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401077 Introduction to Biostatistics, Autumn 2020 Assignment 3 Due Sunday June 7, 2020 Please answer each question in the template document provided and submit via Turnitin on or before the due...

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401077 Introduction to Biostatistics, Autumn 2020

Assignment 3

Due Sunday June 7, 2020

Please answer each question in the template document provided and submit via Turnitin on or before the due date. The marks allocated to each question are shown in the assignment. A total of 40 marks are available and this assignment is worth 40% of your overall grade.

Question 1 (18 marks)

Read the paper Mirzaei, M., Taylor, R., Morrell, S., & Leeder, S. R XXXXXXXXXXPredictors of blood pressure in a cohort of school-aged children.European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation,14(5), XXXXXXXXXX.

Critically appraise of the statistical material in this paper against items 10, 12-17 of the STROBE checklist. Present your review as a short report (perhaps 600 words).


-Only review the provided paper Mirzaeiet al, 2007. Do not read any other papers.

-Restrict your review to how well Mirzaeiet al have documented their statistical methods – that is, items 10, 12-17 of STROBE only. You may not have to address every item; just describe the major strengths and weaknesses of the authors’ descriptions of their statistical methods and results.

-For each important STROBE item:

ostate whether you believe the STROBE item is met or not,

osupport your judgment with proof or examples from the paper, and

odescribe why this inclusion or exclusion is important / how it will impact on the reader’s understanding and decision making.

-The 600 words is a guideline not a rule. There are no penalties for exceeding this guideline.

-There are no marks for adding a reference list. Referencing is optional.

Question 2 (22 marks)

This question requires you to analyse the unique assignment data set which I have created for you. This is labelled ‘dataforxxxxxxxx.RData’ where xxxxxxxx represents your Student ID number. This is the same data set which you used for Assignment 1. Read ‘Description of your data set.docx’ for the descriptions of the variables. Please assume that this data represents a random sample of the Framingham population.

Address the following research question:

Are gender and age independent predictors of diastolic blood pressure in the Framingham population?

Note: Independent predictors mean they both have statistically significant relationships with diastolic blood pressure when included in the same regression model. (You should address this question using linear regression and include associated descriptive analyses.)

Note: This assignment is assessing your skills, not the skills of the computer. You will need to include graphs from R Commander into your assignment, but any other R Commander output will attract 0 marks and is discouraged. It is your task to identify the relevant results in the R Commander output and write these up in your assignment.

Also note:

-The only variables in the data set which could be relevant to answering this research question are ‘diabp’, ‘diabp_log’, ‘diabp_inverse’, ‘age’ and ‘sex’.

-Documenting your analysis plan is recommended but not required. (If your analysis report is complete then your plan must have been complete also.)

-Do report the results of your descriptive analyses

oWell labelled graphs can be copied from R Commander

oSummary statistics and tables should be manually typed

oSummarise the main findings of your descriptive analyses in words and describe how these findings inform your expectations and interpretation of the more complex models.

-Do report the results of your statistical inference and/or regression models

oAny fitted regression models should be manually typed and described in the text.

oAny hypothesis tests should contain all relevant information (use the 5 step method to be sure)

oAny confidence intervals should be manually typed and described in the text.

oSummarise the main findings of your regression model and statistical inference in one or two paragraphs.

-Doremember to answer the research questions

oWrite a final paragraph which summarises the key findings of your analysis and your answers to the research question.

-Docheck the Learning Guide for the marking criteria

-Dowrite your answers yourself and keep them private.

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Naveen answered on Jun 07 2021
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A person’s health condition can be determined through health conditions such as heart diseases, kidney problems, diabetes, infections etc. One such health condition Blood pressure. It explains how it takes the toll on cardiovascular diseases in old age person’s life. It can also occur due to hereditary problems in the family. This condition can be controlled by following proper diet by taking reduced sodium content foods and doing proper exercise which is suitable for the person’s anatomy.
The students studying in the primary schools are selected for the survey from inner-Sydney area. We choose a particular quota of children from the population and the items that are strictly used in strengthening the report of study of observation in the
anch of epidemiology. The samples that areexcludedfrom the study aredue to reasons such as declination of the parent’sconsent and some are staying far away from the location.
The STROBE method is used detect the positive impact that is present in the observation analysis and observe the fluctuations regarding our aim to appraise the investigation. We need to understand how the variable sex celled in predicting the diastolic blood pressure in a cohort of the school-going children.
The independents are wanted components for predicting the diastolic blood pressure among different persons of different age groups. We performdata analysis by checking the necessary methods and construct as suitable model. Our research aims to study the material important for items present in the list.
Our experiment aimed at identifying the strobes that are selected and provide interpretations about them. Between these characters, we need those features which show important effect on dia_BP. We identify the points that cause to improve our analysis. It is done with the help of statistical results obtained from the analysis. The analysis is conducted between different age groups and with respect to Males and Females. The difference between the age, gender and the significant effect they put upon the Blood pressure is clearly explained under the table.
Mean relationship between Males and Females
Baseline survey 1994
Mean (SD)
Variable      Males            Females P
Age                9.2(0.4)         9.1(0.4)     0.05
Birth Weight            3.39(0.58)        3.22(0.54)     0.001
Height                135.2(6.4)        134(7.1)     0.001
Weight                33.1(7.7)        32.4(7.8)     0.09
Waist_to_height ratio         18(3.1)         17.9(3.1)     0.63
Waist circumference         61.8(8.7)         60.6(8.4)      0.008
Body Mass Index 0.46(0.06) 0.45(0.05) 0.12
Sys_BP 111.2(9.4) 111.8(10.2) 0.30
Dia_BP 59.5(8.1) 559.3(8.6) 0.63
Area_SES 984.0(55) 980.0(57) 0.24
From the above results, we select only those characteristics which have experimental effect
The other determinants show no such positive effect. The probabilities mentioned above show that the level of significance for each item. Birth weight, height, age, WC show positive effect. The mean of birth weight for males is 3.39 and females it is 3.22.
Age, WC, birth weight is slighter greater in males than the females. BMI and WHR are higher for females than males. The low significant values are the proof that those predictors don’t show effect on the dependent characteristics. The association between weight gain since...

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