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this is group assessment

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Holmes Institute
Higher Education

    Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines

    T2 2022
    Unit Code
    Unit Title
    Organisational Behaviour
    Assessment Type
    Group Assignment
Note: Groups of 4 students (Max) must be formed by week 5 and you must individually self-enrol into a group in Blackboard. Once a group is formed and entered into Blackboard, no changes are allowed.
This is strictly required to be your own original work. Plagiarism will be penalised. Students must use co
ect in-text citation conventions in accordance with the Adapted Harvard Referencing format.
    Assessment Title
    Group Report
     Purpose of the assessment and linkage to Unit Learning
Outcomes (ULO)
    This assessment will address the following unit learning outcomes:
1. Integrate diverse OB theory and practices in critical analysis of problem situation and communicate those ideas in a clear and coherent manner.
2. Apply problem solving and critical thinking abilities by identifying and analysing the choices available for developing alternative organisational behaviour approaches in the workplace
    Assessment      Weight
    Group Report 30%
    Word limit     
    3,000 words (+/-10%)
    Due Date
    Week 10 (23rd September, 2022, 11:59 pm)
    [Late submission penalties accrue at the rate of - 5% per day]
    Submission Guidelines
    · All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
· The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbers.
· Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list, all using the Adapted Harvard referencing style (see p. 8).

Consult your lecturer if you are unsure or you require clarification on plagiarism.

Note: You may not get the assignment submission links unless you are registered in a group on Blackboard.

Note: All students must contribute equally to the assignment or marks will be deducted for students who do not contribute to the assignment. Students who do not contribute to the assessment will receive a “0” mark.
Assignment Specifications

Required Structure/Format of the report
    · Holmes Institute Cover Page [This is essential and must be completed accurately]
· Executive Summary – This should be a concise synopsis of the whole report.
· Table of Contents – This should be well formatted with numerical sub headings • Main Body of the report contains Section Headings for each paragraph listed
· Sub-sections are numbered.
· Appropriate paragraphing must be used.
· Introduction – Briefly introduce the purpose of the report. Within the introductory paragraph, you need to address the key topics you will address in the body paragraphs.
· Body Paragraphs – With headings/sub-headings: Please remember to support your claims/arguments with in-text scholarly references.
· Conclusion – The conclusion must
iefly summarise the key points in the body paragraphs.
· Reference List – Please include all in-text references in the list of references formatted in the Adapted Harvard Referencing style. A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed academic articles is required.
· The report must be within the 3,000-word limit.
Note: The lecture slides may contain the basic key concepts only and students are expected to have read a wide range of scholarly literature to complete the assessment. Students are expected to have undertaken additional research using Google Scholar and ProQuest research database. If you’re in doubt about what is a peer-reviewed article, please ask your tutor in the interactive tutorial sessions or the unit coordinator in the drop-in sessions.

Each group of 4 students will select and analyse the following exercise and submit a collaborative written report.

Students’ reports will vary widely. Your writing should reflect an understanding of the basic concept(s), thorough research, and logic and critical thinking skills

GROUP EXERCISE: Strengths-Based Development

Learning Objective: This exercise incorporates many ideas in this unit with the main point reinforcing the fact that each individual is different. Intelligence is a related concept in this situation and identifying other personality traits when deciding the corporation’s course of action.
Learning Objective: Explain why different people are motivated by different things.

Summary: The goal of this exercise is to give students practice aligning individual and organisational goals, and thinking like a manager in managing employee motivation. Identify any business of your interest and imagine that you are the management team. Your company’s business strategy is to provide high-quality customer service and to provide high-quality products. You are not the cheapest store in town, but you expect your employees to create a service-oriented atmosphere that customers will be willing to pay a little extra for. You recognise that your sales staff will be essential to your business’s success, and you want to create a system that motivates them to help create a competitive advantage for your business. Because this is the first store you have opened, you have the opportunity to decide how to best motivate your staff. Market-competitive starting salaries have already been established, but you have decided to allocate 10 percent of the stores’ profits to use to motivate your sales staff in any way you see fit.

Task: A Group of 4 students should answer the following questions:
1. What behaviours would you want from your sales staff?
2. What goals would you set for your sales staff, given your answer to Question 1?
3. What type of system would you set up to reward these behaviours?
4. What challenges would you be on the lookout for? How would you proactively address these potential challenges to prevent them from happening?

