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8 page digital marketing strategy for a new pet food product.

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Develop an 8 10-page digital marketing strategy for a ne
w pet food product (or new product or line
extension at your employer or future employer.)
Digital marketing and social medi
a have completely changed the face of marketing. It is not that the olde
tools and models no longer work (they dol)
different ways.
ut, rather, that these tools and models need to be applied in
Digital marketing activities are performed while customers are connected to networks through various
Customers may target the business (pull communication) or the bu
mobile devices. Among the many things that make digital marketing unique is the trigger of communication.
(push communication). Digital marketing can take place th
siness may target the digital consume
ough a variety of modalities including email, text,
apps, and any other means by which a customer can communicate on a mobile device. Social media takes
the marketer into the world of “views,” “clicks,” and “likes” as a means of ascertaining product appeal to
the potential market. Digital marketing has changed the landscape of marketihg activities.
When measuring the results of social media and digital marketing, we have to measure outcomes to
determine the effectiveness of a general approach or campaign. If we cannot determine effectiveness, how
can we possibly know if this is something we want to do again or not? In this assessment, you will gain
insight on some approaches to measuring social media and digital marketing effectiveness. Unlike othe
areas of business operations (for example, finance), the measurements here are still evolving. However, you
need to have at least a foundation for thinking about this very important aspect of marketing.
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