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1. Resilience vs Reliability : An aspect of interest in power systems operation that has attracted significant interest over the last decade is that of power system resilience . Provide a comparative...

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Question: Write down a report on “Resilience vs Reliability”
An aspect of interest in power systems operation that has attracted significant
interest over the last decade is that of power system resilience. Provide a
comparative analysis of resilience and reliability in power systems, examples of
oth and provide a critical analysis of how Smart Grid applications can enhance
esilience of a power system [e.g. How did the Australian Network perform during
the summer bushfires? Other natural disasters worldwide etc].
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Ivsn answered on Jul 07 2021
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Whilst Electric Power system reliability and system resilience are analogous, they vary in terms of outlook and regulatory precondition. Reliability is the capability of the power system and the components of the system to combat instability, unsuppressed activities, pouring failures, precipitous damage to components present in the system. Resilience is the capability of the system and its existing components to accustom to varying conditions and combat and retrieve from inte
Natural threats distu
electrical power networks. Weather conditions contribute over half of electricity blackout and have a strong effect on consumers even. Heavy winds can uproot trees which indeed cause damage to overhead lines. Earthquakes show their effect on overhead and underground transmission lines.
Forest fires accompanied by heavy stormy winds, result in immense temperatures lead to bushfires, which is also a natural hazard having greater impact on electric power grid network.
In Australia, many actions are in progress to explain the resilience in power systems. Example:
· Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is inspecting the chances which are shown by country’s exclusive idea of solar plant. AEMO is deeply analyzing the condition to enhance the need for distributed power reserves.
· Resilient Energy collective which was funded by Mike Cannon- Brookes was now manufacturing solar plants and also Tesla Batteries near areas where 100 bushfires hit and this is an initiative which is aimed to play the part as a main project in the case to handle any upcoming future disasters.
· Horizon Power, which is Australia’s utility system is developing the standalone hy
id power generation systems, to minimize and reduce their dependence on electric poles and towers which are prone to bushfires.
· To support the already existing and installed home purpose solar panels additional battery programs are initiated to reduce the grid dependence. This plays very crucial role in case of calamities, such as hot - weather conditions, and bushfires. But then resilience ideas are to be ca
ied out at large scale and have to be used along with NEM utility goals.

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