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You are expected to write an annotated bibliography including at least 10 empirical, peer reviewed articles on the topic of your choice (within the broad area of clinical psychology, all 10 on the...

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You are expected to write an annotated bibliography including at least 10 empirical, peer reviewed articles on the topic of your choice (within the broad area of clinical psychology, all 10 on the same topic). This must include a citation in APA style. Then, for each article provide a summary (at least 5 sentences) and an evaluation/critique of the article (at least 2 sentence). This is due August 2nd, 2020 by 11:59 pm CST. Late papers will be docked one grade level for each 24-hour period that they are late. They will not be accepted after three (3) days. No exceptions, so plan ahead.

There is a document listed under Helpful Tools if you have a question about the format, as it is not written like a paper, simply a citation in APA format, with the summary below it. It is a 5 sentence summary and a 2 sentence critique for each of the 10 articles (all on the same topic of your choice).

Also under Helpful Tools, you will find a video on Finding Peer Reviewed Research articles and a sheet on how to find Empirical Research Articles. I recommend looking at these sources to ensure that you are completing this assignment correctly. Empirical means that data was collected and analyzed, so be sure you are discussing the results and what the researchers found. If there is not a RESULTS section for you to discuss, don’t use that article! It will NOT count and you will automatically lose 10 points.

Again, also under Helpful Tools, there is a links to APA Style Guides and APA Formatting. I also recommend looking at these resources for the same reason. If you don’t like these resources, you can search the internet for “Purdue OWL” and really great resources will come up.

As there are 10 articles, each will be worth 10 points. 3 points for correct APA Style, 4 points for the summary, and 3 points for the critique. When done correctly, it is easy to maintain all points, however, it you repeat the same mistake 10 times, it is easy to lose points quickly as well, which is why I recommend you read all of these resources provided to you under the Helpful Tools Section on Blackboard.

Helpful hint. When I say critique, don’t tell me you liked/didn’t like the article. I want you to evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of the study. What did it do well? What could it have improved? Also, don’t include book chapters – I know you didn’t go to the library and copy the pages, so don’t pretend you did! This is also a hint that you definitely shouldn’t include a whole book…

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Moumita answered on Aug 01 2021
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Running Head: ARTICLE REVIEW        1
Table of Contents
Article 1    3
Article 2    3
Article 3    3
Article 4    3
Article 5    4
Article 6    4
Article 7    4
Article 8    4
Article 9    5
Article 10    5
References    6
Article 1 : Psychoanalysis in our times: The case of the missing evidence base
    This article summarizes the fact that psychoanalytic theory is highly effective in the cu
ent scenario (Michaels, 2019). This therapy has been working under variegated conditions. The conditions are depression, anxiety, pains, eating disorders, personality disorders and psychosis. This therapy has been measuring the effects of the diseases in many units like 0.8 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.2 mm. The articles show that this psychoanalytic therapy or psychodynamics has begun their treatment by calculating first the general symptoms & somatic symptoms in the human body.
    The strengths of the article is that it helps in understanding the disease checkup with the help of the bars and the grapes which provoke a clear concept. It has also shown the short, the long-term effects, and the treatment of psychoanalytic therapy, which can make people cautious. The weaknesses of the study are that it is devoid of any elaborate analysis of the study, which is effective.
Article 2: Psychoanalysis in modern mental health practice
Summary 80
    This article has summarized that Freud has been the main criticism, which has coined the term psychoanalysis. At first, this term had been a study of met psychology but later on, it served as an important metaphor for psychological treatment (Yakeley, 2018). The article elaborates that the psychological therapies and the drugs, which have been prescribed, has been overshadowed by numerous challenges and techniques. This challenge has been followed by various kinds of financial investment. This psychoanalytic solves complex problems in the human mind.
Critique 70
    The strength of the article is that it showed numerous approaches in the modern health practices. It has even shown how this therapy has been accepted by the mass of patients worldwide. The weakness of the articles it has failed to mention the side effects, which have been associated with it, and the language of the explanation stands too tough to understand. The best thing, which the article can do well, is to maintain lucidity.
    This article summarizes the fact of the individual morality functioning and their adaptation with psychoanalytic therapy. It has explained the core individual functioning of the human
ain and the imagination, which has been associated with it, which has needed the therapy to calm it down. The abnormal individual cognitive function and its effects have been explained well and how CANTAB psychoanalytic therapy has been effective for it. There has been the explanation of various kinds of tests of this psychoanalytic therapy.
    The strength of this article is that it has explained well the dis-functioning of the human
ain, which has been caused due to various kinds of problems in today’s scenario. The tests associated with this therapy stand successful for the reader to understand. The weakness is that a student expert in scientific research can understand the terms, which have been explained. The article can explain these hormonal studies based on the average target audience.
Article 4: Metacognitive Changes in Individuals with Severe Mental Illness in Response to Psychoanalytic Therapy
    This article has explained the meta cognitive deficits which have been closely related to the...

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