Assignment report structure should be, as follows:
· The report must include Holmes cover page with who did what section in the report.
· Table of Contents
· Executive Summary
· An Introduction and background information of the selected exercise: Briefly introduce the purpose of the report. Within the introductory paragraph, you need to address the key topics you will address in the body paragraphs
· Detailed analysis of the questions in the selected exercise.
· Conclusion: The conclusion must
iefly summarise the key points in the body paragraphs
· Reference List: Please include all in-text references in the list of references formatted in the ‘Adapted Harvard Referencing’ requirements. A minimum of 10 references is required.
Marking Ru

    Criteria XXXXXXXXXXRatings
8.5 – 10
    D 7-8
    CR 6-6.5
5 – 5.5
0 – 4.5
    Knowledge of the
material presented
Max 10 marks
    Has understood and responded to each of the task requirements appropriately.
    Has understood and responded to most task requirements appropriately.
    Has understood some task requirement and attempted to respond appropriately.
    Limited understanding of the task was evident, but some requirements are missing.
    No evidence that the student has understood what is required in this task.
8.5 – 10
    D 7-8
    CR 6-6.5
5 – 5.5
0 – 4.5
    use of Evidence

Max 10 marks
    Uses refined academic
esearch skills to locate credible and authoritative information/ data. Uses Harvard referencing style and in-text citations with no e
ors. Evidence from scholarly literature is integrated strongly with to explain and support the analysis.
Uses academic research skills to select 8 or more cu
ent, credible and authoritative academic references.
    Uses academic research skills to locate credible and authoritative information/ data. Uses Harvard referencing style and intext citations with some e
Relevant evidence from scholarly literature is linked to explain and support the analysis. Uses academic
esearch skills to select 6 or more cu
ent, credible and authoritative academic references.
    Uses academic
esearch skills to locate credible information/data . Uses Harvard referencing style and in-text citations, but with consistent e
ors. Includes relevant evidence from scholarly literature to explain and support the analysis. Uses academic
esearch skills to select 4 or more cu
ent, credible, and authoritative academic references.
    Uses general academic
esearch skills to locate information/ data.
Inconsistently applies Harvard referencing style. In-text citations and reference list show multiple e
ors. Includes evidence from scholarly literature to explain and support the analysis, although links to research may not always be clear.
Uses academic research skills to source 3 academic references.
    No evidence of any research skills apart from a basic web search. Use of a referencing style and some citations with consistent e
ors throughout. No evidence of any research findings undertaken or selected references do not meet the task requirements.
Synthesis of
6.5 -7
0 – 3
    Cohesive paragraph structure consistently encourages engagement with the content. New information from research is synthesised and presented thematically (topic by topic) to address the assessment questions in an analytical way.
    Cohesive paragraph structure supports engagement with the contents. Uses discrete paragraphs to present information. New material from research is structured into themes to address the assessment questions in an analytical way.
    Some effort to achieve cohesive paragraph structure. Ideas are not always presented in discrete paragraphs. Some effort to include new material from research into themes to address the assessment questions in an analytical way.
    Has used a report structure to organise information logically. But has presented response composed of a series of discrete paragraphs based on the summary of main ideas from each
article. This report reads more like a book report than a piece of analysis.
    Limited or no attempt at a report structure. Information presented randomly or as a series of questions/ans
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Parul answered on Sep 19 2022
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Report on how business can drive motivation & engagement
Unit Code HC1052 Group Assignment Strengths-Based Development
1    Introduction    1
2    Explaination why different people are motivated by different things    2
3    Desired Behavior of Sales Employees    5
4    What goals would you set for your sales staff    6
5    What type of system would you set up to reward these behaviors    8
6    Challenges    8
7    Recommendations    9
8    Conclusion    10
We live in one of the most competitive worlds where disruptions are taking place at a drastic pace. With this ever-increasing complexity and exponential change, the ultimate power lies in those who adapt quickly and focus on consistent development. If any organization wants to survive the test of time and thrive in the future, then it is very important to focus on building a dynamic workforce. In the upcoming time of vulnerability and ambiguity, human capital is going to be the strongest asset that can be shaped as a competitive advantage. In order to build a connected and engaged workforce, it is necessary to comprehend what motivates them. The complexity increases in this since each individual is unique and they are wired differently. Therefore, each person is motivated by different things some are inclined toward power while others are driven by a strong sense of attachment. By the virtue of this report, we have delved deeper into the aspect of motivation and how different people find