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You are required to prepare a 2000 word report. A report is a text type that intends to relay information or recount events in a presentable form. A report includes the use of sections, headings and...

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You are required to prepare a 2000 word report. A report is a text type that intends to relay information or recount events in a presentable form. A report includes the use of sections, headings and sub headings. Diagrams, tables or appendices may also be included in a report. For the purpose of this assessment, divide your report into three sections by using the following headings:

  • Section 1: Your potential employer;

  • Section 2: Skills audit; and

  • Section 3: Learning styles.

  • Appendix: You will need to include an attachment in your report as an appendix:

1. Employability Skills Audit (access in Interact under Resources tab);

Section 1: Your potential employer
The first section of your report requires you to respond to the following questions. Use the bolded subheadings below, in your report to assist you to organise and present your responses.

Potential employer

  • Describe an ideal organisation and occupation where you would you like to work.
  • Explain why this organisation and occupation would be good for you.
  • Under Australian law, what are the employer’s legal obligations and responsibilities towards you in a workplace?
  • What are the employer’s moral obligations and responsibilities towards you in a workplace?
  • What government or industry groups are available to give you support if you think you are being unfairly treated? What services do they offer?

Your role

  • What are your obligations and responsibilities to an employer in a workplace? (Consider moral and legal)
  • Consider the role of communication in terms of setting expectations in the work place. Imagine you are about to start working for your ideal organisation, write a summary of three key ideas you would like to discuss with your supervisor in order to set clear expectations.

Section 2: Skills Audit

In order to be successful in the workforce, you need to identify your current skill set, and those skills you need to strengthen. Respond to the following questions and activities and include your responses in Section 2 of your report.

  • Based on the indicated organisation in Section 1 – potential employer/occupation, identify the specific skill areas you would need in this organisation/occupation;
    • Download the Employability Skills framework and the audit table, and write a response to every individual skill. These will be available on Interact2 in the 'Assessment Roadmap' page. Copy your completed form into your report as an Appendix;
  • Based on your responses in the Audit,list the specific skills areas which you need to strengthen;
  • Comparethe specific skill areas required to perform the duties in your selected organisation/occupation, with those you have identified as in need of strengthening.

The following template may assist you to gather and present this information in your report:

Selected Organisation/occupation: _______________________________

Table 1:Skill Comparison

Skills I need toperformin my duties in my chosen organisation/occupation

Skills I need tostrengthento perform my duties in my chosen organisation (as indicated in Personal Skills Audit)

Comparemeans to illustrate the similarities between things.

SECTION 3: Learning styles

Section 3 assists you to identify how you learn new skills and knowledge. In order to identify your preferred style of learning, complete the following tasks and include your responses in Section 3 of your report.

· Select either Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence's or the VAK (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) learning style;

o Source and read a minimum of three academic articles or texts which discuss the selectedlearning style;

· Describe the learning style, using headings or sub-headings as appropriate including key terms and illustrate your understanding of the categories of learning styles with a range of examples;

· Based on your reading and description about learning styles/multiple intelligences, identify your preferred learning style(s)/intelligence(s)

· Discuss the relationship between your preferred learning style, your current skill set and the selection of potential employer/occupation. Ensure that you include examples from your readings, and skills audits to support your discussion.

· Describe strategies that you would employ to develop the skills you identified as in need of strengthening.

Part 1: Potential employer
Identified and discussed employer’s legal obligations and responsibilities are towards individuals in a workplace under Australian Law and their moral Obligations. Identified and described, including services, the government and/or industry groups who are available to give support to individuals being unfairly treated in the workplace. Identified and discussed individual employees’ obligations and responsibilities to an employer in a Workplace.

Clear and meaningful analysis of Australian employment conditions Perceptive evaluations and conclusions regarding the obligations and responsibilities of employers. Clearly identified government and industry bodies which will provide advice and assistance. Clear, insightful and deliberate evaluation of student’s roles both moral and legal.

PART 2: Skills audit
Download and complete the "Employability Skills Audit" from resources. Compared similarities between current skills and skills in need of strengthening.

Employability Skills Audit form attached and fully completed.
An in-depth identification and comparison of current skills and skills in need of strengthening in table form.
An in-depth identification of skills in need of strengthening have been indicated in the skills audit table and supported by evidence using a broad range of examples.

Part 3: Learning Styles
Demonstrated ability to research a chosen learning style, describe the features and characteristics of the learning style, and identify your own individual learning style.
Discusses the relationship between skill set, preferred learning style/s and selection of organisation.
Describe strategies to employ to strengthen skill set.

Learning style is clearly and fully described by articulating a broad range of features and characteristics with relevant examples. Description is a synthesis of a broad range of scholarly, contemporary sources. All related key terms and concepts are defined and supported by a range of examples to further demonstrate understanding. Clearly identifies personal learning style and provides supporting evidence from Interact learning activities
Discussion succinctly draws on a broad range of examples for and against the selection of the organisation, based on skill set and preferred learning style/s.
An in-depth and succinct description of strategies that explicitly align with strengthening skill set. Provides relevant examples that relate to skills audit, personal experience and readings.

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Preeta answered on Aug 23 2020
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    The project deals with the constant learning in the job. The aim is to find the best suited organizations, duties of both the employer as well as the employees that must be followed in an organization. Audit of skill has been made to polish the required skills, comparison has been made between the skills which are necessary for the performance and the skills which are required to enhance the performance. At the end a suitable learning style has been chosen to learn the required skills.
Potential Employer:    3
Employee’s Role:    4
    Learning is a lifelong process, which is required in every aspect of life. Mezirow, 2000, stated that learning often leads to the transformation of personality and skills. Anderson, 2000, mentioned in his book that learning can be done using traditional as well as modern technique; proper learning technique has to be chosen on the basis of requirement and the ability of learners to memorize. This project mainly deals with learning. An employee always should learn the skills required for his job profile and to improve his efficiency in the duty.
Potential Employer:
    I would like to work as a Product manager, in Telstra Corporation Limited. I want to work as a Product Manager since management is my forte and this job profile will suit me. I want to work in Telstra since it is the largest Australian telecommunication company, nowadays telephones are integral part of life, so the company has a great future prospect, working there will also help in personal growth.
    Under the...

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