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15 slide presentation to analyze internal and external factors that influence consumer behavior as well as the relationship between consumer behavior and consumer retention

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Lreate a 15-slide PowerPoint
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ehavior for a provided scen
presentation to analyze internal and external factors that |
nfluence consume
ario or a company of your choice,
Completion of this portfolio work Project, a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrates competency in
analyzing the internal and external factors that influence
consumer behavior as well as the relationship
etween consumer behavior and consumer retention.
For this assessment, choose either Option 1 or Option 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of
these scenarios in the Requirements below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide.
Option 1
You and your sibling have recently opened Rollin Auto, a mobile business that provides routine auto repairs
at the consumer's home or place of business. The company cu
ently owns two trucks that you both use to
service customers. The business has taken off much more quickly than anticipated, so you are already
thinking about a plan for managing growth.
elect a company of your choosing. Note that it is recommended that you use the same company for each
essment in this course. Before choosing a company, read all three of the assessments’
irements thoroughly to ensure the following:
Nn. sdequate understanding of the business model.
access any required internal data.
i pal

mee DEMNISSION to access any required internal data,
Contact faculty with questions.
Your Role

. You have two equity investors who have recently commi
funds to your success. You and the other principal are preparing the business for future growth and kno
E that the backing of your investors will be an important component in your short- to mid-term success,


5 Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, either for Rollin' Auto's investors or for your selected compan
. urther develop the consumer marketing information ye
e in-depth overview, Including the following in you
* Anal
yze the influence of consumer behavior on engagement, loyalty,
and retention for the selected .
* Analyze the influence of external factors on consumer behavi
* Analyze the influence of internal factors on consumer behavior for the selected company.
© Present a visual model of the relationships between the internal and external factors. A Sample
Visual Model [PPTX] is provided as an example you may use.
Recommend how to increase customer retention for the selected company.
or for the selected company.
* Presentation is 15 slides (in addition to title and references slides).
* It is suggested you allocate your slides as follows:
© Introduction - 1 slide.
o Company Overview -1 slide.
o Engagement, Loyalty, and Retention — 2 slides.
o External Influences — 3 slides.
o Internal Influences — 3 slides.
o Visual Model - 1 slide.
Recommendations — 3 slides.
o Summary — 1 slide.
e Select a PowerPoint slide template appropriate for a professional presentation. Include the content of
the slides as well as the supporting na
ative in the speaker's notes. Do not ove
uild you
slides: information that supports what you are saying should appear at the lower portion of each sli
as notes.
Note: Save your finished PowerPoint in Notes view as a PDF. Be sure you can see both the
your notes in your saved file. Upload only the PDF to the Submit Assessment link.
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Dipali answered on Sep 01 2023
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Slide 1
Analyzing Consumer Behavior and Enhancing Retention: GloTech Electronics
Title - Analyzing Consumer Behavior and Enhancing Retention: GloTech Electronics
Honored audience, welcome. Understanding consumer behavior and how it affects client retention is a key component of our business strategy, and that is what we will be delving into today. We'll look into GloTech Electronics to reveal the complex network of variables influencing consumer decision-making. Understanding these dynamics gives us the tools we need to promote deeper relationships and promote sustainable growth in a cutthroat market environment. We appreciate your participation in this educational adventure.
Company Overview
Brief snapshot of GloTech Electronics, showcasing our innovative smart home devices and wide market reach
In the field of smart homes, GloTech Electronics is recognized as a pioneer. Modern smart speakers, IoT sensors, and complete home automation systems are all part of our offering. These products appeal to a wide range of tech-savvy consumers, solidifying our position as market leaders. As we continue to define the future of smart living, our dedication to innovation and quality serves as the cornerstone of our market presence.
Engagement, Loyalty, and Retention
Defining engagement, loyalty, and retention, and showcasing data illustrating their interconnectedness and impact on business success.
We deconstruct the fundamental ideas of engagement, loyalty, and retention in this crucial section. Engagement shows how deeply customers connect with our business, whilst loyalty shows their steadfast dedication. These two elements contribute to retention, which is the foundation of customer relationships. Data highlights the mutually beneficial link between engagement, loyalty, and retention, illuminating their critical function in determining the success of our firm.
Defining loyalty and emphasizing its role in customer relationships.
Loyalty is a sign of our consumers' dedication to our
and. It's about fostering continuing relationships and establishing trust. In addition to making repeated purchases, loyal consumers promote our
and. We'll discuss the importance of loyalty and how it contributes to our long-term success in this part.
Defining retention and its direct impact on business sustainability.
Our efforts are ultimately focused on client retention, or getting them to keep coming back. Making sure our cu
ent clients stick around is equally as important as gaining new ones. In this section, we'll emphasize the value of client retention and how it serves as the cornerstone of our company's stability and expansion.
External Influences
Exploring external forces—economic trends, technology advancements, cultural shifts, and competitive dynamics—and their profound sway on consumer behavior.
Let's now explore the outside influences on customer decisions. Technological advancements alter tastes, cultural shifts influence values, economic developments affect purchasing power, and the competitive environment affects market dynamics. We can adapt and accommodate to...

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