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Traditional home style restaurant is a startup business, established in August 2018. The restaurant operates in Palmex Avenue on Carter Road, New South Wales, Australia. Palmex Avenue is home to 51 operating offices with around 8000 people working in the building. The restaurant is the first of its kind in the building with the main aim to provide quality food and budget friendly menu options to all the people working in the building. Hence the main goals of the small scale business will be:
1. Marketing: Marketing strategies must be top notch for the business to flourish. Advertisements must be done by way of mouth and printed pamphlets,
ochures and hoardings. But first we must ascertain the taste of the clientele. Since the restaurant will mainly cater to office going people, fast food and food items high on the oil and spice scale will be unfavorable. We will have to provide them with fresh, hygienic and cost effective meals so that the people do not have to ca
y their own lunch boxes to office. To achieve this goal, we must design a menu that being budget friendly must satisfy the hunger pangs of the office people and keep their satiety in control. The menu must be such that the people willingly forsake their daily lunch boxes for the restaurant food. For this, we must employ four to five people from the nutrition and health field that will be solely responsible for designing menu options that will be similar to home cooked food while maintaining a high level of quality and hygiene. Following this, proper advertising must be done. Pamphlets must be distributed and hoardings must be erected. Advertisements through electronic media and social media must also be considered. To advertise through these channels, we must recruit people with proper knowledge of the information technology areas. They will be responsible for creating advertisements that are eye catching while clearly specifying the goals and areas of the business in question. They will also be responsible for relaying to the public any information that is of vital importance, e.g. change in operating hours, any new menu options coming up, special offers during the festive season and new
anches that the restaurant management is planning to set up in different localities.
2. Expenditure: Since this is a startup business, expenditures have to be stringently controlled without affecting the hygiene and food quality. To ensure this, menu options must be kept to a minimum in the beginning. 4 to 5 meal combos should be sufficient during the startup phase. Raw materials must be procured from nea
y areas so that the cost of hauling and loading can be minimized. Since the business deals in perishable items, the raw materials must not be purchased in bulk to avoid wastage. Raw materials should be purchased fresh keeping their shelf life in consideration. Instead of using readymade sauces and dips we must prepare our own sauces and accompaniments to ensure authenticity, hygiene and most importantly cost reductions. To keep the costs down, we must procure local ingredients instead of importing expensive ingredients. Using local items enhances taste and also helps in keeping unnecessary costs to a minimum. The kitchen should have a preparation list which lists down the amount of ingredients to be used in preparing 1 serving of a particular dish. The numbers can be multiplied to prepare several servings. This helps in over preparation of cooked food. The chefs should be pestered to follow the First In First Out method for raw materials. Raw materials should be a
anged on shelves in order of their expiry date so that older items are used first and the materials are not wasted. Reduction in employee turnover helps in managing costs to a large level. Employee turnover can be reduced in the following manner:
a. We must hire appropriate people through various behavior screenings and competency testing. For this, we must put out our job adverts clearly stating what is required of each employee. Different fields will require employees with different set of skills. Our job adverts must clearly state the skills and qualification required for each designation. A proper interview and an on-site behavior check must be ca
ied to judge the reactions of various candidates in testing situations. After the screening process is over, the selected candidates must be given a 15 day training program to empower them with the goals and visions of the establishment they will soon become a part of. They must be clearly told what is expected of them, their salary, working hours and incentives. The employees must share a common goal in order for them to thrive and keep the business in a sustainable and eventually a profitable mode. Our establishment must also employ 2 or 3 people that have the inborn capability to handle any situation at any time. They may not be academically well qualified but their versatility can be used to promote our business and handle any contingencies.
