourse Q&A forum.

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Banasree answered on Dec 07 2022
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6. Timber deck –
3.99 x 16.59 = 66.194 m2
3.99 x 0.43 x 2 = 3.43m2
16.59 x 0.43 = 7.133 m2
Total = 76.754 m2
17.84 x 30.64 =546.61m2
1.67 x 1.06 x 20 = 35.404 m2

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