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<span style='font-family:"Arial",sans-serif;color:black;mso-color-alt:windowtext;letter-spacing:.15pt;background:white'>1. Identify these major behavioral sciences that...

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1. Identify these major behavioral sciences that contribute to organizational behavior and explain each one's contribution.

- psychology,

- social psychology,

- sociology

- anthropology.

2. Define, discuss, and apply Mintzberg’s three categories of management roles (Interpersonal, Informational, and Decisional) and explain in what ways a chief of police engages in these roles.

In this topic, be sure to write your answer according to how you think a police chief might respond. I realize you may not be a police chief, but try to put yourself in that mindset. Imagine yourself in such a position.

3. Summarize the major job attitudes as outlined in your text. Which of the discussed attitudes do you feel has the strongest impact upon performance and productivity? Why?

These are the major job attitudes.

job satisfaction, job involvement, and organizational commitment

I think job satisfaction has the strongest impact performance and productivity. Explain why?

NB: For this assignment, you don’t need to write in an APA format or provide any references. You are only going to provide answers to these questions.

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    Major sciences, which contributed to the organizational behavior, include psychology, anthropology, social psychology and sociology. Psychology works specific on the behavior of the individual. Thus, it has high influence on the organizational behavior as it can predict the behavior of the individual by observing the elements of their personality. Principles and models of the psychology help in training of the individuals, increasing job satisfaction of employees based on the behavior of the employees.
Sociology is helpful in identifying the roles of the individual in the social system. Sociology studies the group behavior in organization, which clarifies the dynamics of elements exist in the group behavior such as power, conflict and bureaucracy. It studies the human interaction and their communication, which is necessary for the organization culture.
Social psychology investigates the thoughts,...

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