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1/07/2017 Chief Ltd acquired: 100% of the issued shares of Sub Ltd for: #VALUE! At the date of acquisition, the shareholders’ equity of Sub Ltd consisted of: Share capital #VALUE! General Reserve...

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1/07/2017 Chief Ltd acquired: 100%
of the issued shares of Sub Ltd for: #VALUE!
At the date of acquisition, the shareholders’ equity of Sub Ltd consisted of:
Share capital #VALUE!
General Reserve #VALUE!
Retained earning #VALUE!
Total Equity #VALUE!
30/06/2020 the accounts of the two companies appear as follows:
Chief Ltd
Sales #VALUE!
Cost of Goods Sold #VALUE!
Depreciation expenses #VALUE!
Interest expenses #VALUE!
Other expenses #VALUE!
Other Income
Interest revenue #VALUE!
Dividend revenue #VALUE!
Income tax expense #VALUE!
Net Profit after Tax #VALUE!
Retained earnings (01/07/2019) #VALUE!
Available for appropriation #VALUE!
Interim dividend paid #VALUE!
Final dividend declared #VALUE!
Retained earnings (30/06/2020) #VALUE!
Share Capital #VALUE!
General reserve #VALUE!
Total Owner's Equity #VALUE!
Debentures (due 30/06/2022) 0
Dividend payable #VALUE!
Deferred Tax Liability #VALUE!
Other liabilities #VALUE!
Total Liabilities #VALUE!
Total Liabilities & Owner's Equity #VALUE!
Dividend receivable #VALUE!
Inventory #VALUE!
Non-current assets (depreciable) #VALUE!
Accumulated depreciation #VALUE!
Land #VALUE!
Investment in Sub Ltd #VALUE!
Debentures in Sub Ltd #VALUE!
Other assets #VALUE!
Total Assets #VALUE!
Additional information:
a) At date of acquisition, all identifiable net assets of Sub Ltd were recorded at fair value, with the exception of a block of land in the books of Sub Ltd.
The block of land had a carrying value of: #VALUE!
and a fair value of: #VALUE!
b) The directors apply the impairment test for goodwill annually.
30/06/2020 The directors have determined the goodwill should be completely written off.
The cumulative goodwill impairment write-downs for prior years totalled: #VALUE!
1/07/2018 c) A non-current asset owned (Plant) by Chief Ltd was sold to Sub Ltd.
Cost of the asset was: #VALUE!
Accumulated depreciation of the asset was: #VALUE!
The asset was sold for: #VALUE!
Sub Ltd estimated this item had a remaining useful life of: 4
and residual value of: $0
d) The opening inventory of Chief Ltd includes unrealised profit of: #VALUE!
on inventory transferred from Sub Ltd during the prior financial year.
30/06/2020 all of this inventory was sold by Chief Ltd to parties external to the Group.
e) During the current year, Chief Ltd purchased inventory from Sub Ltd for: #VALUE!
This inventory had previously cost Sub Ltd: #VALUE!
Percentage of this inventory sold to outsiders by Chief Ltd during the year was: 50%
f) Chief Ltd holds debentures in Sub Ltd amounting to: #VALUE!
30/06/2020 Sub Ltd paid the annual interest in debentures at a rate of: #VALUE!
g) Chief Ltd holds no investment in shares except for those held in Sub Ltd. Accordingly, examination of the dividend revenue and dividend receivable accounts in Chief Ltd’s financial statements indicates that Chief Ltd has recognised dividend revenue prior to receipt.
h) The tax rate is: 30%
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Pranjal answered on May 31 2021
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    1.    Before you start the assignment, you must enter your 9-digit student ID in the "Background information" sheet (cell B3), shaded in green.
    2.    You are required to complete only the following 2 sheets:
        Sheet 3: Consolidated Journal Entries, and
        Sheet 4: Consolidated Worksheet
        In each sheet, you can only enter data in the yellow shaded cells. All other cells and sheets have been protected to ensure the integrity of the assignment. When calculating dollar values, round to the nearest dollar.
    3.    "Consolidated Journal Entries" sheet (Sheet 3)
        In this sheet, you are required to complete two (2) sections:
        1) Acquisition analysis
         Based on the information in the "Background information" sheet, provide the required calculations at acquisition date.
        2) Consolidation Adjustments at 30/6/2020
        Use the relevant sub-heading sections available to record any consolidated journal entries you deem necessary at the balance date. The number of rows provided in each sub-heading section is deemed to be more than adequate. Note that you don't need to fill in every single row in order to complete journal entries.
        When recording journal entries, no na
ations are required and there is no need to indent account names.
    4.    "Consolidated Worksheet" sheet (Sheet 4)
        Post your journal entries from the "Consolidated Journal Entries" sheet into this sheet using columns D (Ref), E and F.
        If a particular line item say, Retained Earnings, has several journals to be posted, DO NOT add the journals and post a single value; instead, post the journals individually using the alpha-numeric references provided in the previous sheet. Also, each debit or credit entry should be entered on a separate row.
        Finally enter the "Group" totals, this time using only a single value for each line item.
    5.    "Consolidated income Statement" and "Consolidated Balance Sheet" sheets (Sheets 5 and 6)
        These sheets are provided for review and information purposes only - no work is required.
    6.    Marks are awarded on numbers only, not on account names or descriptions.
    7.    Submission
        Please refer to the "T1 2020 MAA716 Assignment 2 Instruction" file for submission instructions.
Background Information
    Background Information:
        Student ID
    Input student ID here     219081401
    Version    1
    On    1/07/2017    Chief Ltd acquired:    100%
            of the issued shares of Sub Ltd for:    $4,344,000
            At the date of acquisition, the shareholders’ equity of Sub Ltd consisted of:
            Share capital    $1,954,800
            General Reserve    $488,700
            Retained earning    $366,480
            Total Equity     $2,809,980
    As at    30/06/2020    the accounts of the two companies appear as follows:
                Chief Ltd    Sub Ltd
                $    $
            Sales    6,950,500    3,502,800
            Cost of Goods Sold    4,170,300    2,276,800
            Depreciation expenses    347,500    175,100
            Interest expenses    278,000    71,610
            Other expenses    656,400    145,290
            Other Income
            Interest revenue    107,400    0
            Dividend revenue    380,100    0
            Income tax expense    595,700    250,200
            Net Profit after Tax    1,390,100    583,800
            Retained earnings (01/07/2019)    2,085,100    610,800
            Available for appropriation    3,475,200    1,194,600
            Interim dividend paid    325,800    162,900
            Final dividend declared    543,000    217,200
            Retained earnings (30/06/2020)    2,606,400    814,500
            Share Capital    5,647,200    1,954,800
            General reserve    434,400    488,700
            Total Owner's Equity    8,688,000    3,258,000
            Debentures (due 30/06/2022)    0    651,000
            Dividend payable    543,000    217,200
ed Tax Liability    651,600    54,300
            Other liabilities    977,400    163,500
            Total Liabilities    2,172,000    1,086,000
            Total Liabilities & Owner's Equity    10,860,000    4,344,000
            Dividend receivable    217,200    0
            Inventory    1,520,400    260,600
ent assets (depreciable)    2,932,200    1,737,600

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