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2000 words essayChose the topic of your choiceTopics are in a picture attached Below

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2000 words essayChose the topic of your choiceTopics are in a picture attached Below
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Abhishek answered on May 30 2021
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Criminology about Young People and Judicial Policy in Victorian State    3
The ways by which the youth can be diverted away from crime    3
The requirements to divert youths and extricate them from stern judicial actions    4
Diversion Policies for the Offenders in the Victorian State    4
Recommendations for Further Improvement of Diversion Judiciary in Victoria State    7
Recommendation 1    7
Recommendation 2    7
Recommendation 3    7
Conclusion    7
References    8
The main discussion of the cu
ent essay will be to find out the ways and the solutions, by which the young people who have propensity towards committing crime can be dissuaded back from committing crime again. In this regard, one thing is very important to mention here that no one is an inborn criminal but the most pathetic state is it is circumstances and su
oundings, which compel one to commit crime (No
is et al. 2019). The major issues that are considered as grave root behind the young people’s commitment of crime are un-availability of employment, poverty, failure in life despite several qualities and tussle and lack of peace and tranquillity in family life (Henry, 2018).
However, it is also mandatory to allude here that there are some hard-core criminals, who always have an inclination towards committing several criminal activities and they get a sense of peace and rejuvenation by committing crimes. Nevertheless, the reality is if the judicial departments can examine the exact causes behind one’s reason of committing crime and then provide necessary healing effects to that person then it can be surely assumed that the particular person will never commit any crime in future (exception to the hard-core criminals).
It is important for a judge and the judiciary to delve into the case and try to examine the booked perpetrator psychologically that will help the judiciary system to give a true and authentic verdict (Cassell, 2017). This is the main crux and in this regards the methods that have been cu
ently employed by the Victorian State Government to divert the young people who have committed crime away from the criminal justice system will be elaborately discussed.
Criminology about Young People and Judicial Policy in Victorian State
The ways by which the youth can be diverted away from crime
A criminal record can be vehemently and enormously negative for one person’s future. If a youth is somehow involved in a criminal case then it may be a good enough reason for spoiling and destroying one’s future. In addition to this when a person especially a youth is involved in a criminal case then it will obviously create a social stigma and that will affect the person in future employment prospects, the person will be deprived from holding any public office because they will be stigmatised as a criminal.
Apart from this until the case is closed the person will be prohibited from travelling to the other countries and overseas (Schlesinger, 2018). In other words, it is enough to say that it can serve as good and abundant reasons for spoiling one’s career in future. Considering all these reasons and for the sake of the benefit of the community, the judiciaries departments of several countries have decided to set up to divert first time offenders who have committed crime for the first time and that criminality can be shown mercy (Smith, 2017).
However, in potential and serious criminal cases the policy of exemption is never shown. In this regard the main precursor role has been adopted by the Victorian state government that those youth under 18 will commit any kind of minor crime then for the first time the perpetrator will be exempted and if the crime is committed again then action might be taken as per prevalent law (Bouchard & Wong, 2017).
The requirements to divert youths and extricate them from stern judicial actions
This part of discussion may sound philosophical but it is important to mention here that above the court of law there is a court of conscience. For the first time, if any young perpetrator for committing any minor crime, then they can be forgiven and exempted from any extreme judicial action. Then it can be surely estimated then in future that particular youth will not be able to commit any crime because their conscience will not allow them to do it.
However, if they are a hard core criminal then the issue is different as in such cases, it is important to give stern punishment in the first time. In this regard, there is another valid reason that is required to be discussed here (Marinos, Innocente & Goodwin-DeFaria, 2017). If a youth is punished...

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