. The employees must be given a comprehensive benefits package in lieu of just salary. The package must include wages, life insurance, contingency plans, and retirement benefits and disabled employee allowance. This will help us retain the employees indefinitely. The employees must also be given a share of the daily profits to make them feel at par with the managers and establishment.
c. Working hours should be flexible. All employees must be allowed to manage domestic life and professional life concu
d. Working should be fun for all employees. Employees will thrive in an environment which is conducive to their needs. The work environment should be such that allows employees and the establishment to achieve their goals at the same time. Only when the work environment is friendly for both the customers and the employees, will the business thrive and employees will be retained.
e. Employee performance must be appreciated and rewarded. Appreciation motivates employees towards their goals. We should come up with an ‘employee of the month’ concept where the most promising employee should be rewarded adequately.
f. Overtime must be substantially kept to a minimum so that the employees are not overtaxed with work and overtime wages are reduced. This will help us in keeping costs to a minimum while reducing burden on the employees.
g. Cele
ate festivals with the employees so that they feel as a part of the family. Have small parties regularly at the workplace to create an environment of fun and frolic.
h. We should encourage employees to make friends at the work place. This will enable employees to remain committed to their employer and organization.
Energy consumption must be kept to a minimum. Led bulbs and other appliances must be switched off when not in use. A manager must be appointed for the sole purpose of checking whether appliances which are not in use have been switched off or not. This check must be ca
ied out every thirty minutes. Restaurants are rewarded considerably by the state when their power consumption is kept within a certain level prescribed by the government. We must educate ourselves on such programs and motivate employees to keep energy consumption within check (how to cut restaurant costs, 2018).
3. Revenue: revenues have to be managed to keep the restaurant business flourishing. There are several steps to be taken to increase revenues. We must always be on the run to attract new customers. Although our restaurant will primarily cater to the building office staff, we must be ever ready to feed new consumers at the same time. The customers must have one of a kind first experience so that they are compelled to come back another time. We can give new customers free coupons to be used next time or a free drink or dessert on their first order. While catering to new customers is a bonus, but there must be a program to retain older customers. We can develop a customer loyalty program where all existing customers of over a year are rewarded with bonus points and a nominal discount on their subsequent food and beverage orders. The buying options should be flexible for existing customers. They should be free to decide whether they want to dine in or take away. A separate menu must be designed for take away options. Food should be offered at all times of the day so that customers have the freedom to come and eat as they feel comfortable. The restaurant must be technology friendly. The customers must be able to reserve tables and fill out their feedback forms online. The customers can also be offered free Wi-Fi, if the budget allows. The servers should be trained about their menu items. They should be able to describe to the guests various dishes regarding the ingredients used, the taste and the method of preparation. The waiters should also have good communication skills to encourage customers to try new dishes. The seating system should be well organized and the servers should be tight on schedule. The time taken by the servers to respond to customers should be kept to a minimum. Smaller parties should be seated at smaller tables so that there is no chaos when making room for large groups. The menu should be well described and small so that guests don’t take much time to order and the chef takes little time to prepare. In order that the time taken by the servers to move back and forth from the table to the kitchen is minimized, we must use an online system where consumers can select their dishes, order them and later make payments via an online portal. This will help us in keeping costs down by employing a lesser number of servers and valuable time of the office staff will also be saved (How to increase restaurant sales, 2018).
4. Quality check: in order that our restaurant business be profitable, we must ensure quality food and consistency in taste. Our raw materials must be procured from local shops so that their shelf life is increased. The materials, though not exotic, must be of high quality and preferably organic. There are several departmental stores near the restaurant building. We must contact all of them and invite quotations regarding the supply of food items. By doing this, we will ensure cost effectiveness and consistency. We should have one main supplier for our food items which caters to all our grocery needs each month. By having a consistent supplier we will be assured that the quality requirements are met each time. However we must have a contingency plan ready, should our regular supplier fails to deliver food supplies in a particular month. For this we must keep our backup supplier ready. Backup suppliers will not provide us with food supplies on a regular basis. They will be required to do so only when the need arises. Those suppliers must be told of this action plan clearly so that there is no miscommunication. The fruits and vegetables must be properly stored and hygienically washed before use. The chefs must wear gloves and head caps at all times to avoid food contamination. A food inspector must be appointed within the...

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