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Your group will provide detailed information about the solution you introduced in Unit Project Part B: The group will submit the following assessment tasks: Creative mind map or Design Thinking model...

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Your group will provide detailed information about the solution you introduced in Unit Project Part B:
The group will submit the following assessment tasks:
Creative mind map or Design Thinking model depicting how this solution has come up
Discuss innovative and technological components of this solution.
Discuss whether this solution is a sustaining or disruptive innovation
Provide ways to measure the effectiveness of this solution
Identify potential difficulties that might be expected such as legal problems, support, R&D costs etc.
Analyse the key opportunities of IS innovation (such as incremental or routine innovation and more radical or revolutionary innovation) within the Australian and global contexts by exploring emerging Web technologies (40%)
Demonstrate and understanding of the potential use of administrative process innovation in the business world, and justify how they deliver value (30%)
Demonstrate and understanding of the importance of technological integration innovation and justify how they deliver value (30%)
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Strtegic Analysis
Strtegic Analysis
Table of Contents
1) Introduction
2) SWOT Analysis
3) Mind Map Diagram
4) PESTEL Analysis
5) TR Technology cycle
6) Porter’s Five forces
7) Three phases of model
8) Conclusion
9) References
Research development derived new inventions. Basically innovation and technology is concept. This term is applicable to process or product innovation. Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company. It designs, develops and sells consumer software, online services and consumer electronics. The headquarters of Apple is in Cupertino, California. The hardware products of Apple are iPad, iPhone , Mac , Homepod , Apple watch , iPod , the Apple TV. Here iPad is a tablet, iPhone is Smartphone, the Mac is personal computer, the Homepod is smart speaker, Apple watch is smart watch, iPod is media player and Apple TV is digital media player. The software of Apples is macOS and iOS operation system, safari, iTunes, iLife and iWork. The iOS App store, iTunes store, Apple music, iCloud and Mac App store. Apple was founded in April 1976 by Steve jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak(Saffian,2007).
y limited is a Canadian company which designed smart phones and tablets. Formrly Blackbe
y limited is known as Research in Motion limited also called as (RIM). In the world, the most prominent Smartphone vendors were Blackbe
y. Due to the success of iOS Platform and Android, the dominant position of Blackbe
y has lost in market. TCL communication cu
ently manufactured, marketed and designed Blackbe
y. TCL communication is under the
and of Blackbe
y mobile. It was founded in 1999. Almost 20 years ago, Blackbe
y was launched(Globe,2018).
In 2013, at the peak time, the numbers of Blackbe
y subscribers are 85 million worldwide. But in March 2015, The Blackbe
y subscribers are fallen down to 23 million due to the introduction of Android and iOS platforms in market. The downfall of Blackbe
y has traced by Globe and mail (2018). Before the a
ival of Apple’s iPhone, the first android Smartphone was basically clones of Blackbe
y. At the time of a
ival of iPhone and android, the market of Blackbe
y has fallen down. Then there are several features that are not available in RIM. These features are fast
owser, highly sensitive touch screen and diverse application. But company completely ignored these features, even stopped manufacturing hardware phone accessories. To achieve financial stability, the strategy of Software Company is to rebound the company with automotive company means car manufacturing company adopted the Blackbe
y software. However, to sustain own operation, company has cut down own work force by 40 percent due the declination in stock market. In the case of Blackbe
y, different types of strategies are provided by this paper. These strategies help the firm in maintaining efficiency and financial sustainability in this competitive edge. In this study, the main part is strategic planning; it is the main gateway of strategic management. In strategic management, the decisions are evaluated and implemented in according to the visions of organization.
SWOT Analysis
The process that identifies SWOT of an organization is known as SWOT analysis. Here SWOT means strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. A basic analytical framework that assesses the both factors, internal factors (Strengths and weakness) and external factors (Opportunities and threats) is SWOT(Chu,2017). For accomplished the objectives, what provide the help to the firm is determined by SWOT analysis. There are several analysis that are performed by SWOT analysis, these are: today the position of organization and what may be the position of organization tomo
ow, what is the requirement to overcome obstacle to achieve desired results. The evaluation of the position of company is kept by environmental data. The strategic management teams that are enabled by external analysis conceptualize the market evolution. The effect of this evolution is faced by organization that is opportunities and threats. The strength and weakness of any organization is addressed for the improvement in efficiency by understanding the resources and capability. Therefore a strategy is select by RIM Company with help of SWOT analysis. If there is a failure in implementation of the strategy then there is no meaning of strategy in paper. The change in Blackbe
y’s strategy through SWOT analysis is discussed by this paper. There are five fundamental elements on which strengths of organization are based. They are: development potential, relative financial system, relative research, relative market structure and relative production. There is a need for Blackbe
y to rejuvenate and regain itself by forget about leadership and regain the share of market(Beniwal,2016).
Strengths of Blackbe
y over Apple are discussed in this study. In term of network encryption, Blackbe
y is more secure in comparison to Apple. In term of security, via email very confidential information is sent. It is useful for government agencies such as FBI, CIA and cooperate organization. Means, it is ideal phone for the agencies which deal with the sensitive information. The security features of Blackbe
y device is not matched with Apple the mobile making device. The feature of Blackbe
y is allowed the corporate users to integrate it and link it with own VPNs or virtual private network. In the world it can be used with any other mobile ca
iers so that the companies business is easily going on with easy portability and mobability. The proprietary technology of Blackbe
y is the biggest strength of it. So it scores the good position especially in case of cooperate users in competitive market.
The deficiency in competencies is refe
ed to the weakness of organization. Due to the weakness of organization, it makes less effective and insufficient the organization. The performance of organization is affected by the weakness of organization. In this study, weakness is present in several forms. They are:
and image, financial resources, facilities, management capabilities and marketing strategy. The key weakness of Blackbe
y is to focus on cooperate users only on single track and security features like USP (Unique Selling Preposition) is enhanced by it. While the Smartphone of Apple came out for everyday usage and for consumer also. Blackbe
y was more popular and dominant phone in market before the penetration of Apple in Market. Blackbe
y faces challenge so that it unable to keep up in competition in market. An average $40 billion amount spent on advertising by Blackbe
y. This amount is too lower in comparison to Apple Inc. that spent on advertisement. Blackbe
y have inexpensive enterprise software, small business owner who using Blackbe
y had to installed this software. Instead of using this software, they began to switch on other rivals. Now Blackbe
y is out of race because the more benefits are provided by Apple and other mobile phone company to the to customer segments. As mentioned earlier, the single pony trick with focus on corporate users by Blackbe
y. A large number of consumers are untouched by Blackbe

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