their engagement with work. Furthermore, we have performed an extensive analysis of the business strategy of the company. At the heart of this strategy is to focus on the customer and deliver high-quality service on the ground. Unless the products are followed by seamless customer-service businesses won’t be able to develop loyalty with the clientele. Leading a niche store in the city demand highly interconnected customer service that can wow the customers. In order to establish the business in the city and make it as number one store that customer wants to visit, it demands support from highly motivated employees-base, especially the sales staff. Exceptional service offered to the customers is an unconditional requirement to receive good feedback and become a store of choice. Therefore, in this report, we will be focusing on building an engaged workforce through meaningful motivation. Furthermore, this report will also throw light on how a peanut butter approach to motivating employees won’t be effective in the present business scenario. Also, we have delved deeper into what would be the desired behavior business would demand from the sales employees. The report will also share insights on how establishing goals for the sales employees can boost productivity and efficiencies in the business. The following section to this would explain the innovative way to reward the high potential employees so that they can
ing their best selves to work every day. We also comprehend there would certainly be challenges that would be experienced by the business. This report will also throw insights into those challenges and how can proactively address them.
Explaination why different people are motivated by different things
The factor that strongly focuses on the overall success of the business is the intellectual capability to drive innovation through engaged employees. Employees who are satisfied with the work are happy with their job, however, employees who are engaged with the company feel invested in the business, are motivated to give their best, and certainly go far beyond to contribute overall goal of the business. There is a lot of merit in developing an engaged workforce who is motivated to strive for excellence. This also becomes a predictor of the overall success of the business. As comprehended from the scenario, business focuses on developing a seamless customer experience through high-quality service. The organization is convinced to invest in employees in order to attain this goal of delivering high-quality services on the ground. It is clear that the values of organization and leadership can help in developing a niche-engaged workforce that can differentiate its value offerings. Workspace needs to create an atmosphere where motivation flourishes such that people are driven to contribute to the success of the business. Internal motivation or intrinsic gratification is not defined by the aspect of winning but rather associated with a sense of fulfillment from the work. For instance, we can explain internal motivation in the workforce if employees derive motivation from a sense of pride to work in the store and find fulfillment to deliver their work accountability. This kind of motivation is more long-term in nature with a lasting impact which can be also translated into self-motivation.
Essentially, the persuasive strategies and move toward that can be used in association basically comprise of giving characteristic upgrade as well as motivating force to urge representative to pursue their objectives. Any association can endure everyday hardship and simultaneously flourish provided that there is backing of human resources. In this powerful period of business, workers are the greatest resource for the organization. Subsequently, on the off chance that individuals perspective isn't offered consideration, then, at that point, it can result into disastrous circumstance for the organization. Inspiration of the representatives is contingent to different viewpoints relying on which phase of life the person is in. Applying Maslow's Need Order, we can partition the inspiration of representatives into various perspectives like security needs, physiological requirements, self-actualisation and need for regard (Vandaveer, V., V., 2013). Applying the Two-Component hypothesis given by Herzberg, remuneration and motivator in type of the extra should be at standard with the market to draw in ability as well as hold the high expected representatives. This can be sorted in cleanliness factors that is fundamental for fostering the fulfillment in the representatives. In any case, keeping up with the cleanliness factors isn't sufficient. As made sense of for the situation study, Dyadic group improvement across societies by Vicki V Vandaveer, greater part of representatives in the association look for a stage to get perceived for their work and are driven by the acknowledgment programs. In the business, managers curate an appealing remuneration bundle for their ability pool that can assist them with enlisting, keep up with and hold their ability. This is finished by adding the a
angement of investment opportunities alongside benefits like clinical protections (Vandaveer, V., V., 2013). Basically, these can spur a worker to either take the proposition maybe make tenacity in the association also. Besides, communication with the senior administration and initiative interface with the workers spur the HR to line up with association. For example, getting email from Senior VP subsequent to accomplishing enormous client bargain inspires the outreach group to perform better and
ing all the more such agreements. Other than this,...

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