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You, as a software architect, are assigned to modernize a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for your employer. The key driver behind this system is to attain and retain customers through...

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You, as a software architect, are assigned to modernize a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for your employer. The key driver behind this system is to attain and retain customers through its relationship with them.

Createthe following sections of the Architecture Design Document (ADD) in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft®Word document, using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system described in theAssignment Backgrounddocument:

  • Overview section:
  • Create an overview of the existing CRM system.
  • State the issues.
  • Identify the goals to modernize the existing system.
  • Stakeholder identifications section:
  • Create a table that includes at least 6 stakeholders of the system (including internal and external users).
  • Summarize each, including why they are stakeholders.
  • For those users with functional use of the CRM, list one or more uses they would have for the system. This need not be an exhaustive list, but you are looking for the core features of the CRM to be included.

Incorporatethe two sections into a single Microsoft®Word document. As this document is intended for a technical team, APA formatting is not required.

Includeat least 3 External references and 1 Internal reference in your assignment, along with necessary citations for each reference. Refer to the details on the difference between External vs Internal references in the Course Resources.

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Neha answered on Aug 09 2021
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In this report we will study about the customer relationship management system and how it can help our business. I am the software architect of the organization who wants to implement the CRM to modernise their organization for the employer. The motive of implementing the system is to attain and retain all the customers by maintaining a relationship with them. In this report we will try to identify all the issues which the organization is facing cu
ently and the benefits which we can get after implementing the CRM in the organization. Cu
ently the organization have basic flow which requires manual calculations by the employees. The employees need to manage all the records manually which contains e
ors. It is not easy to filter the records from the data about customers and their orders. As a software architect it is important to review the system co
ectly and help the organization To select a proper software which can help them in managing the process efficiently without any e
or or issue. This report includes the cu
ent scenario about the organization and the issues which they are facing right now. It also includes the new features which will be added in the organization after implementing the CRM system.
The organization wants to implement customer relationship management to make it easier to ca
y out all the processes and function of the organization and reduce the workload from the employers. The following are the issues which are faced by the company when they work manually without any software:
1) The company produces different products, but they face difficulties in finding out the co
ect target market which can return them profit for these products.
2) The company also has no way for the marketing of these products to the co
ect customer. It is particularly...

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