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300 (+/- 5%) words for each article.

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300 (+/- 5%) words for each article.
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Azra S answered on Apr 30 2020
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Chandralal, K.P.L., 2010. Impacts of tourism and community attitude towards tourism: A case study in Sri Lanka. South Asian Journal of Tourism and Heritage, 3(2), pp.41-49.
This journal studies the case of Dambulla Tourist Destination in Srilanka as a sample for the overall tourist impact on the country. The relevance of this place as a case study for the impact of tourism is that the destination had seen severe protests against the building of a hotel in the area. The findings of the study based on a two-step survey revealed that the local community was dominantly supportive of the tourism industry and supported its growth. The community realized the positive impacts of tourism to be, an increase in employment, infrastructure, and improvement of the image of the city. The study concluded that if proper steps like community involvement and proper communication with the locals were adopted, tourism could be enhanced in the country.
The journal details on the perception of the local population towards the tourism industry. It establishes that a very important reason the local population would oppose tourism or...

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