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300 (+/- 5%) words for each article.

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300 (+/- 5%) words for each article.
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Anju Lata answered on Apr 30 2020
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Rathnayake,Suvimali. (2015). Negative Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Unawatuna Beach Area. Archaeology department,Srilanka. Retrieved from http:
The Author presents a description of negative impacts of tourism on environment in one of the best beach in Southwestern coastal areas of Srilanka. He points the main negative issues as Waste product management and marine pollution which is polluting both the surface and the ocean in this area. It also harms the flora and fauna of the coastal areas. Increasing ca
ying capacity of tourists and availability of limited facilities in the area adversely affect the coastal ecosystem, cause coastal erosion, distu
the usual process of egg laying of turtles, cause water pollution, sound and land pollution as well. The positive impacts of tourism are also illustrated as Increase in revenue, attracting worldwide tourists, resulting in many developments and projects to improve the infrastructure.
The four policy implications can be: Introduction of Green Hotels, Battery or pedal boats, Renewable sources of energy, Waste management like recycling. The government is planning many initiatives to minimize the risks of negative effects like adapting the Green hotel Project to reduce the wastage, recycling of waste products and water, replacing the motor boats with battery run boats, use of alternate renewable sources of energy for satisfying the...

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