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You will need to meet with at least two case workers for this assessment task. You should meet with the case workers over several (at leastthree) sessions to discuss their progress in providing...

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You will need to meet with at least two case workers for this assessment task. You should meet with the case workers over several (at leastthree) sessions to discuss their progress in providing support to clients in complex cases or who require complex support.

At each meeting, you should record:

1.The name of the worker

2.The date of the meeting

3.The location of the meeting

4.A brief summary of the case and why it is complex

5.Stakeholders who might be involvedin the case

6.Suggestionsyou make to the case worker about who could be a point of referral for this client

After each meeting, you should record your reflections using a reflection model such as:


: Describe clearly what happened during your meeting. Include information about the direction, support, advice and recommendations that you made to the worker. Include reference to whether the approach being taken by the worker represents best practice. This section should be detailed,precise and should be at least 200 words in length.


: Describe whether you required advice or direction from more senior colleagues or managers within or external to your organisation to resolve or support the worker. If you needed to escalate the situation, you should ensure this section is be detailed,precise,approximately 100 words in length and includeswho, why, where and how the situation was escalated. If you did not need to escalate the situation, describe how you would respond if the situation had escalated, and how you would respond.


What was its impact on you – how did it affect your emotions and thoughts? This section can be less detailed but should show how you evaluate and reflect upon your performance and how it has affected you as a supervisor.


: What did you learn from the interaction with the case worker? This section can be less detailed but should showyour reflectionupon how your actions and responses can make a difference to a worker and a situation.


: What will you change in the future to help improve your performance? This section can be less detailed but should show clearly what you will do in the future, such as reading, professional development, peer to peer mentoring,changesto behaviour or approach, seekingguidance from more experienced supervisors or colleagues,etc. It should also include any changes you would recommend to the worker, such as whether they should use a different approach which better reflects current best practice.

Follow up

: What tasks, actions or follow up is required after the meeting? This should show evidence of considering who key stakeholders might be, how they could provide support, what higher level organisational support might be needed and whether any referrals or additional support services should be accessed for the client.

Reflection Discussion

: When you have completed your reflection journal, you should show it to a senior worker or colleague and discuss your own supervisory performance, including:

What you could improve upon?

What professional development, mentoring or other support might help you improve your professional practice in supervision?

Any situations which arose during the meetings which might need to be discussed or actioned at a higher level, such as by seeking direction from a senior worker or making a referral to another service.

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Deblina answered on May 22 2023
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Case Worker Meeting Template
    Your name
    Case worker’s name
    Mike Johnson
    Date of meeting
    21st May, 2023
    Key stakeholders
    Risk Manager, Manager, Employees
    Brief description of client and why the case is complex
    The case involved the consistent risk that was impossible to avoid and required a significant investment for avoiding such risk. This had to be discussed with the Manager before reaching to any decisions and higher authorities too.
    Case notes checked to confirm they are up to date, co
ect and in line with policies of organisation and legislative requirements?
    YES NO
    Case notes are a logical, relevant continuation of previous notes for this client? (Not applicable if this is the first time the worker has met with the client)
    YES NO N/A
    Advice, recommendations, actions suggested to the worke
    The case has to be informed to the higher authorities and should be asked to provide effective finance to give permanent solution to the risk that has emerged.
    Any refe
als for additional support suggested to the worker
als by the Risk Manager
Reflection journal template
    Discussions on cases involving a consistent and unavoidable risk that requires investment to mitigate. The complexity of the case stemmed from the need to consult with the manager and the higher authorities.
    Direction from the risk manager and the higher authorities were taken when escalation occu
    This situation had an impact on me by highlighting the importance of order is assessment and the need to involve higher authority to Complex cases. It was emphasizing the significance of the careful planning and resource allocation to mitigate risk...

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