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Your group is required to research and analyse a real life situation and preparea full analysis of a systems development project. Feel free to discuss your reallife situation project with your...

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Your group is required to research and analyse a real life situation and preparea full analysis of a systems development project. Feel free to discuss your reallife situation project with your lecturer before engaging in any work. Suggestedtopics below.You may use,, MS Word, Visio or any othermodeling tool to create diagrams.Your systems analysis and design project should include the following:• Executive summary (max. 1/2 page). 2.5 Marks• Introduction including description of the business, problem/opportunity identifiedand goal and objectives of this project (max. 1 pages). 2 Marks• Data gathering methodology and results (max. 1 pages). 2.5 Marks• Existing system including current system overview, FDD, DFD, and DataDictionary. 6 Marks• Proposed system including system overview, system requirements checklist,DFD, Data Dictionary, Object relationship diagram, Use Cases, Class Diagram,and Sequence Diagrams. 12 Marks• Conclusions and recommendations (max. 1/2 page). 2.5 Marks• Group reflection on Assessment 3 (max. 1/2 page). 2.5 MarksSuggested topics (list is not restricted):• Hotel Booking System• Library Management System• Car Rentals System• Online enrolment SystemEntertainment System ( movies , songs , Books and games )• Online Shopping System• Real Estate System• Parking lot booking system• Student information chat bot
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Executive Summary
In the University the network of the students and their number is increasing very fast. The University wants to assist the students who have finished their education or higher educations like college or University educations for stop the college provides some short-term courses for trainings via in class or distance learning modes. The college provides high quality of educations and gain high success rates for students. The number of students is increasing from hundreds to thousands and also expanding to other locations (Vadhiyar, S.S. and Donga
a, J.J.,). The college want to develop and for structure which can help the students to pursue their courses in a better way. They want to develop and expand their cu
ent li
ary system by digitalising it and provide more automated processes for the management of li
ary install this report includes the cu
ent system and flow of the li
aries management system and also the new processes which will be used by the University and help them in gaining more accuracy of the data. The reporting use different diagrams like data flow diagram control flow diagram class diagram sequence diagram to understand the complete system for the li
ary management. The diagram helps to understand the system in a better way.
As the number of users are increasing it is important to have a better management of the li
ary system on stop the li
ary management system mainly focuses on improving the management of li
aries present in the University. Every user wants to relax and access the required books. The new li
ary management system has the capabilities to provide the ease of is issuing come renewing or reserving a book from the li
ary without visiting the li
ary physical. The new li
ary management system is developed using the Android platform and the focus of the system is to issue, renew and reserve the book for the user. This new system is mainly design for the students who have to visit to the li
ary just to check for the book and waste their time. The new system will allow them to check folder availability of books using their cell phones.
The purpose of this project is to help the users and the managers of li
ary to maintain the details of the book. The project is designed to maintain a easy circulation system between the li
aries and the clients. The clients can issue the books you sing a sing a li
ary card and can also search for reserve any book from the li
ary and the li
ary movement in the details of the user the user can also check about the features from their home.
This Android based application can update the li
ary system to an automated system which helps the user to know about the books which are available and the limit of age they can bo
ow the book from their computers or using cell phones. The automated system can provide the information Details of...

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